Saturday, July 31, 2010

Grapes of Wrath-The Eighth Fable

Once upon a time, a very long time ago (begining of the 21st Century), in a wonderful country, named Kansas stood the large magnificent oak tree.  It was the tallest, the  strongest and stood alone in a thick forrest of abundance and bounty. As a matter of fact, this was the largest, strongest and most mighty oak tree in the entire world.  And naturally, every fall, its golden leaves of gold would shine its natural beauty for all that came and saw this wonder of the world.

One of the visitors to this magnificent oak tree included a "progressive socialist" named FDR.  Now FDR had this grand scheme he wanted to implement using this wonderful, but powerful oak tree that had stood majestically for centuries.  The oak tree had started out simply enough as a sapling.  From one lone seed, this oak tree became the very best tree of all the trees in the forrest, anywhere.

So, FDR decided he would make use of this magnificent oak tree to grow some grapes.  So, every year he planted grape vines at the base of this tree.  And no one seemed to notice or care as the grape vines progressed up with this oak tree.  The grape vines grew faster than the oak tree itself. 

The citizens of Kansas simply did not care about this progressive socialist named FDR's evil plan because they were apathetic and indifferent.  Most of the native Kansans stated, "why should we interfere in an individuals freedoms and liberty".  So nobody interfered in FDR growing a few grapes.

Some Kansans were even happy because FDR would give them some of those grapes as they grew.  So basically, Kansans were indifferent and even skeptical about whether a grape vine would cause any harm to this mighty oak tree.

As the decades passed, each grape seed planted around the oak tree would spread to each limb and branch of the mighty oak tree.  And as most of now know, the grape vine soon replaced the golden leaves of this oak tree.  And due to the branches being covered by this progressive socialist, soon this wonderous oak tree no longer produced anymore, its wonderous golden oak leaves for all to view.

And soon the giant oak tree died.  And all over the state of Kansas, people wondered what happened.  So they asked FDR, the progressive socialist, why had he caused the death of this giant oak tree.

FDR merely stated, "you have all enjoyed these grapes all these years that I given to you freely, and now you want to complain?" FDR merely stated "it is too late to do anything." And all the people of Kansas then asked him what kind of grapes were these.

And FDR simply stated the grape seeds were the grapes of wrath variety.  And the Kansans all weeped at losing this wonderful and magnificent mighty oak tree of their wonderful country, forever.

The end.


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