Thursday, July 15, 2010

Change in the TV Broadcast For Channel 6, Lawrence, Kansas

I recieved a call today from Ch. 6 in Lawrence.  Instead of broadcasting the video this TV station took, and Moore's wive originally refused to be taped, now the dynamics have changed.  It would appear Moore's wife has finally figured out maybe she should do some campaigning.  Because her cowardice and not talking to the media is costing her a lot of votes to me.

So, Ch. 6 advised me they were broadcasting both the piece on me, as well as Stephene finally figuring out maybe she should  some campaigning.  Really Steph? Did you think the voters were going to shout vote for Stephanie!  Why? Well she was married to a congressman.  Big deal.  I fail to see how this qualifies her to be much of anything except a registered nurse. 

So instead of the broadcast being on Wednesday, it will now be on Ch. 6 on Friday including video and our responses.  I am pretty certain my depth on issues will be apparent.  Meanwhile, Stephanie will have simple sound bites typical of a politican. 

"We must have lower taxes, great national security, mandated health insurance, better education, jobs for all, economic redistribution, and wewe must keep our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  So elect me, Stephanie, because I am a registered nurse married to a congressman.  So, surely that is what they American votes have told me they wanted since I filed in April, over two months ago. Like my husband, I have no vision or leadership skills.  But who cares?  I am Moore's wife and that should be good enough."

To which I ask, is that what you voters want.  More Rhetoric.  Or instead, do you want no more Moores, at all. 

I prefer No More Moores.  Period.  For good reason.  I am more qualified than Moore's wife will ever be.  I can beat Yoder in the general election.  Stephanie cannot. 

Later.  I will do my next essay tomorrow on why I am a leader and have to tell you voters what I have been doing for many, since 1994.  And I am continue to do what I can to make America a better place.

So help me God.


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