Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Are you disgusted with dem socialism like me? Take up the tango

Hey good news.  No, not that good news-Obama and Pelosi have not been impeached yet.  Sorry. 

But I did take my first tango lesson yesterday.  Now here is a line you can quote me on below.  Now Patrick Henry stated, give me liberty or give me death.  FDR stated the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.  JFK stated ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can for your country.  Nixon stated I am not a cheat.  Bill Clinton stated I did not have sex with this woman and "define the word it". And who cares what Bush stated, because he was an village idiot from Texas.

Therefore, my tagline quote is "Tango Before Country". 

I am going to do a tango dance around quite a few people real soon.  Like one of moore rhetoric's wives, although I am umcertain if it is wife 1, 2, or 3.  I am assuming it his current wife, the lady that makes moore rhetoric go to a Catholic Church. Which is typical of moore rhetoric-he is such a huge phoney. 

Plus, there is Yodeling Yoder and Satan Jordan that I want to tango with.  The rest of these congressional candidates have already gone fatal supporting the Fair Tax, so who cares about them.  These rookie yahoos clearly are like what we are used to.  Supporting stuff they have not read or alternatively failed to understand.  So who cares about Gilyeat, Lightner and Rysavy.  They are political burnt toast.

So after I beat one of moore's three wives in the dem primary, I then go to the general election and become your next congressman.

Now one of the most frequent questions I get asked  is: Why do you want to be a congressman?  Are you kidding? 

175,000 bucks a year for life, with COLA, plus that million bucks of your money for staff.  And then when I am kicked out of office, I can become a lobbyist, still get my congressional pay, plus another half  of milliion or so being a lobbyist for some corrupt industry like the drug, health, defense, insurance or any other big special interest group in Washington DC that wants your money.  Not to mention the power you get over people's lives or deaths. 

One thing I learned as a civil rights activist long ago, admit you are prejudiced and a racist.  At least people then know you can be trusted.  They know you have the courage and the lack of fear to be honest with them.  They know you are not a bigot. They know exactly where you stand on issues.  They know you will not be a huge phoney and then stab them in the back like moore rhetoric does. 

Finally, I do not want to be a congressman.  That job sux.  If anyone states they want to be a congressman, they either are a corrupt liar or stupid.  You have get up early in the morning and do stuff.  Stuff you do not want to do.  You have to deal with crooks, liars, con artists-the real scum of the earth in our nation's capitol  Then, there are the unreasonable expectations of people that want everything from you.  Therefore, the biggest reason I am running is frankly, no one else is worth voting for.  All these yahoos are full of crap.  You know it.  I know it. And I am dumb enough to write it here on this blog. 

Vote for me.  I am stupid.  I must be crazy if I want to be your congressman.  Rhetorically, I guess my goal is to be hated by more people that have unrealistic expectations of what a congressman does.  Get over it people.  It is a job running an insane and out of control fiscally irresponsible federal goverment.   

I would rather be doing the tango.  I am going to be doing the tango with the Florida GOV real soon because he is just lke GOV Parkingson-a political yahoo that hates voters like me.  Talks a lot.  But does not do squat once he has the job. The only thing the Florida GOV cares about, is getting his next job.  Good luck with that one Charlie.  I have only been in Florida 10 weeks and clearly, you suck.  You do not deserve to be a United States Senator or the Florida GOV.  You should retire. And I am pretty certain the voters of Florida will help you retire real soon.

Now yesterday, I sent what I thought was one email to many people related to my frustration trying to save human life in Immokalee Florida.  Well, I went back there on Sunday.  Still, the pollution is there.  Now this is Collier County.  Collier County along the shores is the homes of some of the richest people in America.  Hence, why I state this pollution that is going to kill people this summer, is really one huge dichotomy.  Now I sent that email by error, five times.  Which  makes me human and I too can err.  Big deal. 

Regardless, here is another tagline quote: "I wish I could change the world.  But sometimes, my tears of anguish fix nothing." I have fallen in love with many.  Yet, I still have tears.  Why is this?  I don't know really. 

Sometimes, I get mellow and depressed.  So hell with that.  People will die in Immokalee Florida.  And all the bureaucrats merely state call someone else.  Screw that.  I am going to practice the tango.  My song of choice, Marvin Gaye, Let's Get It On.  I can hardly wait to get it on around January 2011 when I take the responsibility of all the people of the 3rd Congressional District, not to mention the entire nation.

The burden of responsibility will be tremendous as your better congressman.  Just running for Congress is no cakewalk.  This is serious business.  And when I feel those tears hitting the floor in front of me, would some of you remind me I know now how to tango.  Maybe next year, I will learn to Cha-Cha. 


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Orange you glad Scherer is running for Congress

Go here if you like strange oranges that talk.

This is almost as strange as one of moore rhetoric's wives running for United States Congress.  Both are unqualifed to represent you, the voter.  I give a slight edge to the talking orange.  At least it has use and function, unlike moore or less three wives. 

I would write something political here today, but I am in Paradise.  I got better things to do right now.  Later.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Moore or less's wives is going to file for United States Congress, then I am changing my party affiliation

If one of moore or less's three wives files officially to run as a candidate for United States Congress, I might change my party affiliation to whatever party she does file with, to ensure that does not happen.

I hereby challenge any of moore's wives that file as a candidate to replace a really horrible congressman (moore rhetoric) to a congressional debate effective this the 26th day of March, 2010.

Thomas E. Scherer, the better candidate for United States Congress, regardless of party label or affiliation.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Congratulations: More of your money is going to pay for private rail systems

I just got the feed from GOV Parkingson dated March 24. 

Great news.  Now you, the American taxpayer is going to pay for the rebuilding of the private rail systems.  But Parkingson, our soon to be not GOV will take federal funds for it.  Your money.  Thanks GOV.  Read this excerpt:

"In conjunction, SB 409 authorizes the Secretary of Transportation to establish and implement a passenger rail service program. The Secretary would be authorized to enter into agreements with Amtrak, other rail operators, local jurisdictions, and other states. She would also be allowed to provide local jurisdictions assistance and encourage economic development as well as loans or grants to passenger rail service providers from a Passenger Rail Service Revolving Fund established by the bill.

SB 409 is also aimed at helping Kansas attract further funding for passenger rail from the federal government. The bill does not propose a revenue mechanism for funding the activities and leaves the initiation of the activities outlined in the bill to the Secretary. The bill takes effect upon its publication in the Kansas Register."

So not only is the abomination (by the POTUS) taking over the health care industry using your money, which the drug, insurance and health care industry will get more of your money, without any cost reductions, there is plans underway to also federalize or nationalize the private rail industry also. 

Has anyone asked, why?  Why is the federal government taking over all these industries?  Has anyone asked why can't the private rail industry pay for their own stuff?  Well maybe we ought to start asking is Barry a die hard Communist? 

I posted here several months ago about that secret meeting Warren Buffet had with Barry in early 2009.  Now if Barry is dumb enough to give Warren Buffet, ultimate capitalist billions of dollars of our federal tax dollars, well, good for Warren.  He is smart enough to con the POTUS into giving away our money for private industry. 

We all know Warren is rich enough to rebuild America's high speed rail system without your federal tax dollars.  And Barry is dumb enough to give Warren Buffet, the 2nd richest man in America your federal tax dollars to build high speed rail systems anyway. 

Hence, why Warren bought Burlington Northern Railroad.  Good job Warren. Bad job Barry. I personally wrote Mr. Buffet months ago and told him you pay for high speed rail system.  Come on Warren. You have enough money. But oh no.  Warren Buffet is too clever to use his money.  He wants to use your money.

Because in America, the government is for the government.  What do we call the takeover of all the goods of production by a national government.  Why does the name Lenin come to mind.  Was that not his idea?  The national government controls all means of production.  Oh Great.  The United States of America is moving to communism. Let us all start calling each other comrade. 

Remember, it used to be the purpose of the federal government was of, by and for the people of this nation.  Not no more.  The  economic redistribution engine of the Obama administration is merely going to ensure the money you have, is taken and redistributed for the benefit of corporate America.  So now we all have to use our money to rebuild the private rail industry also.  What industry is left, that is not being taken over by the federal government using your federal tax dollars?

Well, at least McDonald's, Walmart, Taco Bell and a few stores still remain in private hands.  Do not tell the federal government.  Or soon, these companies will also be asking for your federal tax dollars leaving us with the Big MacGovernment cheeseburger.  Is there any corporation that is not getting your federal tax dollars via the socialist re-engineering scheme?  If there is, their CEO should be fired for not getting your federal tax dollars.

So stand by America for your thank you card from the private rail industry.  Soon, you get to pay for that also.  Until the 2010 election cycle stops the socialist redistribution plan taking over almost all of American industry.

 Welcome to the Communist States of America, land of big industry owned by and for the national government. No wonder American patriots are once again stating maybe we ought to all read that thing called the United States Constitution. 

You think?

CC to Warren Buffet

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Shadow of Political Suicide: Take Demon Pass

Those zany demiwants decided that deem and pass was a strategy they wanted to implement.  Whether they take that politically suicidal walk into the valley of deathly fiscal irresponsiblity, remains to be seen.  The important issue here is that they even considered it.  What were they thinking?  Did they think, we the people would not notice? 

