Thursday, July 8, 2010

Scherer vs. Moore: Compare and Contrast

Prior to yesterday's TV interview with Channel 6 out of Lawrence, I decided in getting prepared, that maybe it was time we all try to determine why Moore's wife, Stephene thinks she is qualified to be a United States Congressman more than Scherer is, by asking a few simple and basic questions.

Is Stephene a decorated, honorably discharged war veteran having served and defended our nation like Scherer and therefore understand what veterans need from their congressman?  NO.

Has Stephene ever worked for the federal government in civil service like Scherer has with both the Internal Revenue Service and the Environmental Protection Agency? NO.

Is Stephene a civil rights activist like Scherer?  NO

Has Stephene ever had any court cases state or federal like her husband and like Scherer? NO.

Does Stephene have an advanced college education (Master's Degree) or has she attended law school like Scherer?  NO.

Is Stephene Pro-Life like Scherer?  NO, Stephene likes abortions and is Pro-Choice.

Does Stephene support organized labor and unions like Scherer?  NO.

Has Stephene ever belonged to a union like Scherer?  NO

Does Stephene support upholding and enforcing our federal immigration laws?  NO, she likes amnesty.

Does Stephene believe earmarks are the "gateway to corruption" like Scherer?  NO.

Does Stephene have a plan to rebuild our national infrastructure like Scherer?  NO.

Does Stephene oppose mandated health insurance like Scherer?  NO, she supports Obama Care.

Does Stephene oppose progressive socialism like Scherer?  NO, she likes socialism including, economic redistribution of your money.

Does Stephene want to overhaul and simplify the federal tax code like Scherer?  NO.

Does Stephene want a smaller federal government like Scherer? NO

Does Stephene want our federal government to return to complying with the United States Constitution as written by our founding fathers like Scherer?  NO, Stephene likes progressive socialism.

Has Stephene ever campaigned in a federal or any election, ever?  NO.

Does Stephene have a broad range of work experiences across several industries like Scherer?  NO

Has Stephene participated as either a Kansas Young Democrat or Legislative intern like Scherer?  NO.

Is Scherer married to a congressman like Stephene?  NO

Can Stephene beat the GOP candidate in the general election in November like Scherer can?  NO.

In conclusion, is Stephene qualified to be your congressman merely because she is the 3rd wife of a United States Congressman?  NO, NO, NO,  NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. NO. NO. NO and NO.

That is a lot of NO's  Clearly, all of us should vote no also for Stephene.  Like NO MORE MOORE.

Does being the 3rd wife of a congressman sufficient qualification to somehow like a miracle, to elect Stephene to be your United States Congressman?  Heck NO.

 This lady has absolutely no qualifications or experience warranting your vote to be your next congressman.  Does Scherer have the qualifications?  Heck yes. 

Scherer understands what the voters deserve, expect and want from their next Congressman.  A congressman that listens and understands what a congressional representative is supposed to do.  Scherer is qualified to be your next congressman and can get enough votes to beat the GOP candidate.

Then, why would a rational person waste your vote on an unqualified person named Stephene that absolutely stands no chance of being elected your next congressman, whatsoever.

Your vote does count.  Why waste it on Stephene when Scherer has a good chance of beating the GOP candidate. 


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