Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Greatest Threat to the United States is progressive socialists

What is the greatest threat to our United States Constitution, if not progressive socialism?

The biggest threat, the greater divider, the domestic enemy is not some radical Muslim terrorist attack in this nation. Instead, the greatest threat to our nation, our United States Constitution, our national debt and conversely our economic prosperity is and has to be the progressive socialists trying to socially engineer the United States of America into becoming a socialist nation.

Progressive socialists are by far the biggest threat to our economic prosperity and happyness, but even more importantly, a bigger threat to the exact words as written in our United States Constitution explicitly.

The founding fathers could have, but never intended to, nor write in the United States Constitution, anything related to this founding document being a progressive and changing thing, as things changed due to whatever effect. Further, federal entitlements in a civil nation are not some huge evil, although they do need to be balanced and given a priority in a a civil, moral and compassionate nation.

It is difficult balancing act for elected officicals to to distribute federal funds when we the people want those we elect to ensure we are both a prosperous nation; while concurrently remaining a civil, moral, Judeo-Christin guided and compassionate people. United as one people, somehow demanding and requiring our elected politicans and statesmen to determine what is the function on constitutional basis, how to apportion the funding of entitements as dictated by the will of the citizens of the United States.

The second biggest threat to our nation is corporations and their insane greed for both power and money, willing to export jobs to the cheapest labor source anywhere in the world. The biggest threat to greedy corporations is regulations and statutes that cause this effect to take jobs out of America and inhibit the rebuilding of our industrial and manufacturing base that provided plenty of jobs in America and economic prosperity in this country.

Our third biggest threat internationally is not Iran wanting to expand into being a nuclear power. Our biggest threat is hegemony and continued infringement on other nation's sovereign rights to govern themselves without interference by the powerful in Washington DC.

Now our founding fathers, Scherer, Justice Scalia, and all elected officials give a solemn oath to uphold one thing-the United States Constitution. To unite our nation and return once again to being a global super power, all we have to remember is that founding document as written. To which the greatest enemy of the United States Constitution are progressive socialistsl that have almost destroyed our nation over the last 100 years.

Now when our founding fathers wrote the United States Constitution, considering adding property as one of the most fundamental concepts, but decided to leave property out of the equal application of the right in a very specific order of priority guarenteeing to all United States citizens, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happyness.

Now I find myself wondering if the founding fathers of these three-life, liberty and property, what would be the most fundamental or more important priority of these three things
. Naturally, without life, the other two, liberty and happyness would mean little to a dead person. I am therefore instead of making all three equal, life would be the most important constitutional priority, followed by liberty and ending lowest in priority, happyness.

The exact placement of those three words in that given order assures all of us the founding fathers when they wrote those three words did so, in the unstated belief, the first word life, was more important than liberty and happyness. And that liberty was the next important word after life. Leaving the obvious conclusion of the three, happyness (replacing the word property) was intended to place the greatest priority on the first and then successive words as written.

In conclusion, of the three words, life, liberty and happyness, the first word is a higher priority than liberty followed last by the individuals' constitutionally protected right to happyness.
So, wanting to be a United States Congressman, as a strict constructionist or originalist, I am pretty certain life is more important then libery or happyness, although they might appear and interpreted as being equal words.

When I vote, following and if I have to cast a vote, life is more important than liberty. Therefore, Roe v. Wade would have to be and should be reversed by the United States Supreme Court and I am pretty certain Jesus agrees.

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