Friday, March 9, 2012

Jesus Answers Prayers: Transformation of me continues to evolve

Thanks Jesus for answering my prayers here yesterday. My anxiety and angst were very high. I continue my own personal transformation, into what evolution, I am not certain. I spotted all those angels yesterday and I am glad my guardian angel returned from goofing off. What a slacker angel.

My fate and destiny remain a clouded picture. A lot of stuff happened yesterday after I prayed a lot. So yes folks, pray works as long as one keeps prayer simple.

So, I now move to the next stage of my own personal transformation and have to make some very important decisions after consulting with those that love me and I love them. They know who they are. The next stage of my evolution and transformation have a date certain-June 1, 2012.

My finance Queen has to make her own transformations real soon and most of you should highly suggest she quits messing around with me; wasting valuable time. Some shoud suggest to her kindly some kind words, that it is her immediate and long-term benefit to give some love and respect back to me; or else she will remain a single woman.

Her high maintainance demands and not being reciprocal in loving back needs to result in a vast and substantial improvement in her entire attitude. So God, this woman needs your inspiration and enligthenment real soon; or she will have to deal with her own uncertainty here shortly.

I still have to do some decompression from events that are transpiring. I hope most understand my self-revelations related to politics, romance and other stuff I write here, helps inspire those of you that are having your own drama to deal with.

This seems to be one of my purposes in life-to share my daily personal drama, so many can understand they are not alone in their own daily struggles. That is my fate and destiny? However, I remain a very fortunate person to have had so much given to me, for which I am very grateful.

My primary motivation that has taken me to very high levels, was merely seeking love. God and Jesus finally delilvered on those prayers.I found it. I was able to love back. Finally.

Jesus, why did this take so long? If Queen does not get her act together real soon, I will soon deal with that by hitting the road once again, looking for love once again.

In conclusion, thanks God for answering my few requests-love granted. Finally, keep an eye on that slacker guardian angel you gave me. If my guardian angel keeps jacking around so much, send me a better angel to cover my ass better.


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