Sunday, August 1, 2010

KC Red Star finally admits it is far left politically and the Red Star likes to Censor comments

Finally, in Sunday's edition of the Kansas City (Red) Star, reader rep Derek Donovan admits that the Star is far left in its political coverage.  Gee, no duh!

Quoting Donovan, "I am often asked to name the most frequent concern I hear from readers and I usually reply . . . Critics of Congress and the President-Obama or Bush-think the (Red) Star doesn't hold their feet to the fire sufficiently".  Most of us fiscal conservatives have to finally agree with something written by the Red Star columnists.

Then, quoting Donovan, he continues to state: "Many say (and I agree) that there's an overall inbalance to the left in the variety of opinion pieces throughtout the paper."  

Really?  You think us fiscal conservatives have not noticed this extreme manipulation advocating the progressive social engineers agenda all these years making us resort to blog reporting to get the facts?  But wait, Derek is not done yet.  (Although he may be done come Monday for being so honest finally).

Derek then writes admitting that the Red Star engages in frequent censorship:  "In reaction, editors have recently decided to remove the ability to comment on certain stories all together."  So not only has Derek admitting to the (Red) Star's extreme left political bias, Donovan also admits the KC (Red) Star likes censorship contrary to their own editors.

Then above this article by these liberal far left newsprint, recommends voters reject Prop C in MO.  More liberal nonsense. MO voters should say yes on Prop C.  Fight for your right to the sovereignity of the state of MO, from infringement on your statehood by the federal government forcing everyone to get health insurance, or face a huge penalty.  MO voters, vote yes on Prop C.  Ignore what the KC Star editorial states.

Finally, to top off all this left of center writing by the Red Star, we have Steve Kraske's piece about how great Yoder is in his 12-year old son's mind; that his son runs around the house proclaiming he is a "Yoder voter"; while most of us here in Kansas in reality like the saying Yoder Odor or my favorite, Yodeling Yoder.  Because the fiscally conservatives, do not like the blowing in the wind attitude of Yoder Odor.

Something stinks when you have a candidate for US Congress, that has not invested one nickel in his own campaign.  If I were Yodor Odor, I would not invest my money in Kevin either.  We are pretty certain the odor is going to get more foul the closer we get to November.

Now that the Red Star admits to promoting a leftist agenda, if Steve Rose over at the JOCO Sun would make the same admission, then maybe, just maybe we might get a little more balance including some admissions about fiscally conservatives candidates like Mr. Scherer getting fair and balanced coverage.

That, and if we could only get some of the local TV and Radio Stations to make the same admission, we finally might start getting better politicans elected. Instead of how over the last 12 years, there is far too many liberal media outlets here in Kansas City, biasing the voters to support progressive socialist agenda.  To which most voters know and disapprove what is happening at the federal level; despite the local pro-socialist media here in Kansas City.

And all of us have to pay the price for this leftist, progressive socialist engineering done by the local media outlets.  And we seen how that has turned into one of the worst recessions are nation has ever faced since the Great Depression.

In conclusion, we agree with what the reader rep,  Derek Donovan has finally admitted.  The KC Red Star is far left of political center and engages in censoring comments, finally. 

And we prefer "Yoder Odor" to "Yoder voter".  By November, Yodeling Yoder might be in big trouble with the fiscally conservative voter base.  Especially if he has to and should be required to do by the voters,  run against Thomas E. Scherer, a true fiscal conservative.

Well, better go.  Time to start further developing campaign strategy for the general election.  I am pretty certain I have done enough to take the primary election away from no more Moores.  But, I will keep adding votes today, by going to the JOCO Fair event.  So, hopefully, you will agree that Mr. Scherer is the best and most experienced candidate there is.


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