Maybe they might consider changing their name from the Democratic Pary to the Donner Party.  Because soon, they are going to be eating their own children just to survive the 2010 election snowstorm.  Because most certainly, they are going to be abandoned. And the sad thing is the Donner Democratic Party is not even close to Lake Tahoe.

Now after these demiwants walk or run through this valley of death, Deem and Pass, they have to face the twin peaks before them rising high and mighty.  Mount Reconcilation and Mount Re-Election 2010.  More than likely, they might climb both of these mountains, but I seriously doubt their zany nationalization of health care will survive the climb up both of these two formible mountains.  These demiwants failed to include in their travel plans, any costs cuts to health care. 

As well as telling the senior citizens, sorry, we cannot afford your health insurance so there goes 500 billion in health care to the elderly.  But hey, we will bribe you with 250 dollars.  If you live long enough after our abominable plan. The demiwant name for ensuring and rationing health care-comparative medicine.  Oh great, kill my mother by comparative medicine-rationing health care.  Now why is all this nationlization of heatlh care by the federal government that big of a deal?

Because the demiwants in wanting to take over 1/6th of our economy, do not care about we the people and cutting costs.  All they care about is your money.  And redistributiing it to the drug, insurance and health care industry. As well as ensuring state governments maintain and continue their status quo bureaucracy.  This is a very evil plan and even if they shove this down our throats, we the people will fix it. 

We are once againg taking charge of governments.  We. We the people.  In order to form a more perfect union . . . . 

They are not in charge.  We are.  We created this mess by our political apathy and cynacism.  And we have now woken up from our slumber united.  We are going to do our duty and fix it.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Update of the Dichotomy of Immokalee, Part II

Below is an email I just pushed to some people that like to help others.  In Kansas, most of us that are alive, are well aware of urban poverty.  This Immokalee situation in Collier County, Florida is interesting because this is rural poverty unlike any I have ever seen. Within this county is the rich and the poor-hence, the dichotomy.   Naturally, the government in Florida is similar to Kansas.  A bunch of political rhetoric by individuals only concerned about their own economic well-being instead of human beings.  Governments are failing us.  Broadly.

Instead of government for the people, in America, it is government for the goverment and the all the political yahoos greased by the corruption.  Maybe in America, all we have left are a few that are intent on getting all of our money.  It seems once again, we need to remind these yahoos we are taking over.  We are in charge, not them.

Email distributed to several key individuals (names omitted to protect their privacy) below:

Sunday, March 21, 2010,

I am just doing some basic research on the demographics of Immokalee. I find this article interesting:

It would appear there are competing interests in your community are focused on economic production in agriculture and gaming operations than they are regarding human life. I remain suspect whenever economic concerns take precedent over human life.
Collier county officials seem indifferent to this situation. And even worse, are frankly trying to give me misinformation telling me on March 18, no standing water in the levees. Which is just the exact opposite. So clearly, Collier County knows and wants to be just like a proverbial ostrich.

The Naples News Editor, Mr. Lewis lied to me as well. He promised to publish Op Ed in the Naples News and then did not. Which tells me he would have published the op ed if I had promoted the economic development of Immokalee. I find the economic development of Immokalee being the biggest concern to be nothing more than perpetuating the slave trade, deplorable living conditions for the economic well-being of a few privileged individuals taking advantage of the migrant farm workers.

How deplorable. When it comes to a grade of those only focused on tourism and the economic engine, most of you get a grade of a big fat F. Failure to be a decent and moral human being. Most of your theories related to economic development is called Reagan Voodoo Economics.

Make the rich richer, so the poor can get the table scraps of poverty so rampant, I suspect as the Chicago Tribune writer wrote, this town is more than likely, one of the biggest slave trade centers in America. Last night, I met an individual that informed me he had in fact, sold a slave himself here in Bonita. Now is that not special.

I do not think anyone in Collier is going to be receiving any Nobel Peace prizes here in the near future. The people of Collier County have left no options other than forcing me to contact key officials both in Washington DC, Kansas City and other areas that actually care about human life rather than economic prosperity of a few deriving their self-interest in the midst of some of the worst poverty I have ever witnessed in America.

Linda, give me a call this week. 1-239-676-9843. This is far worse than anything I saw in California.

This is a great place for you to visit. Bring Rudy and Roger with you. I also probably should contact Janet Murgilia over at La Raza. I am assuming both of you are already aware of this situation-this prompted me to write the Solution to Pollution-the Dichotomy of Immokelee. I would appreciate a following on this situation and some assistance here.

Advise ASAP.

Sincerely yours, Thomas E. Scherer, Candidate, United States Congress

from Estero, Florida.

Friday, March 19, 2010

March Madness Blues--Cheap Pandering Trick For the Female Vote

Ok ladies,  here is some suggestions on how to deal with your significant other from the best candidate for United States Congress. 

If you go home today, or during the month of March, and your boyfriend, lover, or husband seems way too focused on March Madness this month, and continues to ignore you and his children, here is a plan to get even. 

Now this is even a better plan than merely taking his credit card during televised sporting events, maxing the card out buying yourself gifts, and then returning home to tell him what a brokeass he is because he only has a 10,000 available line of credit. 

So after you have returned home not happy with this person ignoring you, the kids and the pets merely because he has a grand total of 1 dollar at stake in the office pool as his deficient justification to spend hours and hours glued to  the tv, you  go take a relaxing and soothing bath with all those luxury items you bought at the local Bed, Bath and Beyond Store.  (Beyond what, I do not  know).

So after that wonderful bath, you are now relaxed because finally, you took care of your business achieving sexual ectasy while he was too busy watching March Madness.  So, to make matters worse, he then asks, "hey, we got anything to eat?"  Which just makes you reaffirm why you can hurl a fastball dusting pitch better than Nolan Ryan with that expensive vase you just purchased with his credit card. 

For some reason, March Madness must cause some kind of temporary disease, called "I am too lazy to get up off the couch and feed myself" disease.  But not to lazy to get another beer out of the refrigerator. How can this happen? Men.  Only they can think this way.

So, some dude in one of the games he is watching, just made another basket so clearly he ignores the rest of the universe some more. Who cares that it was in the last .001 sec of triple overtime?  It is just a stinking basketball game.  But do not ask him.  He is not paying attention to you.

So that is when you get out that cell phone thing, and call me at 239 676 9843 and ask me what to do. Now I might not be available on Saturday, because that lady friend of mine in Miami, the one that going to teach how to tango and promises to cure my anxiety related to being touched by soft and lovely intelligent and beautiful  ladies, is going to give me some therapy this weekend.  Thank God.  I need some. 

And for some reason  my hot Latin lover stated she needed me to rub some lotion on her.  She said she was getting a wax job and this was going to make her sore today.  So, being a man, I merely wonder why she is getting her car waxed right before our big date.  She did however, ask me if I had a buffer tool.  Which I assured her I did.  Regardless . . . back to dealing with your man and how to deal with his undue focus on March Madness.

Next week, mess with this person right before he gets home.  Take that remote thing for the TV, take out one battery. Then, get out the superglue.  Glue the remote cover back on.   Soon, when he arrives with that 12 pack of beer, and that gigantic bag of Doritos, but nothing for you, nor bringing home any dinner, just sit back and enjoy.

Naturally, this person will be befuddled.  He constantly comes home bragging about he is this or did that saving the entire company, the Joe Blowhard Corporation, but when comes to his stuff, he cannot fix squat without your help.  Naturally, the man will keep clicking the remote many times. Unable to figure out what is wrong.  So, you have to suggest the remote might need a battery. 

He will say "thank you baby or hon, you are the greatest".  And then he will try to rip the cover off the remote. But he cannot get it off because you superglued it shut.  Now you are going to want to start rolf, but do not do this yet. Instead, suggest when he cannot get the cover off, he should go out and get one of those screwdriver things that he never uses to fix your stuff. 

Now men spend a fortune of money on tools, but always the wrong kind of tools. Like fishing and golfing equipment. Or even worse, a big screen for the bathroom.  Which in turn they never use. It appears men buy all that crap so they have something to put in the garage.  Now if men would buy the right tools, like those that please the ladies, men would not need a remote control.  Because with the rights tools, the only tool your man would need is a wheelbarrow to whisk you into the bedroom.

But oh no.  Men tend to be really stupid. But even more so during March Madness.  So, if this is happening to you this weekend, I suggest instead of shopping this weekend with his credit card this weekend, instead, you book a flight to my place in Estero, Florida.  I have built this huge throne for my queen of the universe. 

Naturally,  I still get the recliner and the remote because KU is getting ready to open up a can of whiparse on the next victim shortly.

Rock Chalk. The chalk is clearly written on the backboard.  It is clear to all. 
Chalk, Chalk, we are the Jayhawks.  Rock on, KU.  Where all the pro NBA teams know where to go for recruiting.

Lawrence, Kansas. Absolutely one of the best places to be the next congressman from.

For the few men that can actually read, go here--video crap.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Florida Op_Ed: The solution to pollution-the dichotomy of Immokalee (FL)

Ok, you folks in Kansas overly concerned about almost everything.  Just be grateful you do not live in Immokalee, Florida.  This city is unlike anywhere I have ever seen in Kansas. And is more like being in a 3rd world city of the worst kind. 

