Monday, March 5, 2012

George Will agrees with Scherer: GOP Presidentiai Race now a huge waste of time and money

George Will on Face the Nation finally agrees with my analysis two months ago--the GOP gig for US President was long ago lost. So, the GOP might as well give up on beating head Dem Socialist Hoover Obama. Instead the GOP should now start focusing on Senate and Congressional races they still have a chance to actually win the election.

This inability of the GOP to solidy and unite behind one Presidential candidate is a huge mistake meaning we are going to have to deal with Obams and four more years of bipartisanship from the yahoo politicians in Washington.

Now the GOP presidential candidates and the GOP will still pretend they have a small chance of winning the Presidential race, just so they have a good reason to go to that big GOP convention so they can buy all those nifty hats, t-shirts and campaign memorabilia. Why ruin having a convention party just because there is no chance of winning a presidential election?

In things that have a more personal nature, I still have to deal with this scumbag lawyer whose name sounds a lot like Todd Allen. This piece of work is kind of like some disease process that needs to be cured. Not this person and types like him, are one of most despicable, amoral and unethical people I have ever met on the planet earth. People like this, really are making me question whether I can trust others in the state of Florida. Or even stay in Florida.

I guess great weather, a wonderful place to live with all the beauty that surrounds nice people like myself; equally attracts for the same reason, the immoral, amoral and despical scum that like preying on others. Some of the locals that I talk to tell me they are aware of this problem and do not like leaving their homes because of all the land sharks, scaliwags, ruffians, scoundrels and people that are just like this horrible Todd Allen.

I did a long analysis on what is really most fundamentally important to me. I asked myself if I should leave Florida and scum people like Todd Allen here to bottom feed, absent me. Since I am pretty much irrational and lost in love with my finance; plus I too no longer want to have to go back, or move to some other area of the US that has horrible weather, I am going to just go ahead and stay here in Florida while being very wary of all these two-legged landsharks and scumbags.

Scum must be like that red tide thing. As far as this person Todd Allen, I can deal with one piece of scum, no matter what it takes. Hopefully, I can use my experiences in dealing with scum like this, and spin it to help many in Florida, and elsewhere.

Now at church this week, my paster focused a lot on community. And my pastor was not talking about the scum community either. He did say however that Satan sends scum people like this, to mess with and try the rest of us. The pastor did suggest there is a great need for community and how we all can rely on, amd need some community contact to scum like this Todd Allen.

So, I am asking the community for once instead of me wanting to help you, I need some help sometimes also. Therefore, I am asking-I need your help on cleaning up some of the local scum here in FL.

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