Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Speech Draft that includes a universal message on love of others and self

Ok fans, I have to draft, write and deliver a speech this Friday to clearly demonstrate on why I should get a job I really do not want-being an elected United States Congressman.

The theme of this speech is people and entities I love and dislike; as conveyed to me by citizens of this nation. I have been listening and understanding the best I can. Further, I am not some rookie candidate running for US Congress due to some egomanical naricssism. am an experienced and qualified candidate running for US Congress.

First, I love my finance so tell her to hurry and marry me, asap; and I also love my son Jacob equally; and most of my family, that typically drive me crazy; especially around the holidays. I get my turn also to drive them crazy.

Second, I love my nation and our United States Constitution including promises of rights to life, liberty and personal happyness. As well as the promises of my nation as contained in our Bill of Rights.

Third, per Jesus, I love everyone, including that despicable scumbag lawyer, the federal judge, the standing trustee that just cost me around 100k in real money, which I could care less about.

Fourth, I love all people, across the planet the earth, regardless of citizenship or skin color, as directed by God and Jesus.

Fifth, I like KU because they have a great basketball program.

Sixth, I like Popeye's Fried Chicken including their buttermilk biscuits.

Seventh, I like living in Florida, including Florida weather and the opportunity to meeting people from all over the planet earth.

Eighth, I like cool people like Warren Buffet that are still alive and keeo us entertained. Warren is not as pretty as Queen Kyomo, but he is still a cool dude and a living legend.

I also like some dead people that I find inspiring that I can learn how to be both a a better human being and as a civil rights activist-people like Gandhi, MLK, Mother Teresa, Ceasar Chavez, Che Guerra and similar types of public servants that put theirs lives on the line, just like I do. They were just better at it, than I am.

Persons and things I dislike in no particular priority order, yet the following:

First, I dislike yahoo politicians at all levels, scaliwags, scumbag lawyers, ruffians, charlitans, huge greedy corporations, MU and people from Missouri because after all, I am a native Kansan. Dislike of MO is in our blood since around 1861 and Kansans like myself cannot get over it, yet. Give us a few decades or centuries.

Second, I dislike a huge central national government that tries to do all this social engineering crap in direct contradiction to our US Constitutional undder the guise of progressive political theory started by FDR. Worse than merely disliking progressive socialism as a threat to our nation, disliking is a kind word.

Third, I really dislike corruption, evil and greedy corporations, stupid SCOTUS decisions that are too limited in scope.

Fourth, I dislike bureaucracy, inefficiency, apathy, cynism, indifference, lack of respect, discrimination, intolernce, callous disregard of others, and that incudes many of our federal agencies.

Fifth, There is a huge list of entities and persons that drive me and you crazy. I think this draft gives a pretty clear indication that I am very much a lot like you.

Thomas Scherer,
the best candidate for US Congress, 14th District Florida, signed and dated on this the 14th day of March, 2012.

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