Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Some data on this blog-Why is this blog mainly viewed in only the Northern Part of the World?

Most of us experienced bloggers review hit counts and stats related to our blog postings. Any writer wants a broad and diverse readership. So I just checked my stats. Further, I have been blogging before blogging was even a word, because I am a relatively old writer dude.

For some reason, I am read in the northern part of the world. The readership is spread across many nations in the north. I need to fix that and expand readership of this blog into the southern part of the world also.

Outside of the US, I am followed in the following countries by hit count in Russia, Germany, the Netherlands and France. Mainly Europe. Some in Japan and a smaller hit count in other nations.

France, what is that all about? I do not even like France. Now I do understand the most followed postings I have made in the past at the international level was on my theories related to tax policy and participatory democracy.

Why those two topics are interesting internationally, I am uncertain and indifferent. I am just happy I can report an international following across several nations outside of the United States. We blog writers appreciate a wide distribution of our work product.

I therefore am and remain both greatful, yet quite humble and happy related to the same. I must now stay focused on expanding hit count to the southern part of the world also. Queen, make some calls to your connections in the continent of Africa for me. I need a higher hit count in Africa.


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