So be grateful today, you live in Kansas instead of deplorable poverty like a bunch of immigrant farm workers.  These farm workers are paid less than a penny per pound to pick fruit or vegatables in back breaking labor. Onlhy to return to deplorable homes and strarving children in a two-room shack costing 600 a month or more to rent. 

So just try to imagine you or one of your family having to pick 240 pounds of fruit or vegtables in some farm or grove. Just so you can make a whopping two dollars and forty cents for all that labor.  If that were me, I would probably make about 50 cents an hour and feel like I was a slave.

Therefore, be grateful for what you have. Do not take it for granted,ever.  These people in Immokalee are not worried about national health care--they want food to feed their starving familes. And some of them cannot afford basic housing and lives in tents.  They ride bicyles to work.  They go to churches in the area for food, when there is none. 


There are always solutions. There will always be dichotomies. Then, there will be individuals like myself that like to find solutions to some of the dichotomies I see. I was recently invited to go visit Immokalee, Florida by the Florida ADA coordinator.

I always like to visit deplorable areas in Florida that can use some help from someone like me. It was very hard to drive and walk down these various city streets and look the migrant farm workers straight in the eye. I saw what appeared to me to be what a city in some 3rd world country looked like. I actually have seen some of the more deplorable 3rd world cities. Like Tijuana Mexico and parts of Naples Italy. But never in the United States, had I visited an area that could use the experience of someone like me, as Immokalee. So, help I will give.

Now most corporations that make lots of money like a casino typically give back a really small percentage of their revenue to their local communities. I am certain for PR purposes, a small percentage of the gaming revenue in fact, goes to whatever the gaming casino wants done; especially around the casino property.

But, I never like to allow a gaming industry PR department to cherry pick how and what to give back to the community where it is located without indexing their revenues. As well as telling us how much on a percentage basis of total revenues they give back to the community of Immokalee.

Therefore, one possible solution to the pollution in Immokalee is for the Florida legislature to pass a statute setting the percentage of revenues that this casino gives back to Immokalee. But also by statute, let the citizens of Immokalee determine for themselves what needs funded and to what projects them deem needed; instead of merely allowing the casino to decide for them.

I suggest 10% of all revenues go back to a general fund for the community leaders of Immokalee for the benefit of the public relations department of the Seminole Indian Casino. That would be the start of a solution to the pollution in this city.

The good news to this solution, which I hope many of you will join in supporting, is so you the taxpayer do not have to use your money in taxes to fund the solution to the pollution.

Ts, electronic signature, written on this the 17th day of March, 2010.

Is it too late to impeach Crazy Nancy along with Barry? Inquiring minds want to know

After today, many of us are inquiring into impeachment processes. Read this below from the liberal socialists (commies) at CNN

"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may call for a vote on a rule that would simply "deem" the Senate bill to be passed instead of making each lawmaker voice support or opposition. The House then would proceed to the separate vote on the more popular changes to the Senate bill. The idea has been dubbed the "Slaughter" solution, named after New York Democratic Rep. Louise Slaughter, who is the chair of the House Rules Committee. Congress first used the self-executing rule in 1933, according to a memo sent to reporters by Vince Morris, spokesman for the House Rules Committee."

To all this nonsense, I have my own slaughter solution.  It is called the 2010 election when we slaughter a bunch of really corrupt democrats. Also known as the party of socialist engineers.  Commies. 

Maybe we should go ahead and have an election today.  Is Nancy Pelosi crazy and should be committed to an insane asylum?  Poll results are posted below:
Hell yes, by unamimous decision.  No one voted in opposition.  Commit and impeach Nancy Pelosi. 


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh yippee, Yoder has a new web site replacing his first new web site.

Same crap as the first one.  Still no clue why anyone would vote for him.  Or what he would do if elected.  Or what where he stands on issues.  Or that he was a young democrat.  Or that he worked for the liberal ACLU.  Why?  Was he gay?

Who cares. Same Yoder. No experience whatsoever in doing anything on the national level. He clearly demonstrates also he has no clue on how to campaign for United States Congress.


Monday, March 15, 2010

What political issue is worth my time today?

Sorry, You can't afford my hourly.  I got more important things to do today. 

Like call that lady in Miami that wants to teach me to tango.  So, sorry America.  Just for today, tango before country

Go blog somewhere else.  Try those other yahoo congressional candidate web blogs. 

Oh,  that is right. They can't write very much.  Same old crap.  Give me your money now, so I can get a job later and get paid 175,000 every year for the rest of my life; not to mention that million bucks a year for inept staffing. That way, I John Yahoo Congressman can  do nothing but continously campaign and get re-elected; while also getting  paid  with your tax dollars.

Then, as a yahoo congressman, in turn, I can take more of your money out of your pocket by sponsoring some really horrible legislation and give it my corrupt  buddies, the rich.  Further, if you do not not re-elect me, then I can be a corporate lobbyist and really make some big bucks greasing other yahoo congressman. 

Is that not right Mr. Yoder and Jordan? Take from the poor and the working class, and then  give to some corporate entity. 

Later dudes and hi to all the beautiful attractive, soft and warm ladies including Virginia. Yes I am single so call my digits..

Finally, in regard to bracket selections in March Madness bracket contests, got mine done already. I just put down KU for every bracket pick in all the regions.  We all know, beware of the chalk.  RockChalk.  It will dominate the NCAA championship again.  

Come on KU.  Give a Notre Dame a break. If you do, God and Jesus will  bring economic prosperity to Kansas.  Because all of us basketball fans know God and Jesus like KU. But they both  love Notre Dame even more. 

AKA, Thomas E. Scherer, the better candidate for United States Congress because soon he will know how to tango.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Mary Pilcher Cooke HCR 2615 Resolution: Political Theatre and Grandstanding

Finally, someone else likes the 10th Amendment.  Just like I argued in my petition for a writ to the United States Supreme Court that got judicial review by all the justices at SCOTUS.  Why?  Because the supreme court justices like me.  I like them some of the time.

But what Cooke cannot ever explain to anyone, since she hates to communicate with anyone but herself, and her dumb blog pushes, is how do does your SCR get around the supremacy clause of the United States Constitution Mrs. Cooke?

Ask her.  She has no clue.  Had this horrible communicator engaged in communication, I might have helped her.  But I cannot. Her ego is too big to hear much of anything.  Either that, or she is lazy. Knowing her, I am pretty certain it is her ego.

Now people far wiser than Mary I talked to in Florida actually had an argument to the supremacy clause.  Which is better than Mary Pilcher who has refused to respond to me many times whenever I email her.  She is clearly grandstanding and engaging in political theatre.  Mary clearly has no clue or depth of understanding of what she introduces. 

She is no Constitutional rocket scientist and in regard to her grade as a communicator, I give her a big fat F for failure to communicate.  Way to go Mary. Keep communicating with yourself.  It was also only about you and your political posturing.  I see your lack of depth and unwillingness to communicate with the people. 

Now I like the 10th Amendment.  Get the 10th Amendment to run for Mary Pilcher Cooke's job.  The  Tenth Amendment might actually respond to my emails.  Unlike this lady who give me no respect. 

Bad Mary Pilcher Cooke.  And who is the heck gives their kid a middle name of Pilcher anyway? What exactly is a Pilcher anyway?  I know.  It is a person with a huge inflated ego that hates to communicate with those she purports to want to represent.  People like me. 

I have been Pilchered by Mary and others like her.  Big mistake.  Isn't that right, GOV  Parkingson?  You decide to pilcher me too.  I do not like being pilcharized. 

What is Scherer on the political spectrum?

Good question.  What am I on the political spectrum?

I am a hybrid stateman.  I am hard to label.  Depends really on the issues.  Sometimes, I am a conservative and sometimes I am liberal. Sometimes, I like GOP ideas, but not their corruption. Sometimes, I like the Dem ideas of being compassionate and sensitive to the needs of others; but not taxing the crap out of overtaxed middle class America.  Sometimes, I like the very best ideas of the Libertarians and Reformers. 

So, I study all of them and take away what is best for the individuals of our nation.  Individuals are the backbone of our nation.  Someone forget to tell the dem socialists engineers and their insane redistribution of our wealth to corporate America.  But always, one thing remains.

I support the United States Constitution as written.  I am not a progressive socialist in the mold of FDR in thinking the Constitution can be improved.  It is fine as written.  This almost makes me a Constitutionalist. 

In Kansas, most of the people are independents.  Good.  I like the independents that choose who to vote for, based on where the candidates stand on issues-an area I excel at, bar none.  No one is going to touch on depth on issues.  Hence, why most of these other yahoos are afraid to debate me in a public forum.  I would tear them up.  They know it and I know it. 

Now some of these yahoos are supported by the party machine and by the socialist news media like the KC Red Star and the JOCO Sun.  These folks only do this crap in their own interests. They do not care about the nation, or Kansas.  They merely care in their own selfish, self-interest.  They try to convince us few readers they have left, merey to increase ad revenues and their own selfish profits.  No wonder the newsprint media is going under forcing people to resort to blogs.  These media people only care when there is an economic impact on their pockets. Which is part of the problem.

