Saturday, March 10, 2012

Scherer to appear at his first major speaking event in Florida

Ok fans. It is time to make my first major public appearance here in SW FL at a congressional candidate forum. Since I am running unaffiliated and there is no huge political imperative to do so, until after the primary election, I am only going to attend a few of these political events.

I will more than likely be at the Tiger Bay Club Candidate forum on Friday March 23, 2012 beginning at 11;30 ending at 1:00 In Fort Myers, FL. I am very actively going to be spending a lot of my effort campaigning in the Fort Myers area. I certainly believe I will do quite well in Fort Myers area for the voters that reside in the northern part of the congressional district.

South of me in Naples, the super-rich, not as much. The rich GOP people in Naples traditionally will do a hard-line part vote for the GOP candidate regardless of lack of qualifications, typically. This does not imply I am going to ignore the southern portion of the congressional district, either. I should do well in the southern portion also. I just know I will get more votes in the northern area than I will in the southern part of thoe congressional district.

Voters and these other candidates have to remember I am probably the candidate with the most congressional campaign experience out of all the filed candidates. My goal as in other congressional campaigns before, is to help vet and find the best congressional candidate out of all these candidates. For I too, just like most of you, want a lot better congressman here in SW Florida to represent me too. It is still too premature for me to state who that person will be.

My voter base is typically blue collar, middle class, religious, independents, tea party folks, some libertarians and reformers, and several other politically affilated persons and organizations that want a congressman that likes and understands the United States Constitution.

Conversely, those that hate America and are evil, will vote for the other less qualified candidates along a party-line vote is a typical and expected outcome in this 2012 election. I am ready to campaign. Let us get this show on the road, and out here in the public forum.

I am here and I am not hiding. I am proud of the opportunties I have had presented in the past, and as a statesman (no yahoo), I am going to do everything can to make this nation and planet earth a better place, as often as God and Jesus want and allow me to continue to do so.

So, help me God. I need divine help this election cycle and probably afterwards also. Finally, thans for your divine work on my finance this week. Apprears you answered that prayer also. Do not stop answering prays God. I continue to need your help more often. Hope I am not being too big a pain to you, Jesus or that slacker guardian angel you gave me.

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