Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Understanding George Washington better

Some of our forefathers wanted G. Washington to be king. George did not want to be king. I am pretty certain George had some wisdom and wanted to not have to take on such a heavy responsibilty of an entire nation.

At some point as I get a little bit older, transform and become more like George. Rhetorically, why do some of us care and love our nation? With advancing age, at some point, we all have to return our focus back to being orientated on smaller purposes. It is all noble and good to want to change and make anything better for the most people possible.

One of my clearly stated goals was and has been for many years devotion and focus to making America a better nation. Now, I am at that stage in life for the present wanting to make the whole world a better place. Now that is a pretty big goal.

By example, it is also important I clean the dishes sitting in my sink out of self-interest. A far small goal more easily attainable than changing the entire planet earth.

Further, this week my pastor asserted how important our families are. As well as noting how a huge socialist government wants to control our children instead of allowing we as parents to set and gently guide our own children and grandchildren.

Naturally, we have a small role in shaping others own decision-making process. If we shape and lead our families own character development into having values, morals and character that are noble and not self-centered, we have a better, more moral and civil nation.

Therefore, I concur. Nothing can be more important in restoring in America than returning to a family focus as an important national goal. Families in America are very fundamental to the well-being of a nation's character, fate and destiny.

To further this fundamental belief, as a nation, we have an important task before us-to strengthen family ties, including reducing asap our silly folly taking us to astronomical rates of divorce and the absurd notion that marriage is ok for individuals of the same sex.

So as a civil rights activist, I am sorry to those that think marriage is ok for some of those in the gay community. I cannot support gay marriage for a good reason-it is contrary to the best interests of our nation. Civil unions, no problem. Gay marriage, big problem.

Moreover, this is consistent with our national character as established by our founding fathers that a strong nation remains central in the concept that by focusing on the individual, instead of a huge national government, we all benefit. Whether that be in secular matters, or in something as fundamental in setting a nation education policy that treats our children as an economic cog instead of treating our children as individuals.

We as a nation have a job far more important than economic prosperity. To obtain economic prosperity, a more important job is restoring the traditonal and long-held position of liberty and non-interference by a huge central government. We as a nation have to return to support families and marriage as a fundamental and critical agenda, clear across this nation.

Hence, I better understand George Washington a little bit better as I too age.

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