For far too long, people have been selfish and voting based on their own selfish interests.  Now, that just makes them self-seeking human beings.  We all tend to advocate for those things that will make our lives better.  But as far as my perspective, I have to get over self and do what is best for most of us, if not all of us.  Hence, it is no easy task to do that. 

So, I am not a DINO or a RINO, or a ultra conservative or ultra liberal.  I am merely an American.  And if you are one of those, then you are like me.  I tend to be a centrist.  But in the current economic situation we find ourselves in, I am leaning more to the upper central area of the Libertarians.  Less government, although we still need some. 

My biggest weakness is also a big strength.  Name recognition.  I am doing stuff to make a better place for as many people as possible by affect and effect all over the place. Most of my work effort has been at the national level.  Because I do try to stay focused and impact that numbers thing.  What has the potential to impact the most Americans including Kansans.  So why limit myself to just Kansas issues when I can the same effect by doing stuff on the national front.

And naturally, the local media is only impressed by local events by people unlike myself.  Local yahoos but none of the locals are national like myself.  Which makes the media uninformed idiots.  Hence, I have no love for the liberal media in Kansas, or in Kansas City. These people are way too narrow in what they know about me as a candidate.  Basically, they suck.  Not to mention most are owned by foreign corporations.  Right?  And when you get their paper, ever notice there are more ads than articles. If you can find any articles that are even newsworthy, or not biased or slanted. 

So, in conclusion, I am a hybrid-a stateman.  Although trying to do my best to really be your representative as the best candidate for United States Congress.  If there is someone better, then I would step aside. 

Dan Gilyeat has some potential, but needs a better guiding hand in his political career.  He is not very trusting, despite my substantial efforts to him to be assistive.  I like Dan.  He is running for the right reasons-the people.  So I like Mr. Gilyeat, provided he gets more trusting and better as a viable congressional candidate.

Me, I am relatively an old dude when it comes to politics.  I am also very good at what I do.  I have brought about so much for people of this nation, including Kansas and now Florida, it is hard even for me, a humble public servant to briefly tell you what I have been doing since 1994.  Merely rest assured, it has been substantial and I will continue until I am dead or unable to do so anymore, to continue to change America, Kansas and anywhere else I am given the opportunty.

And for that opportunity, I consider myself a very fortunate individual; despite some of the barriers and adversity I had to overcome.  I am a good guy.  I would be a good congressman, if given the opportunity.  If I not, I will still do whatever I can to change America clear to the local level.

That is my promise. And I keep my promises.  My word is all I have.  And if you have read this, and should I fail to keep my promises, it is ok to just shoot me.  Because when I stop caring about people, more than likely, it is because I am already dead.

Later.  It is a beautiful day.  I am going to enjoy it.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tom Scherer, the Prep H of the nation-Tyrant Buster

Once again, it seems appropriate to reintroduce myself.  And merely explain I am what the doctor ordered. Or alternatively, simply why I am the Prep H cure for the nation.  I am the tyrant buster.

Give me liberty or give me death.  Although I prefer instead the death of a huge, fiscally irresponsible, insane social re-engineering plan called the Obamanation. 

First of all, with reminders to George Carlin, everywhere we go in life, there is always some giant a-hole that wants to make your own a-hole shrink so much, you need to get some Prep H.  Even if choose to live life as a shut-in (I tried and failed), there is still at a minimum,  at least one ahole behind you. 

However, if you leave yourself, and go somewhere, there are going to be many a-holes surrounding you.  Whether that be at your job, at play or while shopping.  A-holes are everywhere. Even animals have them.  Now, some of these a-holes vary in size.

Second, some a-holes like Yoder and Jordan's have been greased and are gigantic in myth and rhetoric.  Out of these a-holes comes nothing but crap.  If you can get them to even tell you anything related to why in insanity you would ever vote for a greased and corrupt a-hole.

Third, there is a solution on how to deal with gigantic a-holes.  You can either spend a fortune on Prep H, or instead merely vote for Dr. Prep H.  Scherer, you know.  What's his face.  The guy that does stuff to earn your vote. 

Like who in their right mind would challange a horrible and unconstitutional Kansas Court of Tax Appeals.  Clearly, only an idiot with way too much time on his hands, would do such a thing.  Spending his money to fight for your rights.

Well, what do we call a person like that?

Well, for one thing, Scherer is a professional pain in the arse.  A PPIA. 
Scherer likes to poke giant a-holes so they can spin like a comet. Which looks pretty cool if you can get that thought out of your mind.  A bunch of spinning gigantic a-holes.  Scherer really, really hates taxes.

Scherer also hates big government that keeps trying to take his money; while ignoring our own economic prosperity.  Jobs, infrastructure, important stuff like that. While also fighting stupid wars causing death of Americans for no reason whatsoever, other than to keep the defense industry going.

Moreover, Scherer is merely the best candidate for United States Congress. No one can touch this (dude) hen it comes to depth on issues, experience in making America better, and finally in listening, gathering and understanding what the consensus of voters want and expect including making gigantic a-holes spin.

So therefore, if you are tired of getting hemmroids from the beast and beastmaster political yahoos of ever-expanding big centralized government taking all your money in some kind of zany redistribution scheme (called hope and change), giving it to some greedy and evil corporate bastards, then maybe . . . 

just maybe you might want to vote for Tom Scherer, the Prep H of the nation. 

Also known as the Tyrant Buster. 

Starve the beast, or at least start whacking away at its tenacles.

tdus.  Love you all.

Just hate big government. 

Why should I give a rat's arse about the people of Kansas?


Why should I spend an ungodly number of hours and money merely trying to make this country better? Including all those 700,000 people that reside in the 3rd Congressional District. 

Maybe it has something to do with learning that fighting for a cause greater than yourself makes one's heart grow bigger.  Maybe it has something to do with God and Jesus.  Maybe it is their fault.  Maybe it is because, why not?  How could I make better use of my time to help so many? 

Do I have to be elected to the United States Congress to change the nation?

Maybe not.

Now just because I am a native Kansan and really do love Kansas, does not mean I like the varied governments that want all my money with their overreaching tenacles trying to get into my back pocket.  We have way too many big government tyrannical despots running things. Too many huge governments that refuse to take care of our business.

Too many liberal socialists that merely want to redistribute economic wealth instead of the more preferred option of creating wealth instead of merely redistributing it. While concurrently, sending jobs all over the world and almost destroying our critical manufacturing capacity, insanely.  We are clearly in a huge mess and the current administration and their ideas are not the solution.

These big governments and the yahoo politicians that are only concerned about getting re-elected instead of focusing on what needs to be done to make things better for many. I suggest you keep your tenacles off this dude's arse. 

I am sick and tired of ever-expanding governments.  I am sick and tired of this horrible socialism that is taking over America.  I am sick and tired of all the rhetoric all of us keep hearing about lower taxes, quality education,  equal protection of the law, economic prosperity, hope and change, and all the other slogans we are inundated with by the local and national socialist media.

I am inspired by the tea party patriots.  These people are finally waking up to what I have been advocating for since 1994.  My God, it is about time Americans including Kansans woke up to what is happening locally and nationally.  Thank God, sleeping beauty has woken up.  After almost 100 years of creeping progressive socialism, the proverbial  Dopey and Sleepy have arisen.  The Sleeping Giant.  Good.

Maybe that is why I want to be a congressman.  I am tired of the corruption, rhetorical politicans that are greased and elected by special interest groups and the rich.  "Yes, Billy, you too can buy a congressman named Satan Jordan or Kevin Yoder."  For merely a couple hundred thousand dollars. 

And will the return on our greased contribution be worth it?  Quoting Sarah Palin, hopefully the next POTUS, "you betcha".  So, to all you rich bastards out there, buy a congressman or two.  If you are really rich, throw in a Kansas Senator.  Why the Koch brothers do not simply buy a few, mystifies me. 

But whatever you do, do not buy Scherer.  He is not for sale.  You want to a buy a congressman?  Call Kevin Yoder.  He will do anything to get elected, except invest his own money in his own congressional campaign.  He wants corruption and greasing now, so it can merely continue so he can merely funnel our money back to his contributors.

I highly suggest to you patriots, if you, kinda of like me, merely want to change a nation, return to our United States Constitution, stop both the beast and the beastmasters that want all your money, you might want to change how you decide whom you are going to vote for come this election cycle. And ignore all that garbage written by the evil Red Star and JOCO Sun. 

These two sources of media hate you, but try to con you whom to vote for without any regard to a yahoo politican's lack of being honest with you the voter , of why they want you to vote for them.  Do not fooled again. Your plan is clearly not working.  Look at what is happened to our nation based on the way people are voting.  It is insane. 

Alternatively, if you do not, expect more of the same.  Go ahead and listen to the socialist media spin of the Kansas City Red Star and all that crap Steve Rose writes. Surely, these for profit organizations are not concerned about their own economic survival threatened by all of us liberty minded bloggers. 

And how is that voting you have been doing in the past going?

Do you have any regrets that Scherer was not elected before 2010? 

We do.  And we do not like having to live with regrets.


Friday, March 12, 2010

The Fifth Fable: Taming the beastmaster!

