Friday, July 23, 2010

Yippee-The Moore Carnival is back at the Douglas County Fair; whereas the boring and depressing Moore circus will be on the Aug. 3rd democratic primary ballot

This is one of those rare events I always look forward to each year.  Both the  Moore Carnival and the Moore Circus are appearing in the 3rd District again this year.  Although I note that the Moore's Greater Shows Carnival is the preferred event appearing in Douglas County August 5. 

Whereas the Moore circus is apppearing in all three counties on Aug. 3 at your nearby voting booth.  This is because once again there is a big clown campaigning in the Democratic primary named Moore. However, the one appearing at the Douglas County Fair is a far better show.

See for the details. 

I intend to be at the Douglas County Fairgrounds, but on a different date missing the Moore carnival.  Probably on Sunday, August 1st.  I am still listening to all the voters and non-voters in all three counties.

I think I am the only candidate that realizes that there are three counties in the 3rd District, unlike most of these other clowns.  I intend to get the most votes in Douglas and Wyandotte county, just like I did in 2006. 

I do dislike having to miss the Moore Carnival this year, but I certainly will not miss the August 3rd primary when a couple of Moore clowns try to ruin the 3rd Congressional Democratic primary again this year. 

Both Moores are dancing their out-of-tune liberal progressive socialism and big brother attitude, following in a lockstep duet to the horrible noise coming from the Pelosi-Reid brand of horrendeous leadership. 

Same as the last ten years.  It is time for this Moore circus to get out of the 3rd district permanently by electing a better candidate for United States Congress. 

Try that Scherer dude.  What's his face.  Scherer is not clowning around this election cycle.

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