Thursday, March 15, 2012

Job of being a US Congressman is not clear and I am going to try to explain why this job sucks

Most think being a US Congressman would be a great job. Wrong. This job sucks and the demands and expectations of what a solitary congressman, incumbent or new is not understood that well, in general.

First of all, a newly elected congressman gets paid around 175k. Big deal. That is chump change, relatively. The real benefit is the million bucks a congressman gets each and every year to hire the best staff a congressman can attract to his position. The head is the chief of staff. These people generally get a salary out of that million bucks around 110k.

Then, there is the scheduler person that tells the congressman where to go and be on any given day. This person is not cheap either.

Then, out of that same million dollars, a congressman has to hire rather cheaply, dedicated people with the remaining money, and buy equipment and technology to do the best job one can human do running constituent services, one of the most important functions of a congressman.

So every congressman and senator in America gets every year, 1,175,000 per year to take care of our nation's business. And that is all. Then, to make even worse, a congressman has to work with other congressman just to get one piece of legislation enacted that any congressman is asked to do by the voters and non-voters that person represents in his/her congressional district.

Basically since this is not a lot of money relative to the tasks needed and demanded from the citizens of this nation, most congressman are disliked based on an unreasonable and unrealistic expectation of what a congressman has to deal with.

After getting elected, a congressman has to deal with so called experts and lobbyists that then argue and try to get the congressman to cast an affirmative vote in favor of their special interest by persuasion.

Hence, a congressman has to be very careful to strive to be and act as a stateman, regardless of citizen dis-satisfaction on any piece of legislation imaginably.

A congressman therefore has to carefully balance what is best for our nation, and far too many merely focus on what is in the congressman's best interest-re-election and attracting bribes and funds for the next election cycle. These are the elected that I refer to as yahoo politicians. Nasturally, we have far too many yahoos that sucker the voter over and over again.

These yahoos in turn care very little about the nation, the United States Constitution, or their own congressional district. The current incumbent provides a great example of a yahoo politician. People like this just love having the title so they can socialize and have a lot of people, evil usually that suck up to the elected.

What we have to do is discern as best we can, who will be the best candidate with a clean heart, having good virtue, character and morals that acts on the talk, after obtaining the best one can, expectations of the elected.

My candidacy serves a function of distilling who is the best candidate with the best heart to be the next 14th District Congressman.

Therefore, my job as one of those candidates, is to be assistive in helping this congressional district seperate the wheat from the chaff. That is my job and I enjoy that calling for good reason-I swear to God, Jesus and the citizens of the 14th District that is what I am going to do in 2012.

I really do not want to get this job, indicating full awareness being a congressman is a job that really sucks. If God, Jesus and the voters have selected that fate and destiny for me in 2012, I would do so, but not be really happy after being elected.

So help me God, Thomas E. Scherer, the best candidate for United States Congress.

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