Once upon a time, around last week,  real close to the Twilight Zone: but way past the rainbow, was this country called Kansas.  This country called Kansas was about 1500 miles away from where I want to go crab fishing today, but unfortunately cannot because of a massive torrential rain storm down here in a better country called Florida.  And naturally Kansas used to be a very nice place until the beast moved in.

There is a natural tendency for any beast, or for that matter, a government whether that be in the Divided States of America, Kansas, Florida, Johnson or Lee county, Merriam or Estero, to keep spreading its tenacles reaching into our pockets for our money.  It is horrible.

This beast has more tenacles than trees growing in a forest.  If you cut off one tenacle, six or more grow back.  Pretty soon, we are all choked by the chains of big brother's tenacles controlled and directed by the beastmaster, or alternatively the yahoo and corrupt politicans at all levels of government. And even worse that corrupt and greased GOP people, there are those evil socialist or commie engineers that keep wanting to do a redistribution of your money to one of their special interest groups.

In Kansas, the beast keeps wanting to be fed.  For ever increasing ridiculus and silly projects.  In this country of Kansas, and all its counties and local municipalities, there were so many tenacles spread all over the place, many of the people said heck with this. 
"I don''t like this beast that keeps bugging me for all my money."

So naturally, the fortunate residents of Kansas left for Costa Rica, a different country that did not have such a cruel and absolutely insane beastmaster.  This caused a huge problem for the hungry beast.  The unfortunate remaining few had to pay more and more, Until there was no more money due to a total economic collaspe.  And the beast and beastmaster did not have anything to do either because there was no more money to eat.  So the beast moved to Costa Rica because it wanted fed some more.

So, the guiding moral principal to Fable No. 5 is merely kill the beastmaster come election time.  Because if one does not, the only friends you will have left, is the beast and his corrupt cronies, the beastmaster.  And just like family at X-Mas, the beast and his buddies never leave until you get out your ax and start whacking away at the overeaching tenacles of your brother in law reaching once again into your refrigerator.

Be wary.  The beast is getting a tad bit hungry.  Consider moving to Costa Rica.  Or anywhere else the beast is not found to have so many tenacles.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Reign of Tyranny is about to come to an end

For way too long, the American people, we the people have been far too passive in reigning in the growth of huge centralized governments from the federal clear to the local level of government.  Governments have ceased to be responsible to the people they were originally meant to serve as public servants.  Hence, there should be no surprise that the people this nation have woken up to the reign of tyranny.

As Patrick Henry stated long ago, "give me liberty or give me death". 

My choice right  now, today is give me my liberty.  And in that regard the tyranny I am personally having to endure by the horrible Kansas Court of Tax Appeals died today.  I am going to be filing shortly both a petition for a writ of mandamus and quo warranto to have this court declared unconstitutional.  It is only when a despot creates their very own court, regardless of the judicial and legislative branch of the government can a despot reign.  So, the first step to killing the tyranny, is get the rid of the court owned and controlled by the despot.

I called Governor Parkinson yesterday. He refuses to communicate despite alleging to represent me and you.  This is the hallmark of a coward.  Mark Parkinson is a coward.  He does not deserve to be a despot or the Governor of Kansas.  Effectively, I have therefore constructively exhausted administrative measures with the Govnenor of Kansas.  This gives me standing here in Florida to sue the Governor of Kansas and his horrible fusion government in a federal court of law.

I have all the necessary factors required to challenge this unconstitutional court, the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals based  on Art. III of the United States Constitution.  By its order, this horrible court notes in does not have the ability or capacity to have a jury trial decide questions of fact. So on that issue alone, this court is unconstitutional.  On several founding principals we founded this nation and the state of Kansas.  The ursurpation of Kansans to have an involiate right to jury trial is merely another sign of tyranny.  And thank God almighty, the tyranny died today. 

Thanks for waking up America. We still have a long way to go.  But we have made the start.  We have risen from the dead and merely remembered we are in charge-not them.  These public servants, these corrupt political yahoos have once again by their ineptitude, awoke a sleeping giant, we the people of the United States in order to form a more perfect union . . . have a duty when any branch of the government fails to fix it.  And fix it, we will. So help us God. 

The tyranny buster, your  better candidate for United States Congress, signed and dated this the 10th day of March, 2010.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Analysis: Steve Kraske ignores major candidates, in his article about “A group called The Hope for America Coalition”

Analysis: Steve Kraske ignores major candidates, in his article about “A group called The Hope for America Coalition”

Well your group, KansasProgress is not doing much better at being factual. You omitted several filed candidates in your posting.

I should know. I was one of the four, not three that filed before Moore dropped out.

Some refer to me as what's your face. I prefer my legal name, Thomas E. Scherer, the better candidate for United States Congress. For good reason, I am earning your vote, unlike the others. Nor am I bugging you for your money. In fact, I had more money in the campaign that all of the GOP combined. Which the press also ignored.

Then, they whined about it. SO, I took it out. Elections are never about the money. Elections are about listening, understanding and taking action now, before the election to earn your vote.


Great.  SCOTUS will get the opportunity to put the smack down on one of my nemeses, coward and opportunist of hate, Whore Fred Phelps.  And his kids too.  Especially the head kook leader of the family, Rachel.  Now I talked to Rachel on the telephone because frankly, I wanted to meet this nutjob on his own turf at the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka. 

I told Rachel I was a civil right activist.  She stated, "Oh, one of those gay fagot civil rights activists!".  Now coming from Rachel Phelps, despite not being gay, I kind of took that as a compliment.  Further, Phelp's granddaughter worked in the law library at Washburn Law School.  I told her I wanted to meet her grandpa also.  Clearly Fred Phelps is a coward.  He would not even meet with me.

So, I had a bunch of shirts printed to stop Fred Phelps.  I tried to organize both the law school faculty and the law students to protest the Phelps compound.  Naturally, they were all too busy.  But not me.  My dog Dwight and I protested his compound. 

Now I was hoping one of the Phelp's would come out and attack me.  Now my logic was to get battered so I could sue them.  As my own stature as a civil rights activist was growing, well . . . you want to take down one of the big anti-civil rights nutjobs.  And who better than me to take on all the Phelps.  I am not afraid of lawyers, even though eight of them in his family are attorneys. 

In ending, the Phelps family understood what I was trying to do.  So, they cowered in fear.  I am just surprised no veteran ever shot any of these people.  So finally, the family of hate mongers gets to be smacked down some more by SCOTUS.  I might even feel compelled to write a memorandum brief and file it with SCOTUS. 

Naturally, there is no bright line on freedom of speeech.  Even hate speech as advocated by these Phelps. Fred merely hates fags because his son is one.  So this should be interesting.  I might even go to the Supreme Court the day that case is argued. And take my nutcracker with me. Naturally, Fred cannot give oral argument.  He lost his license to practice law and was disbarred many, many years ago.  But I would assume one of their brainwashed kids will.  Good. 

The Case Docket NO. is 09-751.  Expect some fireworks as all sides smack down the Phelps family. Even God and Jesus dislike the Phelps family.


Brokeassism: Defining a new form of Insane Socialism

Brokeassism, a new form of government funded by really stupid and wasted deficit spending during a recessionary period paid for by silly and irrational tax increases like crap and trap, silly economic theories even CBO states will not work and insane things like a national health care system taking over 1/6th of our economy.  Give me a break Obama.

Let us face some reality.  America is a broke-ass nation. The verb for this situation is brokeassism.  We have to step up to the plate and take responsibility for it.  Or better stated, we have to stop relying on the closed and mentally broke Big Brother Resteraunt for our free lunches.  It is closed for new business.  We, the people have to know pay for lunch ourselves, instead of undue reliance on the brokeass federal government.

For too many decades, we as a nation of people have leaned so far on a big central government to pay for our stuff, the walls are crumbling to the ground. So facing reality, we caused this mess and need to fix it.  The first step is to accept responsibility.  I accept personal responsibility for the fiscal insanity we find ourselves in today--brokeassism.

I point the finger inward.  Have I not relied too much on the federal government?  Have I not wanted the federal government to make certain I can retire?  Have I not expected too much from the federal government being a disabled vet, having put my arse on the line defending the nation's freedom?.  Have I not borrowed money from the federal government to get way too much education?  Have I not relied on the federal government to give enough pork to kill all the hogs that exist in the universe to state, county and local governments, merely so I do not have pay for all that crap? 

Am I not personally responsible for brokeassism?  I think I am. It is Thomas E. Scherer's fault we are now a brokeass nation. Scherer merely wants to fix what he caused all by himself.  No other selfish American should be held accountable.  Just Scherer.

You betcha, it is Thomas E. Scherer's fault.  He accepts personal responsibility for our nation' really horrible federal government.  And now that we are a brokeass nation, maybe we might want to consider knocking this undue reliance on big brother, off.  Sure, there will be withdrawal symptoms as we learn the best person to be reliant on, again is us.  We, the individuals.  And stop holding out our hand and voting for whomever offers us the biggest bribe to be POTUS. 

My best understanding of the United States Constitution remains a solid belief that our founding fathers wanted and insisted in order for our nation to survive, the central focus was on the individual-not governments, not institutions, not entites, but us as individuals. 

