Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Legend of Tom and Queen: My first true romance fable by Thomas Scherer

This is my my very first romance fable ever, titled Tom and Queen.

Once upon a time, long ago and ever so far away there was this distant land in a country called Florida. On one hand of this romantic fable, Tom was a humble and overly sensitive lonely man for many years, despite being a huge kind of drama king, from another country called Kansas about 1500 miles from this country called Florida.

After Tom arrived in a community many called Paradise, or Estero, Florida, this romantic but humble lonely man met a wonderful woman named Queen. Queen was a woman from a distant land, from another planet known as Africa

Now Queen was an internationally known beautiful and classy celebrity. So this is a romantic fable titled Tom and Queen, just like Romeo and Juliet, Samson and Deliliah, Caesar and Cleopatra, Bonnie and Clyde, or even like Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor played out in real life.

Queen caught the eye and attention of this naive Kansas rube named Tom who had recently just immigrated from the country of Kansas to the country of Florida. Tom was enchanted with Queen and all of her admirable qualities including her distant but foreign culture of love of allo humanity from her other worldly, but distant culture, which was quite different from what Tom had ever experienced.

Tom quickly fell in love with Queen, asked her repeatedly to marry him many times. To which Queen played very coy and took far too long to tell this rube, Tom when exactly she would in fact, say, I do.

However, this rube named Tom was tenacious and steadfast. He refused to give up or lose the woman he had clearly fallen in love with. Head over heels so to speak. Now the two that were falling in love had a common bond that tied them together-both had a steadfast commitment to help as many as they could seperately. Queen was noble in trying to help children in ner native country where she came from. She did want a rich man-she wanted a man that respected what she was righteously advocating her-others.

Tom respected Queen and the two bonded. Tom too, only cared about and advocated for making places be more civil and better. So, the two had that as a common bond with each other-a mutual self-respect. Now, just because two people in love have mutual respect for each other's work, requires far more than merely that to tie the bonds between them in marriage vows that last forever.

So these two romantics tried to arrive at common grounds that would enable them to unite as one on many grounds; instead of just merely one. The two were united on their spiritual beliefs. Not good enough. The two reached a compromise include promises based on future economic security. Not good enough. Now as these two romantics continued to fall deeper into uniting the bond that ties them together for the rest of their natural lives, evil forces continued to conspire to keep these two from becoming one.

One of these demonic forces included a scum bag lawyer. He was continously messing with both Tom and Queen. This amoral and despicable scum bag namd Todd was doing everything he could to keep these two from living their lives together in love, mutual respect and harmony.

Story to be continued as the writer continues to wait to see how this fable pans out.

However, there is a wisdom that clearly states and provides factually that love eventially prevails; regardless of any amoral and demonic scum bag attorney that is akin to belonging to the legions of Satan; even in the country of Florida. There is more to this fable I can write about as soon as I finish watching the end of this movie I am watching, Bonnie and Clyde. Later

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