Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2013 Post Election Obama Crystal Ball Prediction Stuff as I see it by Scherer Candidate US Congress

Ok here I am taking a risk in explaining reasonable expectations going into 2013. Obama beats Romney by 8 points are more. Dems retain control US Senate. GOP continues to control US Congress, getting a few more seats.

Obama re-election also guarantees he will get to appoint another liberal to SCOTUS shifting court balance from conservative to becoming even more liberal. This will not be pretty with the progressive socialists increasing some of their base, offending most of us Americans that like common sense and our United States Constitution.

With Obama being re-elected leaves many of our federal agencies still sucking a lot. Obama will probably change some cabinet posts and hopefully get rid of my ex gov, Sebelius as head of HHS when Obamacare fails. In regard to Joe Biden, tough call on whether he gets the boot. I am leaning to Obama saying, bye Joe. Need a better VP. Also, Clinton is going to retire as Secretary of State, hopefully. And with God's help, Obama gets rid of worthless AG Eric Holder and we get a better US Department of Justice.

Obama should be getting better at being President because a) he has had 3 years of on-the-job training and one year to campaign for re-election and b) He can better address his prior failures at social engineering and try to remember he is the President and can apply his last 4 years, a vast and major improvement of leadership skills domestically, with no regrets to his dem base-he can be a President for the entire nation.

Further this must including him remembering he is actually in charge of some of these horrible federal agencies. Obama will continue to con many, but not the U.S. Congress, and never most of Americans that like our United States Constitution as written.

In regard to any major tax reform, forget it. There will be some changes in the federal tax code that benefits corporations and businesses his next four years. Obama no longer has to worry about re-election and can wheel and deal with Congress on a few programs related to improving the economy and job situation domestically. There will be marginal improvement along infrastructure improvements. No miracles here.

Entitlements and Social Welfare: It is going to be real hard for Obama to ignore some cutbacks and restructuring in entitlements, pork and other legislation in both houses of Congress. Obama can see this huge fiscal mess and has no other options but to cut some of these government programs because we as a nation have few options or miracles left, but to cut back. This is going to hurt almost all citizens somehow, in some way.

War and Hegemony: Obama is against the war as much as I am. Along with the rest of America except for the military-industrial complex. Two wars, and only an idiot would or evil member of the war machine wants yet again, another stinking war in some foreign nation most Americans see very little benefit to. I doubt unless Iran, N. Korea, or any nation just goes bonkers and wants to be invaded by the US, or any other reasonable nation, we should see troops withdrawn from Afghanistan pretty much as Obama has promised.

International trade: Obama will continue to lead our nation with the help of Congress in ending the job drain by corporates going world-wide for cheap labor. Restoring jobs is Job 1 for several reasons. If America works, we as a nation are more prosperous and tax revenues increase at the federal, state, county and local levels. Until there is a job restoration that includes taxing corporations, there will be no sustainable economic recovery.

Fiscal Policy and how we got in such a mess policy: Is the deficit and monetary policy going to be fixed in the next four years. Get real. Can we start to return to fiscal sanity-we have no choice. The trend to bring the federal reserve and its printing of money under control and scrutiny is a good idea. Not sure if Obama has the courage to bring the Federal Reserve Banking system under control.

If this banking system was so great, why has caused this huge collapse? Over and over. Monetary policy repeatedly has resulted in drastic swings in our economy which only rewards the rich and is an economic domestic war against the middle and lower class-an unstated class war, with the rich winning the battles, but not the war.

Domestic energy policy will continue as is. No resolution on the hot button immigration problem. Obama will continue to support favorable immigration policy to unlawfuls and use his DOJ henchmen to go after hose that oppose Obama on almost any issue that weakens the Dem base. Most yahoo politicians do not want to take on massive immigration reform, and instead continue to pass legislation that is favorable to their own re-election.

Housing and mortgage fiasco. Housing market and our nation need to address this huge devaluation in individual home ownership. There is soon going to be a second wave of foreclosures tightly controlled by DC politicians including Obama. Too quick and drastic action would merely cause a huge economic disaster/meltdown. Free market economy would have fixed this quicker, but the depression, err. . . recession would have been far worse. Any uptick in housing prices is a short bubble that is not sustainable for the next few years.

Internationally, Obama will bring most troops home from Afghanistan in a reduction of most U.S. troops in both 2013 and into 2014. Obama, will leave a few "military expert advisers" hanging around. US will start a minor trade war with China. Israel will back off to attacking Iran over nuke power hyperbole. N. Korea will continue to be inconsequential, but do a lot of trash talking no one takes seriously.

There are many more national, state and local issues that are going to be in changing flux after Obama wins the election. I try to keep track of about sixty major federal issues alone. Not easy. Nor, can I write about 60 issues in 2013 in this short blog essay.

Regardless pray for divine intervention for this Obama dude. He needs some help and our public support going forward in 2013; unless he goes against the US Constitution with some of that zany social engineering crap post-election.

Finally, Scherer will decide to not campaign for US Congress after 2012 election, marry finance and do God's work with her, at the international level. Scherer will quit filing litigation in noble but futile efforts to make our country a better place via the federal court system. Scherer will work within Florida to do his part related to jobs and the economy in some kind of bilateral international cooperation with one or more nations in Africa.

So, that is my piece on what is going to happen beginning in 2013. Not too exciting next four years, just like it was designed to be a real slow system of change in the operation of our national government. Hopefully, all those doom-sayers and the negativism, coupled with bipartisan gridlock will continue to baffle and anger many Americans. Hopefully, riots and violence do not get too bad, post-election with Obama still in the White House.

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