Monday, March 26, 2012

Another Thing I Learned Friday at my first public event: Warren Buffet is Playing Obama like a cheap fiddle

One of the other congressional candidates Friday, stated the reason Obama vetoed the Keystone Oil Pipeline was because Warren Buffet told Obama to do so.

If this true, Warren Buffet, knock off your playing Obama like a cheap fiddle. Sure, Obama can easily be manipulated by Warren Buffet-master of gamesmanship. Knowing and having communicated with this legend of American capitalism actually makes sense to me.

Buffet does not care about money-Warren just likes playing. Even if he can spin the President of the United States like a top. I can see Warren sitting in his modest home laughing his arse off. I also think Warren is promising a huge check in support of Obama's presidential campaign.

So thank SCOTUS for their lack of logic in Citizens United allowing corporations constitutional rights. Absurd and another SCOTUS case that needs overturned. This decision ranks up there along with Roe v. Wade and Kelo v. Pfzier.

Now the only reason would give Obama millions of dollars is Warren's expectation of getting billions while only giving millions. Obama, wake up and stop being either naive or evil. Buffet is not your friend. He is the master of manipulation based on winning. Warren Buffet and Charlie Sheen "Winning Show" expected to be playing soon in the thing called 2012 election cycle.

All Americans that love our nation should kindly inform Warren Buffet to knock off his games he loves to play. And Warren as numero uno capitalist does not care that much about being a statesman and doing what is best for our nation.

Here below is the email to Warren Buffet's executive assistant, Debra. Send an email to Warren suggesting kindly he do what is best for our nation, instead of unduly focusing on playing games with the POTUS:

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