Friday, March 23, 2012

Hammered speech today; as well as learned some things about voter expectations

Today is merely another day I was given an opportunity to do stuff. Started the morning off in an anxious state related to giving my first public speech on why I am a very good and qualified candidate for United States Congress. Hammered it. The speech went well.

Then at this event, I heard the word solutions. Solutions are needed in America-not flowery political rhetoric. Some of the other candidates also had their unique vision to give-but none proffered any solutions. Which is what voters want to hear.

There were 10 candidates there. I gave them all respect for caring about our nation just like I do. There were a few tactical errors made by some of the candidates, but regardless, I am trying not to go on the attack. I respect all that care about our nation, but even more so to my fellow congressional candidates.

After my 3 minute speech trying to explain why I am worthy of votes, I was then asked one of those multi-part questions that frankly was so long, I could not even remember all the parts of the question. My unique question was on the energy policy of the United States.

Naturally, like most I was prepared and gave my best position related to the same. After this event, I then went to the Ford and Edison estates looking for innovation and inspiration.

Then while driving home, I was listening to the radio. There was a discussion related to how a person that deals with anxiety like I do, can properly use that anxiety to do so much, for so many. Amen. This anxiety I do my best to control, explains why some refer to me as the energizer bunny of politics.

I met and was solicited for a cash contribution by a couple of individuals. I gave. Maybe they were angels and God was testing me again. You never know.

Then, I had to go home and finish a 2nd application to the United States Supreme Court. Finished that and just mailed that application to SCOTUS about 20 minutes ago. I am hoping SCOTUS grants this second application.

To finish the day, I bought a good cigar to celebrate. Although I am supposed to quit smoking for the 17th time before smoking kills me.

I am going to go play billiards this evening and watch KU beat the crap out of NC State. Hopefully. I really like March Madness, but not as much as I like Popeye's Fried Chicken.

Another typical day in the life of a candidate for US Congress. Quite unlike most of these other candidates, I am earning your vote. Finally, I did tell the audience if they see my finance, tell her to hurry up and marry me.

In ending, I am pretty certain my slacker angel was right there with me. Thanks angel. Now get off my shoulder. And go on diet or something. My shoulder is weary from all your weight. But stay close, if needed.

The end. Of today.

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