Then, in order to form that more perfect union, our founding fathers gave enormous power to the states to take care of the individuals residing in each of the several states.  Where did we go wrong and start drifting further and further away from the vision of our founding fathers?

Well, I am pretty certain it started with FDR.  Ever since this dude, everyone has wanted a big brother handout.  Well, the handouts are over.  One way or the other.  If we keep getting handouts based on deficit spending, then we get inflation to go along with all the borrowed dollars.  Maybe, just maybe we might want to demand the federal government do what is required of state governments.  Balanced budges, not deficit spending causing inflation and a devaluation of the American dollar. 

We must have a responsible tax reform and all of us, even you brokeasses are going to start contributing.  And if you don't, tough.  When you are starving and living on the streets, once again, you are going to have to rely on human beings for handouts, not big brother. 

Or, in the alternative, here is a creative and innovative idea-you might actually get a job and start working for your living.

Finally. The free lunch at the brokeass and closed Big Brother Resteraunt recess is over.

Furthermore, the founding fathers created 3 branches of government.  Except in America, we have that fourth branch that needs to be eliminated.  The Federal Reserve.  It needs to go.  We have seen enough of the effect of the federal reserve.  It has failed us over and over.  It is time to get rid of it.  Or, at least severely restrict what the Federal Reserve bankers can do, by instituting a check and balance on their horrible attempts to manipulate the national economy, without oversight.

It is time to require congressional approval by Congress, before the Federal Reserve can do much of anything.  They are not the fourth branch of government.  And they are one of the enemies of free people.  Demand the United States Congress put an end to the federal reserve system as we know it.  With the Federal Reserve, we have become the brokeass nation.

Welcome to the United States of Brokeassism. Maybe, just maybe we might want to remember the immortal words of JFK (regardless of him being a Demiwant), "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." To which I know add, instead of holding your hand out to big brother, put your hand in your billfold, pay your fair share of taxes that one can afford, and finally, the next time you place your hand over your heart to say the Pledge of Allegiance, think about what you are saying.  And then mean it.

I pledge allegiance to the United States of America, one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

And then the umpire will yell out, "Play Ball".  Let us do our part and make sure we do not play brokeass ball, anymore.
For certainly, since FDR we keep striking out like the Mighty Casey. 

Maybe it time we hit a home run instead.  One way to get a homer is vote for Scherer for your congressman.  He guarentees he is not going to miss the ball this time. 


Next Post: "Render unto Caesar, those things that are Ceasar's and render unto God those things that are God's." Matthew 22:21.
And in the final analysis, Caesar does not own squat. 

God owes everything.

And that is why we do not trust Obama or Gold.  Their is no l in the word God or in the Obamanation.

 "In God we Trust".  Seems like a pretty good statement of what life is all about. 

Amen.  Later.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Classic blogwit. Check this out.

Very funny. 

Oh God, Barry is on TV again and clearly he did not take his medications, again, Give me a break, go have a smoke and stop smoking dope.

There goes the Obamanation again talking crazy.  He is on TV again promising all kinds of crazy crap that we cannot afford to pay for.  After 15 minutes, I am pretty certain what his craziness is suggesting should cost the number that comes after trillion.

What number is that?  A gatrillion.  Barry, we are broke as a nation. A new blog term: brokeassism.  Even demiwants can figure out what that new word means.  The only right thing Barry stated, that made rational sense was when he stated the time for talking about health care (abomination) is over, I agree.  So shut up about it.  Move on. Move on over to the medicine cabinet.

Go take your meds and then go to a 12 step program for shopoholics.  Come on Barry.  Just say it with me.  God, I admit I am out of out control AND powerless over controlling the federal budget.  Step 2.  Resign your crazy arse from allegedly having the requirements based on the US Constitution to lawfully be a Muslim POTUS from Kenya.

Merely repeat steps one and two until November, 2010.  Then  proceed to step 3.  Fire a bunch of advisors in your administration.  Especially Hillary and tax cheat Sebelius.  Because if you have been listening to those yahoos, even after hiding Rahm and Joe, the Gaffer, you are still going to be a lame duck POTUS until we can get rid of you.

You yahoos in Washington.  The elitist elected ones.  Go ahead and get rid of this dude.  For surely he is wasting a lot of my valuable TV time.  What do we call that?

Impeachment.  Or, in the alternative, consider having him committed.  Clearly, he is having another meglamania attack again.  What the heck is he smoking?  Maybe some crack?  Just put down the crack pipe down Barry; because your insanity is not working.

What are the liberal socialists going to pick next for POTUS.  Dave "I am rich, bioge" Chapelle?  Even Chapelle makess Obama look sane. Even Satan and Yoder look sane compared to the Obamanation.

Rampant Speculation: Who will the Demiwants really lead to the slaughter in the 3rd District Congressional Race?

Ok.  After the silly and ridiculus March Madness announcement that moore or less, one of moore rhetoric's three wives, might file for United States Congress, which was almost as silly as Steve Rose's nine-day campaign, left most of us that live in reality, rofl, who really will the Demiwants pick as their final answer for the 3rd District congressional election?

There are three left that will really make us all  laugh, left. 

There is Larry Gates, the horrible executive director of the KS Socialist Engineers, the Demiwants.   Remember, a demiwant is merely a  huge socialist that wants.  They want us to pay for all the crap they want.  A zany kind of economic redistribution plan you pay for, but not the demiwants. 

Hence, Dem I want this and I want you, a fiscal conservative to pay for in some kind of irrational scheme beyond rational belief. Merely refer to the current POTUS's scheme for health care redistribution.  The abomination.  For those dem socialists that cannot read words, let me spell it out for you- DEM-I-WANT.  Come on. 

Even a socialist can say letters. 

Second, there is the racist Senator David Haley.  Haley cannot make up his mind what office he wants to run for.  Many of us rofl recently when he started a rumor he might run for United States Senate.  Good one devoid of factual reality.  Merely note no demiwant has been elected to the United States Senate since 1930.  This rampant rumor by Haley should qualify racist Haley to be elected Comedian of the Political Year. 

Third, we have that dude that is currently the GOV of Kansas. Former GOP person, and head DINO.  Mark ParkingSon.  Now exactly what is Parkinson going to do, other than go home, finally.  We think Parkingson is the only viable person that stands any chance of any credibility.

Naturally, the demiwants still have a huge obstacle to overcome.  Larry Gates.  Wake up Larry.  You, moore rhetoric and the queen of Oz, tax cheater and elitist Sebelius have totally decimated the Demiwant Socialist Party.  Some of us here in the Kansas GOP are considering inducting you into the KS GOP Hall of Fame.  Larry, you have done more for the Kansas GOP, than anyone else.

So, in a strange way, all of us GOP people want to thank Larry for clearly being one of the worst Executive Directors for the Kansas Demiwants in the entire history of Kansas politics. 

You see, our GOP plan worked. Many years ago, we decided the best way to win elections was to get put a spy within the Kansas Demiwant Party.  So eons ago, we got Larry to infiltrate the Kansas Dem Socialist Engineering and Economic Redistribution of your wealth Party.

In our wildest dreams, we never expected the Demiwants to really make Larry the Executive Director. But you did.  So what can we say, other than THANK YOU.

Speculation: Who are the dem nuts really going to have slaughtered in the 3rd District Congressional Race?

Ok.  Most of us were rofl over speculation that one of Moore rhetoric's wives might be dumb enough to actually file to run for the socialist engineering party of Kansas.  Good one, Larry.  Once again, reestablishing a simple fact-if the KS Demiwants want to remain a viable party, they need to get rid of you, the head socialist engineer totally devoid of what is happening politically.  Larry, you have done more for the Kansas Republican Party, then even Kate Gilligan Sebelius could have.  Singlehandly, based on history and prior elections, you have clearly ruined any hope for leadership for several political cycles.

We should make you an honorary GOP person.  Except you would probably ruin our party this election cycle also.  So in reality, meaning an abscence of the demonstrated March madness coming out of the Demiwant big weekend, Moore or less, one of moore rhetoric's wives will really not be filing for the 3rd Congressional seat.  So, who is left, considering how thin the ranks are in the Kansas Demiwant Party?

There are a couple of people left, who are tricky and hedging.  Senator David Haley, extreme racist and there is soon to be gone, Mark Parkinson.  Go ahead and get one of those yahoos to file.  Your pick.  So we have someone we can really demonstrate come November, why instead, they both should have just retired. Because come post-election, they will have no other choice to do  so. soon to be gone Mark Parkinson.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Get to know Mr. Reliable, Guy Ellison

I received permission to go ahead and announce with pleasure, Mr. Guy Ellison is a staffer with our and your congressional committee.

 Mr. Ellison provides protective services to political candidates in one of his many positions.  Not to mention his work effort with young people in giving them direction, motivation and leadership.  I am honored to have Mr. Ellison associated with our campaign as a staffer.

He has been providing services for some time.  Naturally, I only publish staff announcements with the permission of the person because confidentiality is important form of respect. And Mr. Ellision gave me permission to make this public announcement.

 Mr. Ellison is a person all of us can rely on.  And more than likely, if elected to United States Congress, Mr. Ellison would be one of the first persons I would humbly ask to be a staff member. Mr. Ellison would also make a fine political candidate if he chooses to be some day.

