Tuesday, July 6, 2010

KC Star live interview is going to be on July 13

The Kansas City Star called today and they want to have a forum on July 13 where their columnists ask both Scherer and Moore questions related to the 3rd Disrict Congressional race.

The Star is also going to conduct an interview of the GOP candidates.  From those interviews, the KC Star will decide whom their paper (owned by McClatchy Group  out of Sacramento, CA) will endorse in the 3rd District Congressional race.

Great.  I will be there.  I doubt Stephane will show up.  But she might.

Then, this Wednesday, I do a taped interview with the TV station in Lawrence, KS.  Maybe they might get to interview Stephene as well.  I hope so.

 If she appears at either of these events, then at least those attending will clearly understand why I am far more qualified to be the better candidate for your United States Congress.

Later, tdus

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