Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vote for Scherer-He is no saint

Here is a short story-true. I was returning Sunday from church with Queen. To the right of me driving down Nascar straight track (Tamiami Highway). I see this Dodge Marauder go by in the far lane. We both stop. I hear the roar of his engine as he revs up pumping gas. I use man-thought. Race is on.

We both take off from the green light. I dump the clutch and get some tire spin before slamming second gear. He takes the lead and I shut down before I hit the lawful speed limit.

Queen says the other driver, a law enforcement officer just smiled and kept on going. Thank you Jesus.

Just demonstrates why me going to church is a good thing. Further, this story proves I am no saint.

No one wants a congressional saint. Vote for Scherer-he is no saint. He is just like us.

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