Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Liberty as defined vs. ObamaCare

I have been asking locals to define the word liberty. The Pledge of Allegiance contains the word liberty. First, what does the word liberty mean as defined?

One person out of many stated liberty is freedom of choice. Partially correct. Liberty is defined as freedom of choice without interference from a government body. On a sidenote, freedom is another word to be defined later.

So with this word liberty we all state whenever we give the Pledge of Allegiance to our country, has does that liberty stack up to ObamaCare?

ObamaCare is government interference and a direct threat to all of our constitutionally protected liberty. Congress and Obama are threats to our liberty as defined.

Hence, merely another reason I do not support government interference choosing what we must buy. There are several reasons why Congress and Obama want socialized medicine. Some of the state governments burdened by high health costs, want ObamaCare. Other states do not want socialized medicine and that explains why only 26 states oppose ObamaCare-greed for federal tax dollars.

Now all of us want a better health care system in America. Despite myths perpetuated internationally, America does not have that great a health care system. We are ranking around 26th in the world by the World Health Organization.

One of the problems in ObamaCare favors the established medical industry. If ObamaCare as passed, health care would continue to increase in costs because of national funding. Now all persons do not want a worse health care system. Most Americans want an improving health care system at the national level at a lower cost. ObamaCare does not ensure this will happen.

Now we have to remember the Rick Santelli message. Basically, Santelli does not want to pay for your health care including your costs. I do not want to pay for your health care. You need to pay for own health care. And if you do not, do not come knocking on my door if you failed to take care of your own health, or pay for health insurance.

Now there are a few exceptions a civilized society understands cannot for various reasons afford health care. The poor, some children, some elderly and some that are severely disabled. A compassionate and civil society should have a system-the question really is what should that system be.

This is the crux of the problem-how compassionate and civil can we be in America given our current economic debt situation. Beats me. Let us see what the United States Supreme Court decides. Then, we can all react to that decison. I tend and hope the United States Supreme Court addresses the word liberty and rejects the individual mandate as not being in the best interests of our nation.

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