Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Some observations related to the other candidates for the 14th District Congressional Seat

To date, I have tried to communicate with my fellow congressional candidates. Some it might be appropriate and timely to write about my reaching out to all the candidates.

Universally, none of the GOP congressional candidates return calls. Which means they suck and do not get my respect.

James Roach, Democratic candidate gets my respect to date. Although I am far more qualified and have better integrity than this candidate.

Roach and I are campaigning differently. Roach is out there attending various local events trying to get votes. Now I understand this is a good thing to raise a candidate's awareness to various and diverse groups of voters. Which is clearly an advantage to the Democratic candidate, James Roach.

It also suggests to me Roach has an abundance of time to do such things. When it comes to me, I am stuck in judicial land bogged down in cases before the United States Supreme Court, the Kansas and Florida Supreme Courts, the 11th Circuit, the Board of Veterans Appeals, and several other judicial forums.

I am also involved in dealing with some parts of the state agencies here in Florida. Furthermore, I am trying my best to deal with a really bad Gov and Lt. Gov of Florida related to my efforts to bring jobs back to Florida in a bilateral international trade deal that I continue to focus upon to earn votes. They both suck and deserve to be un-elected.

Finally, I am trying to expand my scope to the international level, via a gift from God and Jesus, my finance, international celebrity Queen, Olympian from Tanzania.

God and Jesus, what can I write and say about all the following, but thanks. Thanks a lot. I remain and believe I am a very fortunate hard-working person trying to do the best I can for as many as possible.

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