Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Righteous anger and indignation

According to my pastor, there are times when we should demonstrate in a Christian manner, righteous indignation and anger in coordination with the rest of those in our community. Naturally, our community includes fellow Christians, Muslims, yahoo politicans and a few scumbag lawyers.

However, we are taught to follow spiritual direction. Therefore, is is a good suggestion I have been taught to wisely pray for that spiritual guidance giving me a clear roadmap going forward, instead of merely acting impulsively.

In short summation, let go, let God give us our direction, sometimes via my GPS device to move forward in conjunction with God, how I am to move forward to civilly and morally properly resolving that kind of indignation and righteous anger.

I am feeling both presently. Here I am dealing with many courts including trying to stay focused on a writ of certiorari due with the US Supreme Court on, or before March 26. For many. I am typically for good reason, not known as an habitual whiner; but even Jesus knows and understands this is not an easy for me to write another writ of cert with SCOTUS. Much less two of them this year, as now anticipated.

Further, I have already publically acknowledged I am expert at being a overly sensitive drama king. And finally, some even suggest I am an expert at bitching about my federal government including yahoo politicians demonstrating both my humbleness and humility.

To both God and Jesus, both of you know how hard it is for me to resort to asking for divine intervention as I am now doing.

Now in regard to God, in the very first chapter, it is written God is an angry God. Now I am confused by that piece of scripture. Does that imply or suggest there are many Gods?. But the one I pray to is angry God. Beats me and I apololgize for digressing.

God, you need to take care of my business sometimes and direct your anger upon that heathen attorney and the demonic HOA I am a member of.
Go ahead, burn their office(s) down for a good reason-open one of those seal things for certainly, it is akin to Sodom and Gommorah.

Regardless, I too, like God, sometimes have a righteous and justifiable basis for being both angry and indigant. Like today. Here, I am having to deal with this demonic scumbag lawyer and his client, a godless and immoral horrible HOA that hates both me, and the woman that I am waiting to marry.

So this morning, I called my finance with good news and in turn, she goes negative and states she does not want get involved in all this racial and disability discrimination both of us, united together as one loving couple are being subjected to, and having to endure by those joined with the dark side-Satan.

These folks aligned with Satan are now subjecting both of us to this racist and discriminatory HOA acts and omissions both of jus are having to endure, ided by Satan, including one of his dominions, aa scumbag lawyer.

So still will I remain rational, I sent out a call to God to be assistive to help me today deal with such things. Typically, I do not ask God for his help very often. Usually, I am thanking God in gratitude for my fortunate life to date including this more recent gift of love. As well as grateful for all this spirtual help and guiding me for for taking care of my own business including doing God's work as directed.

However, today is an exception. God, first of all, where is my guardian angel? On a coffee break or taking a nap somewhere? Tell my guardian angel to get back to work on my shoulder and stop goofing around elsewhere, for starters. Further, a vision from heaven would be greatly appreciated.

God, also straighten out my finance who needs some inspiration and her own spirtual guidance and make her listen over and over to that song by Tammy Wynette on why she needs to stand by her man, for good reason.

Further, send down support for dealing with this scumbag demonic lawyer and his bigoted client, my horrible HOA that are clearly working with, and being aided by other evil dominions of Satan.

Also, deal with that federal judge that I am not overly happy with, the 11th Circuit and other judges I get the joy of meeting so often; while you are at it taking care of my spirtual business.

You take over these things God. I am tired of doing all your directed and heavenly work as you set out and planned long ago to be my humble fate and destiny. Sometimes God, you have to send down some heavenly help. I am human and despite that inherent weakness, I have done my very best to do your work. In turn, you have made me a very fortunate and grateful person, dedicated to continuing to do your good works. You know that-you are God.

Therefore God, I want a few things as requested below in the form of a simple prayer:

A) A raise, spirtual or otherwise, and
B) A supportive and encouraging assistant mate, a supportive, encouraging respectful finance, to be my wife that agrees to both stand by her man and marry me ASAP, after I meet her mother, and
C) For you to get off that heavenly throne and get personally involved in dealing with this demonic heathen HOA and their amoral scumbag lawyer, and finally,
D) Tell my guardian angel to quit goofing off and get back to work.

Is that asking too much God? I do not think so.

Humbly and gratefully yours, in advance in anticipation of you answering this simple prayer, as your work product. You built me God. Finish the construction and take me to the last step on that incredibly long stairway to heaven.

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