Monday, March 5, 2012

Scherer's email address:

Due to technical difficuties even Jesus cannot explain to me with Time Warner, here is my new email address to use to communicate with me.

Go ahead and send me an email. Just treat me like a human being and I will treat you like one also and do my best to personally respond to your input and questions.

Unlike most of yahoo cowardly politicians with their static web sites and no personal emails, I am not hiding from or ducking political issues. I am not like those yahoos.

Who on the planet earth would want to elect to be their next congressman, a person that is afraid to publish and engage in communication with his employer, you the voter?

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Anyone that would like to post solutions to make America a better nation as a guest blog author; or has solutions to fix some of the problems in America, send me an essay to Also known as Thomas E. Scherer, your better candidate for United States Congress

Merely remember if I am elected to Congress, you the individual are my boss. PACS, Lobbyists and Special Interest Groups, sorry, but just go away. Americans are tired of the United PACS of America buying and corrupting our congressman and Senators. Our candidate is not for sale.

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