Why? Because I can count on Guy.  And how many people can I say that about? 

If us candidates can count on Guy, then you can count on Guy also as a member of our campaign team. 

Congratulations Mr. Ellison.  Respect is earned, not given for no reason. Or, merely because of one's title in a particular job.  You earned my respect for being reliable.  Good job. You walk the talk.

Nice to meet a fellow professional that does what that person states they are going to do.

Just like Mr. Scherer, your better candidate for United States Congress.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

The 4th Fable: Albert Eistein was a relatively big dummy-the irresistible theory of political relativity.

Once upon a time relatively, there was a village idiot named Albert Einstein.  But do not get him confused with his brother, Frank N. Stein or the village idiot of Texas.  Naturally in political theory, we are all merely looking to hire someone for a job--to be our congressman.  This is not quantum physics we are dealing with.  We merely are looking for someone, moore or less that can listen, understand and take action.  Kind of like what's his face-that Scherer dude.

Now this Einstein guy was reallly a pretty strange dude.  And the only smart thing he ever did was wear the same suit everyday and not get a haircut.  Merely so he did have to figure out what to wear to work everyday.  Both of which gave him an unusual appearance.  Now Einstein could not get a job normally like the rest of the people.  So instead, he would write crazy stuff down that no one understood what he was talking about. 

So, all over the world, they stated he was a genius because no one had a clue what he was talking about. Paricularily after watching some TV show rerun like Star Trek or something similar.  Or watching the dem nuts campaign slogan on TV, "Money for Nothing, Chicks are Free, I want my Gold Standard taken off MTV" by my correction, Dire Straits; not Huey Lewis and the liberal commies at CNN media group, as I posted earlier.

 Now Einsten was really a big dummy when he decided to write  a math formula titled:

Theory of Irresistible Political Relativity. 

Basically, the formula went like this: E=MCHammer Time Squared. 

Now E allegedly stood for Corrupt Political Energy.  M naturally was the symbol for the masses of lemmings.  C stood for both corrupt PACs and Special Interest Corrupt dollars for quid pro quo, to merely in turn be used in a political campaign. And Einstein merely squared it, so people that were rotten with math and did not understand squares, would really be confused.   

Some in error, think C naturally stood for the speed of light. Which is about 48 miles an hour.  Merely get a flashlight and you too can determine this simple thing factually.  Now Hammer was naturally a person that wrote a famous song used by a really good congressional candidate named Scherer. 

Scherer kept writing how it was "hammer time".  And how he was going to "hammer" all the other corrupt and rhetorical congressional candidates wanting to be congressman too.  For good reason.  None of the other momma's homeboy candidates would ever discuss issues, or do much of anything to warrant anyone in their right mind to vote for them. 

So the moral of this fable is, when it comes time to vote, do not be square.  Just remember, it is hammer time, homeboy.  Yodeling Yoder and Nick Satan Jordan, you can't touch this:

Because naturally at election time, Scherer is also so fine and simply irresistable (Merely refer to the song most of us are thankful for by Robert Palmer).

Rock on.


Yet again a 3rd Fable by that Congressional Candidate what's his face: Titled "It's a yuanderful world out here!"

Once upon a time, long, long ago, there was really huge country called Red China about 6000 miles from Florida.  This  country was well  known as Commie land by the rest of the countries.   Now Commie Land had existed since the beginning of time.  Which had to be around 4000 B.C., especially if you are one of those creative scientific creationists hating Charles Darwin and his book on evolution. 

Now in Commie Land, there were a lot of people.  Over a billion.  There were so many Commies in Commie Land, they decided they wanted some more land for their little commies.

Now the king of Commie Land used to be run by King Brokeback.  But he was deposed after causing the entire collaspe of the economy by sending all the money China had to the churches.  So, the people got rid of this corrupt dude and elected a person called Chairman Wow. 

Now Chairman Wow decided that in order to get some more countries, it might be a good idea to industrialze Red China. So breaking from tradition they did.  The old tradition of Red China for centuries had been, what was the rush to industrialize. Before Chairman Wow, the wise leaders of China figured why should the Commies use up all our vast natural resources like most of the other countries? Which kind of made sense. 

Commie Land leaders for centuries figured out that if they did not industrialize and waste all their abundant natural resources, while most of the other countries did, then Red China could take over the world.  It was just a matter of time even Spoke would agree was logical. Along with their buddies in Indai  and Japan.  So instead, they just remained focused on making lots of babies. Way too many babies. 

So after a billion commies, Chairman Wow stated, "now is the time for us to take over the world with a new world order."  So we can send a half billion of our troops to take other people's stuff.  What a brilliant idea.  So Red China merely got clever with their currency called the yuan.  Which had no relation whatsoever to any monetary standard.  So the commies refused to peg their money to anything.

And all the greedy capitalist countries with their insane greed merely got suckered into this new world order scheme of Chairman Wow.  So, to make more money, the rest of the lazy capitalist post-modern industrialized countries decided they would send all their natural resources to Red China. And then buy all the cheap crap that was not important from the Commies. What a stupid plan.  Send all your stuff important to your country, to some other country so in turn, you could buy cheap crap from the cheap labor of a billion Commies. 

Anyway, with no backing to their yaun, the Commie leaders could set their currency to whatever they wanted it to be.  How clever.  So, they took their yuan and bought T-Bills in another country called the Divided States Of America.  That way, whenever the POTUS came to China, he would bow to Chairman Wow in gratitude.  Shortly after bowing, Chairman Wow told the POTUS what he better do, or Chairman Wow would not buy any more t-bills.

Well pretty soon, America was one broke-ass nation because their people really had gotten lazy and wanted the huge central government to pay for everything  they wanted.  And the Americans got so lazy, their infrastructure started to crumble.  Now this did not make Chairman Wow happy. 

So he sent his half billion troops over to America to take over.  And the half billion Commies just stayed.  Naturally they got rid of all the native capitalist and socialist Americans.  And the moral is, history merely repeats itself.  If you want a huge central government to pay for all your crap instead of yourself, Chairman Wow will be glad to buy your T-Bills also with all their yauns.

So every year at Chirstmas time, Mr. Lo Wong Smith would tell his daughter Virginia to not fear the red commies.  Because soon all over the world, it will be a yaunderful world out there.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Another Fable by the best candidate for United States Congress, what's his face: Manufacturing Social Consent

Once upon a time, long ago, around 1500 miles away, there was a nice country called Kansas. 

Dick Cameldork and Mary Tufu got married in the country of Kansas and were very fortunate to have two children, Bob and Lemming.  A wonderful little boy and girl. 

Now Bob and Lemming both went to the free and accessible public education school system in Kansas. And it merely cost their parents, the Borks a mere 2500 per child per year for this free public education in federal taxes. And the amount they had to pay in the real estate comparables nonsense tax scheme locally was no chump change tax either.  Now this was due to another evil and mean congressman named John Linder in another country called Pennysylvania.

Mr. Linder wanted to pull a joke on the people in his country.  So he wrote up this nightmarish tax proposal and gave it a clever name, the Fair Tax.  He gave it a number in 2003.  H.R. 25.  And then he ran all around many countries shouting, "hey, don't you want a fair tax?" And the people who felt overtaxed by this huge central government all yelled with glee, "why sure."  Boy, were they fooled. 

Maybe they should have read the joke legislation as written. But like as typical, most never read this horrible piece of crap called the regressive Fair Tax. They just assumed anything called a Fair Tax must be ok.  "How much worse could it get?"they all said.

To be continued when I feel like it.

Chapter 2. A horrible state agency SRS steals Lemming from the Cameldorks

Chapter 3.  Dick Cameldork is sent to state prison

Chapter 4.  King Sam Brokeback takes over as the Corruption King of Kansas, by appointing all his corrupt crony buddies .

Chapter 5.  Everyone in the country of Kansas, except Dick and Lemming, immigrate to a new country called Florida.

Chapter 6 Dick and Lemming commit suicide by falling over the clifff following King Sam jumping off of Brokeback Mountain.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I am going to form a new party-the Beer Party

Great news.  I am now starting a brand new grass roots political organization called the Beer Party. I never was a big fan of tea anyway.  Sounds too British.  Naturally, we are meeting every night at every beer joint, bar and resteraunt in America.  Why not?

 If we are going to get screwed by these yahoos in DC, we might as well get drunk first.  That way, when you wake up in the morning and your billfold is empty, at least we will not remember who robbed our future prosperity.

Besides, if we can form and have a tea party, and now as reported by the liberal socialist media, a Coffee Party, then by God, I am going to start a party myself.  So, the next time you are having a beer, remember to dedicate your beer to restoring our constitutional right to demand the yahoos in DC start remembering we are in charge--not them. 

We are certainly going to screw them over come November 2010 by firing them. 

If one does not like beer, try the Jack Daniels or the Pot Party.  Alternatively, there are groups now being announced that you can join.  For example, AA members should definitely join the Coffee Party.  See

Good grief, the liberal socialist engineers with the media, particularily those liberal yahoo commies at CNN are so worried the Tea Party movement will merely continue.  To counter, they have to write their crap to try to maintain the feeding of the beast and try to divide us into this and that party. 

