Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why athesists are very seldom elected to be your congressman

In the United States, we have long established, incorporated and practiced Judeo-Christian values, morality and teachings into what we Americans consider to be our own values and morals as a civil society; much of it based on cultural values and beliefs of Europe.

Even I would not want an amoral athesist to be my congressman, although I understand there is nothing to stop an athesist from running for any elected office based on all of our constitutionally protected religious freedom to believe, or not believe in any higher diety or power.

All I know as a candidate is that I do not ignore the wisdom and beliefs of billions of people for many centuries that precede me to merely ignore what Jesus tried to teach all of us, as written in the Bible. I also believe I am sufficiently educated enough to not ignore other religious or philosophies that have withstood centuries of review by many.

I do not try to disagree with Jesus, Muslims or any other religious sect-Instead, I try to glean what is best from all religious philosophy or thought, and state by application, how would using the writings of others, through the history of recorded and written words, what works best in my making decisions as a candidate for United States Congress.

Humbly, I am still learning the wisdom of the ages. I do not expect any of us including myself to master both eastern and western philosophy, as well as other various intelligent writings, that would best unite our nation.

I am not elite, but merely a well educated person, with valuable work experienes engaged in a continuing process of seeking to be more wise, conservative and moral with the passage of life. I am merely trying to do the best job I can to make our nation and now the planet earth a little bit better place as one human belonging and having a vested interest with all the rest of humanity as best I can.

Even with that scumbag lawyer, the amoral Todd Allen I write about every once in a while. Therefore, following the wisdom and teachings of Jesus and others, I still love Todd Allen; despite his amoral and despicable current lack of values and total disregard for his and others humanity. That includes having to deal with my Satanic HOA that runs my condo.

So clearly I have two positions on this scumbag-I love and pity him concurrently for being such an smoral and greedy wretch of humanity hoping he learns to follow and seek Jesus for some moral and spirtual guidance so he does not have to suffer eternal damnation and spend eternity lacking central air restricted with no hope of ever getting out of hell; being forced to only have the company of horrible people like himself to share his pitiful misery and eternal damnation with.

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