Monday, March 26, 2012

America is by example, different kinds of bubbles in a clouded bottle of water

Our nation and national policies will clearly be demonstrated for the remainder of my congressional race by reference to a container (United States) with a solution inside (what binds us together) that contain lots of different kinds of bubbles. (Representing people and political issues).

In my speech Friday, I used this simple bottle of bubbly water to explain this is what our nation is like. The bottle of water plays into the often cited saying, is the glass have empty or half full expressing being positive as contrasted to negative. Is the water or populism clear or cloudy.

Inside this bottle, are bubbles or issues. Are those bubbles big or small, opportunity or problems. Are some of those bubbles solutions? Voters want positive bubbles of opportunity-clarity instead of murky and clouded water. Voters want their elected congressman to have solutions and address the bad bubbles or problems.

The liquid instead the bottle is the solution contained in the United States. The container represents the nation, including everything inside that container. The voters and non-voters are bubbles inside the solution. The role or my job is to listen to all the bubbles. And then act on what all these bubbles want done, if possible as a solitary congressman.

My job is to listen to the bubbles. Some of the bubbles want fantasy-some want reality. The more divisive the bubbles are on a particular issue makes my job more difficult in distilling what is the solution to an given issue. On a given issue, a congressman has to get other congressman to agree. One congressman could have all the solutions, but as long as that congressman is the only one, nothing happens. Many congressman or bubbles must agree in unity.

We need unity in our polticicans based on what is best for our nation, using tools like the United States Constitution as a clear guide to what is possible to be done by elected federal officials.

There are some common bubbles-love of country for example. We all love our country. Then, what other bubbles unite us as a nation of people? Freedom of religion and speech. Bubbles of liberty that unite us. Bubbles that warn us when politicians try to work around the fundamental concepts of what unites us as a nation.

There are certainly lots of bubbles, but all the bubbles are contained in the solution. One nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. In conclusion, compared to other nation's bubbles, we here in the United States are some very fortunate bubbles unlike any other.

For which we need to remember how fortunate we bubbles have been, are and will be.

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