Friday, March 23, 2012

Today is Show Time-First Public Speaking Event Explaining Why I Am the Best and Most Qualified Congressional Candidate in the 14th

Ok fans, it is showtime. I have to appear in a few minutes and give my first public speech and appearance in downtown Fort Myers. Great.

I get another opportunity to speak publically in a forum with others that think they are better or more qualified than I am. I kindly disagree for several reasons:

1. I am in love and like many things and people. I am in love with my son, my finance, my country, Florida, Kansas but not Missouri.

2. I have many of the necessary virtues, values and character that uniquely qualify me to represent the people of this nation.

3. I have anxiety. This is a good thing explaining why I do so much for those things and persons I love. The way the anxiety plays out means I will work my tail off moving and making our nation a better place.

4. Unlike the other candidates, I walk the talk, sparing voters of the same old thing when it comes to issues. I do not spin political rhetoric like most [politicans do, speaking like a two-headed snake, never taking a stand on divisive political issues smartly to avoid voter alienation.

I am not that smart and I do not want to speak on both sides of a divisive issue. I am too old to be overly concerned about voter alienation.I have askled for, and recieved what voters want, all across the nation. I get it.

5. Best reason of all. God, Jesus, Jacob (my son) and Queen all love me. If they want me to be your next congressman, that is God and Jesus's work-not mine. I am merely their instrument doing whatever job they delegate to me.

So God and Jesus, be there today guiding me to what I refer to as showtime. Remember, when I write, so help me God, I mean it. Finally, make sure that slacker angel of mine is right there on my shoulder today.

Amen. Time to go. I have been getting ready and prepared all of my life.

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