Saturday, July 10, 2010

Per Steve Rose, Scherer is the underdog-Good

The recent Johnson County Sun dated July 7, Steve Rose without any basis in fact, merely states in his editorial, "Stephene Moore . . . is the obvious choice." Really Steve?  Thanks for making me the pitiful underdog. I will really appreciate the underdog vote.  

So on August 3rd, in the Democratic Primary for the 3rd District, it is Scherer vs. Moore. Which by analogy is like David vs. Goliath.  Most of us just knew David could not beat the gigantic Goliath. And  per Steve Rose (my nemesis) Stephanie is now suddenly the obvious Goliath. 

Can someone find me a few rocks?  One for Steve Rose and one for Goliath.  I got this wonderful tool called a slingshot.  And I am not afraid of Goliath, Steve Rose or Stephene. 

In the same issue, I see Larry Kurtz just reports the facts.  Now if we all could just vote that Larry Kurtz gets to to write the editorials for the Johnson County Sun, this newspaper would be a lot better off. 

Naturally, since Steve Rose stated Moore is the obvious choice,  and most of us that know Steve is usually wrong.  So maybe I should thank Steve Rose because everyone loves voting for the underdog-an underdog named Thomas E. Scherer. 

Further, way back in the same paper, Kurtz posts Stephene No more Moore's responses right by mine.  Now the funny thing about Stephanie's responses is that most of her responses are pretty good-- it almost sounds like Dennis Moore wrote those answers.

 I want to see Stephanie answer questions impromptu.  Can she stand the frying heat pan of political  spontaniety.  I doubt it.  Maybe we will find out on July 13 when the Kansas City Star interviews both of us in person. Provided Stephane actually shows up.  Which I doubt.  Has anyone ever seen her speaking in public?

Now most of us remember Stephene Hanson is Moore's 3rd wife.  Dennis was originally her divorce attorney and then, despite the Model Rules of Professional Conduct, Dennis married his 3rd wife, his client in 1990.  I do not remember the name of Dennis's other two wives.  I wonder why they did not run also.  That way, there could be moore 1, moore 2, moore 3 and no more moore, period. 

Naturally, the liberal Kansas City Star almosts always supports the democratic candidate.  Just like Steve Rose.  Now remember Rose when he filed for United States Congress for a whole nine days, tried to claim he was a "fiscal conservative" making almost everyone rofl. 

Here, Rose, a RINO, a bleeding heart democratic liberal, claimed to be a conservative.  Come on Steve.  No wonder you dropped out after nine whole days.

I guess Steve is a lot like a bottle of aging vinegar.  If you let him age in the wine cellar, he will still smell like vinegar.

 Anyway Steve, real soon, we will all be finding out on Aug. 3 how obvious Stephanie is.  And how wrong you are, once again.  August 3rd, it is hammer time. 


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