Thursday, March 15, 2012

For God and the rest of humanity, Queen stop messing with Scherer-Tell him what date you are going to marry the best candidate for US Congress

Queen, my finance continues to mess with me, causing me personal angst and anxiety.

Naturally, most voters that have had their own anxiety and angst prior to their own marriages understand what this is like-the relation of a man and woman in love with each other, but not yet married.

Furthermore, most humans can identify with a man in love with a great and wonderful woman. Such a person makes me a better human and a better candidate for US Congress.

So, Queen stop messing with Scherer. Tell the best candidate for US Congress in Florida's 14th District what month you are going to marry this dude. For God, the voters and non-voters of the United States of America.

If CNN finds out about this, I am pretty certain our love affair will be all over the horrible media that I distrust. My worst nightmare, CNN and N interview with Soledad on CNN. That would be horrible. And besides I do not want to drive to Atlanta; or be on the national media circus, regardless of how many votes I would get.

Marry me please Queen so I can write about something relevant to politics right here on this blog. If Queen keeps messing with me, I am going to get a gigantic billboard here real soon stating almost exactly what I am writing here.

That is a promise. In turn, I have spent 17 years fighting for your rights in a civil manner whenever the opportunity was presented. Any help here would be appreciated. God and Jesus are helping. Why don't you tell Queen to stop messing with me and marry one of, if not the best candidate in America for US Congress?


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