Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tidbits for today from Scherer

There are several tidbits I just want to clump into one post.  So here we go.

Naturally, the Red Star states "Moore's wife is the obvious choice". Obvious choice for what reason?  Their absurd argument is since Moore's wife is a nurse, she is well positioned to solve the health care crisis in America.  Give me a break. 

Who wrote that article?  Dennis Moore, or a third grader.  The logic is lacking.  First of all, I worked in health care industry for seven years.  But the Red Star omits that fact.  Second, I guess since I worked both in health care and also for federal agencies, by their logic I should have filed for United States Senator instead of merely United States Congressman.

The Red Star is also making a big deal that I bought a condo in Florida.  For good reason.  A federal tax credit of $6,500 in a very nice condo only 3 miles from the ocean at a greatly reduced price.  I have to pay no real estate taxes on and the sales tax rate in Florida is 6%.  That's right.  6%.  As compared to Kansans now having to pay high real estate taxes on top of a sales tax rate around here of 8.75%, courtesy of the outgoing GOV, Mark Parkingson.  Thanks GOV.

 So yes, I own a home in three states, FL, KS and MO.  So technically, I became on December 15, 2009, at the age of 56, an official snowbird.  For good reason.  Florida taxes are lot cheaper than here in Kansas.

Plus, the Red Star omits the fact that I am on a special project helping immigrant farm workers being exploited by crop and orchard owners in Florida,  by delegation of the Flordia Governor and the Florida ADA coordinator.

 So by comparision, how is it that the Red Star finds Moore's wife is somehow more qualified than I am.  I do not buy their liberal socialist argument, nor should you the voters of the 3rd District.  I am more qualified than Moore's wife by a wide magnitude, regardless of the drivel put out by the liberal KC Red Star.   

Finally, I want to reflect an article that was written in the Red Star front page about the 8th renewal of unemployment benefits for 2.5 million Americans, that all the rest of us pay for.  Now unemployment benefits is an insurance program run by the several states.  So why on earth are the progressive socialists in the federal government extending to the states, another 33 billion by extending unemployment with our federal tax dollars?

Why now is no one screaming infringment in violation of the 10th Amend. to the United States Constitution.  Umemployment insurance is a function properly addressed at the state level-so why has Congress found it somehow to be a federal function having wasted 120 billion dollars paying for the eigth extension of giving our federal tax dollars to the various states unemployment funds.  That is our money.

This must be the promise of the Obama administration to do an economic redistribution taking your federal money and redistributing it because the Obama administration has failed to create or save 4 million jobs.  To the employed, you pay for unemployment insurance.  And that is what is.  Insurance.  So why is the federal government now funding a state unemployment insurance program?  Beats me.  This is not a function of the federal government to rescue states in the payments owned to those who are unemployed.  To me, this is a further infringement on the sovereignity of Kansas.

I recently read Neal's positional paper again.  In his white paper, he states that 60% of the population of the United States gets more back from the federal government than they pay.  Sixty percent. This is the rich and the poor.  

The other 40% are now what most of us call the Tea Party people.  Those people, that day in-day out go to work and earn a living.  Now I have empathy with those that cannot find jobs for certainly the economy is a big mess.

The cause of this big mess was in February 2009, instead of investing in our nation's infrastructure, which would have created jobs for Americans, Obama caved in to all the whiny governors of the several states and gave them a bunch of federal money reducing the amount of money going to the national infrastructure. 

The whiny governors were worried about the decline in real estate property values caused by the recession.  So, Obama gives all the states a bunch of money-a short term solution so the states did not have to cut back on state programs.  This was a huge blunder that is now bearing it's rotten fruit.  The federal goverment wasted two trillion dollars and now our federal deficit, federal budget and our national economy remains in a horrible position.  Obama's ideas and plans have clearly failed.  And most of his promises before the election, he has not kept.  Gee, what a surprise. 

Now on the postive side of the equation, Obama kept one of his promises-he promised there would be change-changing your money to someone else's pocket.  Just as he hoped would happen since he has to be called a progressive socialist.   

So, we have a federal government that is nothing more than a huge progressive federal government doing this massive economic redistribution plan to taking your money and giving it to people that are unemployed.  The total extension to date after eight consecutive extensions totals 120 billion dollars of your money. 

Finally, our entire domestic national economy is only 14.6 trillion, along with a federal deficit of 13 trillion), coupled with an equally horrible federal fiscal  budget of 3.7 trillion equals no jobs for the unemployed (9.5% of the working population).  Which means in a few months, there will be a need for another extension because the federal government has failed to create or save any jobs. 

And we have to deal with this Obama nightmare administration another two and one half years?  Can we afford two and half more years of economic redistribution, with a huge federal government not creating any jobs or stimulating the economy successfully?  Are we in trouble?  You betcha.

So, with the congressional primary now down to 13 days, there is a solution to this scheme called economic redistribution plan by a zany Obama administration.  The solution is vote and throw out some of these yahoos, including their leaders that are intent on turning America into some kind of huge socialist progressive movement.  So we can get to the solution-forcing Obama in his last two years to a status of lame duck.  That is the solution.  I only wish today was November. 

Soon enough.  And finally, Scherer is part of that solution.  Scherer does not buy into this "economic redistribution" theory or into "trickle-down voodoo economics".  We need to hit middle ground, reduce our federal deficit and debt and come back from Fantasy Island and return our federal government to complying with the United States Constitution.  Our founding fathers would never have interferred in a state's unemployment insurance program--much less funded it with federal tax dollars. 

Most of us true Americans love our nation.  But boy, do we have one messed up federal government wasting trillions of dollars that will take a real long time for us to recover from.  We better get some creative, innovative and original leaders to take charge of the federal government that listens to the American public.  And I do not think a nurse is a qualified candidate that  will be able to put enough bandages on our national economy.  Once again, we are in charge of the federal government.   And we need to fix it.  Soon.

 And get ready for the next stage of the Obama nightmare next week-renewed focus on the failed idea called "cap and trade."  What Obama has now established is give a little, and then tax a lot more. The stage is set.  Load the stuff into the fan.  Brew some more tea for the tea party patriots as they become unglued shortly thereafter. 


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