Which by now, should cause both the Dem Nuts or Demiwants to shout with glee as they all join hands with the GOP Party of NO  singing Kum By Yah (with Moore rhetoric as lead guitarist) as they too, announce a new joint effort called the Glutton Party.

It is called the Glutton Party for their insane ideas related to a redistribution of your money in both major parties so they can merely continue to doing a economic redistribution of your money. Usually to their favorite special interest group. So they in turn can get greased with generous corrupt contributions to their re-election committees so we do not fire them.  The political machine just keeps spinning.

But we are not going to be fooled again this election cycle.  The person with the most money in the committee funds is the person that needs to be fired, or not elected.  So drink some coffee and wake up to what is happening in America.

So whatever you do, pick the candidate with the lowest amount in campaign funds.  They can be trusted.  There is no quid pro quo. No corruption. They have not been bought by the party machine or the corporations. 

Unlike Yodeling Yoder or Nick "Satan" Jordan.  Clearly, these two yahoos are being greased by party insiders or funded by special interest groups of the Glutton Party.  To restore the original intent of our United States Constitution, not only starve the beast, also starve the yahoos that belong to the Glutton Party. 

All of them deserve to be fired come November 2010.  Maybe an even better idea is start the Screw Party.  You screwed us--now it is our turn to screw you come election time.

The heck with the Beer Party.  Therefore, I changed my mind.  Instead, I am starting the Screw Party. So everytime you screw around, think about all these political yahoos in Washington.

For clearly, they keep forgetting how they screwed us over and over.  So, we want to remind them we have not forgotten and now we are going to screw them like a bad dim light bulb needing to be replaced.  Or hey, how about a party we can all belong to! 

Final choice, the American [we are united as one] Party. And we patriots are not going to let you glutton people divide us this election cycle. Screw them.

We want and demand a party that really believes the United States Constitution is just fine as written. It promises us a more perfect union.  And at least, we the people have not forgotten that.  Merely remember the WWII tank general analogy. 

We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more union once again have the political yahoos surrounded. 

"They are both on the left and the right. In front of us and behind us.   Good.  They cannot escape this time, come November 2010." 


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Holy Ghost Batman, Spiderman loses his job too! Who next? Clark Kent? "Give me your life or give me your lupins" Moore rhetoric, Part II

Just when we were all promised by the abomination, hope and change including that catchy slogan, yes we can (do what, we are uncertain prior to the election), we now know what catchy slogan means.  Even Spiderman is going to be unemployed as he gets canned from his employer.

Holy Ghost Batman.  What will the Justice League do? Should we start a fund for Spiderman so he can afford groceries? Heck no. Just call the POTUS.  I am pretty certain he will give some of your tax dollars close to a billion or so to Spiderman.  Why not? Obama has gave trillions of your dollars away.  We cannot as a nation, allow Spiderman to lose his job.

As a congressional candidate, I recommend we get Spiderman a job rebuilding our national infrastructure.  He would make a great welder on all those crumbling bridges we could have fixed, but did not.  Instead, we rescued Wall St., Government Motors, all the crappy financial institutions, all the whiny state GOVs, ad nausem, so why we would ignore now, Spiderman?

Expect POTUS to give Spiderman a billion dollars or so soon. Can it get worse.  Yes it can.  Especially when all those commerical loans start going bust causing a whole bunch of local bank failures soon.  Stand by for more of the Abomination.  If Spiderman is getting fired, what do you think is going to happen to your job? Can it happen to you. Ask the Abomination.  They will merely tell you, Yes it Can.

Finallly, can Mrs. Moore No.1,2, or 3 define a lupin?  If not have one of his wives see :More than likely, her campaign slogan will be: "Give me your life or give me your lupins."
Thank God and Jesus for Monty Python.

Rolflmao. TDUS

Monday, March 1, 2010

March Madness-The Kansas Dem Party has gone mad! Open season for Demiwants

Thank God and Jesus.  It is March Madness Time.  Good.

The Kansas Demiwants certainly set the stage for madness at Washington Days this weekend by suggesting Moore's 3rd wife might be their choice for the 3rd District Congressional race. Or, was it his first or second wife?  Why not one of his girlfriends from D.C.?  Who knows, who cares?  So clearly, March Madness is not limited to merely basketball.

Just when we thought the dem socialist engineers could not get any crazier than a Nancy Pelosi, at least we have some great college basketball to divert our attention from all the fiscally irresponsible spending of your tax dollars, also. 

So, basically, I am going to enjoy March Madness.  And most of us native Kansans know which team is going to win the NCAA championship again.  And no, it is not Syracuse, Michigan or Duke.  Naturally, it should be KU again.  So this year, all of Kansans should really be upbeat about March Madness.

 Do not get March Madness confused with the abomination.  Because that is a real beast of government the Abomination has created with its tenacles reaching into your pockets for every nickel the beast can find.  But, do not worry.  We will fix whatever socialist engineering plan these zany demiwants cook up come election time.  Then, it will be our turn to shove things down their throats.  Like pink slips.  Then, those dem yahoo leaders will have November Madness looking for a real job post-election. For good reason . . .

For doing really stupid things like shoving a half-cooked health care bill down our throats.  Even some of the democrats are seeing the madness of dropping the nuclear option called reconcilation. Some of them are already seeing the scorecard and already are just saying no to this reconcilation vote.  Which they better or they will getting fired also.  So the only one the really believes there will be a reconcilation vote will actually have a mad chance of hell of being passed are Obama and Crazy Nancy. And these two yahoos are really just playing poitical grandstanding. 

They are merely looking for any excuse of blaming someone else for the failures of the Obama administration's ill health care plan.  Heck, it is making sick watching the dem majority waste so much on time on this fiasco. Here is a novel idea-focus on balancing the federal deficit a while.  That might be a good start.

Regardless, I am going to be taking a March Madness break.  Then come April, it is time for we the people to have April Madness at the National Mall on April 15. Further, around that time, it is once again that time to start pounding the streets and shaking the flesh of voters.  March Madness, St. Patrick's Day and then off to win the congressional seat.  So, March might be my last long recreational period before getting elected to be your better congressman. 

Finally, Kansas will actually have a congressman that likes the United States Constitution, fiscal conservatism, dislikes taxes and fiscal irresponsibility. Plus on top of that, a congressman that will fight for your rights; while still having some compassion and being a good listener to the voters with a plan of action, not rhetoric like the rest of the yahoos.  That Scherer dude-the better candidate for your United States Congress. 

In regard to earning your vote, I got the order from the horrible Kansas Court of Tax Appeals docketing oral argument for four hours on April 30th.  This horrible court is a bridge across the bright line of separation of powers; and even worse, puts way too much power in the hands of the Kansas Governor by having her own court under the executive branch of Kansas Government.  Now if that does not scare you, you have little understanding on how important checks and balances are on Kansas's government. 

And that is just one of several concurrent projects that are on-going.  Another project regarding a meeting with the GOV of Kansas demonstrates he is a coward and refuses to give me a date for this meeting.

It is not good when the Kansas GOV has set  up her own little despotic little court.  Now, the good news is her is gone.  Thank God and Jesus again that Sebelius has gotten on her broom and flown out of Kansas.  Good.  Another obstructionist dem that likes abortion has bitten the dust and got her Oz out of Kansas. 

The dem socialst engineering party (Dems) are really getting desperate in wanting Moore's wife who has absolutely no qualifications to be the token sacrifical lamb in the 3rd District congressional race. So clearly Larry Gates, KS head social engineer has clearly lost his freaking mind. Does Larry blame his craziness on March Madness, or instead, is Larry just incompetent?  Or both?

Larry, what exactly are her qualifications to run for Congress?  Give me a break Larry.  Maybe if you had a clue on how to develop congressional candidates, the Kansas Dem Party would not be in such horrible shape.  It is not even fair to call it a "party".  There are so few viable dem candidates left, the election for United States Congress will be decided in the GOP primary.

If the Dems keep Moore's wife, whose sole qualification is her husband, what were these dems thinking? Desparation and frustration?  Obviously so.

 I know what I am thinking: I am rofllmao over this hasty decision. Let us be empathetic to the few demiwants left in Kansas.  For they too will need a good congressman.  But it will not be Moore's 1st, 2nd or 3rd wife.

Larry, for God's sake, retire.  Get someone that has a clue of what is going on to replace you. 

Finally, the final three months before the primary election are critical.  This is when all these years of studying the issues, getting a consensus of what the voters want, starts paying huge dividends.  Not just for me, but for you the voter.  Thank God and Jesus one of the candidates has done all that work to earn your vote.

In ending, enjoy March Madness.  And remember, the Kansas Dem Party started this madness.  I am going to ensure their madness gets committed around November election cycle..  Moreover, Rock Chalk, KU.  Another national championship is yours, again.  Good job.  At least some in Kansas, are not as crazy  as Larry Gates.

For those who are cynical and apathetic, and are so digusted with both the Demiwants and the GOP Party of NO, here is a link to the other March Madness starting March 16.  Good luck on your bracket picks.  Naturally, the odds of Kansans should be greatly enhanced because we all know KU is going to win the whole thing.  Others coming in second losing to KU should be Syracuse in the National Championship game.