Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A link to who would Jesus vote for

Here is a new link on the socialist comedy channel's religion blog that I was compelled to stick in my two cents worth of time. The author's first sentence is kind of witty-states Jesus is currently not rumnning for any office in 2012.

However, a bunch of those who advocate for what Jesus tried to teach all of us, are running including incorporating some of, if not all his wisdom into what we do, upon being duly elected to represent the voters. Enjoy.


Some suggest Jesus would not vote at all. Others suggest otherwise. I suggest Jesus was very astute poltically and agree with the author. Jesus was fully cognizant of traditions and sometimes disgreed with some of current political questions posed while he was here on the planet earth asked of him, by tricky yahoo politicans at that time.

Politicians have been around for a long time. Jesus would address and answer questions that included those involving political thought at that time.

To me, Jesus was in part, a politician not needing to run for any political office because his dad was God.

Anyway, as a statemen trying to write about political ideology giving due effect to the teachings of Christ, as written in the Bible, I find the discussion interesting since I reflect and ask God and Jesus to inspire me in what I write on a daily basis as a candidate for United States Congress.

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