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Fiscal Conservatism is very relative-Moran vs. that Todd dude

Fiscal  Conservatism is a relative thing.  Everyone this election cyle is claiming they represent fiscal conservatism.  Which is ludicrous for those yahoo politicans that have spent our federal tax dollars on all kinds of ridiculus projects such as bailing out banks, auto industry, the home mortage companies like Sallie Mae and Freddie Mac (GSE's), insurance companies like AIG, and every state government in America that the federal government states are "too big to fail". 

Most of these yahoo politicans that helped cause this huge economic recession, during their re-election campaign claim suddenly, they alone are fiscally conservative this election cycle.  However, this claim  by these same yahoo politicans only happens during their campaign rhetoric, but  once again after being elected forget they promised to be a  fiscal conservative.  To those voters, do not be fooled by some of these campaign ads, or their silly web sites that are so vague, a third grader could have done a better job.

For example, I claim to be a fiscal conservative just like Brownback, Moran and that Todd dude.  To me, fiscal conservatism is running for United States Congress without bugging people for a campaign contributions.  I would rather run on zero dollars than have to pander and promise to return favors after the election like Yoder is doing with all these special interest groups and lobbyists. Yoder has let money corrupt dollars him and has campgain-quid pro quo-this vote for that contribution. 

Yoder is part of the scheme most Americans detest.  Yoder is just like the rest of the corrupt special interest politicians having sold their soul based on bribes, err I mean contributions before the election.  Clearly, most can see no special interests are lobbyists have not bought Scherer with their corruption.  Scherer refuses to ask for or take corruption dollars from special interests, unlike Yoder.

Further, Yoder must be claiming to be a fiscal  conservative so much, he is borrowing other people's children and pets.  That is not being a fiscal conservative-that is using children and other people's dog in a cheap political trick in a phoney way, all merely  to achieve some kind of fantasy ad all based on one's own selfish pursuits.  Stated another way, Yoder is one cheap person.  Being cheap is not fiscal conservatism.

Now let us look at Jerry Moran vs. that Todd dude's race for United States Senate.  Both are claiming to be fiscal conservatives.  Despite the fact both of these two were United States Congressman causing one of the worst recessions, if not a depression since the Great Depression.  So these two despite the lack of fact, both are now suddenly claiming they are more fiscally conservative than each other.  Give me a break.   

Now I ran a series called Porkball on earmarks last year.  Todd clearly gave away more of your tax dollars to private corporations in pure pork.  While Jerry's earmarks  were at least a lot cleaner having a federal nexus to the operation of the federal government. 

So, based on the ability to give away your tax dollars to private corporations having no federal nexus like Todd did, I have to suggest voters pick Jerry Moran as the lesser of two evils.  While realizing neither has done that great a job in the past with your tax dollars.

I support or endorse Moran over that Todd dude for United States Senator. I also like the fact Lynn Jenkins kept her promises to make at least most of her earmarks being tied to some part of the federal government operation.  So, I suggest Lynn Jenkins deserves to be re-elected for another term.

Jerry Moran as compared to this Todd dude is relatively closer to looking like he is being a fiscal conservative.  But, neither of these two can understand what fiscal conservatism really is like, as  Scherer can.  Scherer knows about poverty.  Scherer has lived in poverty throughout his youth; as well as part of the time as an adult.

Scherer knows what it is like to be poor.  Having been poor, I found as long as I had the right attitude about it, being poor does not impact one's personal happiness.  Now being poor and having no hope however, if a horrible situation.  I understand that also.

Scherer has noticed how during this recession, many of us were required us had to be both be humble and have some humility. And maybe had to depend on, and ask for help of some generous and kind friends. Or even better, some of those friends of yours helped some of the poor without them even asking.

Take the situation in Haiti for example.  Many Americans donated money to help the people of Haiti.  Just like many helped the people of Katrina when the federal government would not.  As a nation, in times of need, Amerians love and freely give that love to many during their time of need.  A good word for helping others is called being magnanimous.  Or stated simplier, being a generous and helping human being.

Now  Mr. Scherer is both humble and has humility.  When I was poor both as a youth, I learned the generosity of people whom came out of no where to help our family.  Personally, I have been poor some of the time as an adult also.  I did not have to ask for help.

Others offered help when I was too humble to ask for it.  When others helped me,  I was very humble; while being both extremely grateful for their generous offers of help.  Many gave freely to both our family, and again to me when I needed some help

Hence, not being a silver-spooned politican probably explains why I am a very compassionate and giving person helping as many as I can do, simply because I am a human being having been helped by others, when I needed a helping hand.  So in turn, by helping others now. I am just giving back to others to repay those that helped me along this journey we call life.

When I am elected to Congress this year hopefully, I assure you I am going to be listening to people that are poor and doing whatever it is I can to help them.  One of the biggest promises I am going to try to do as your congressman is get jobs as much as possible.  Especially in the east end of WYCO. 

However, I am not going to grant any earmark requests to state, county or local governments.  I am merely going to convince private corporations why WYCO is a great place to establish labor-intensive industries.  Especially those related to developing, designing and building the high speed bullet trains system all over America.

The eastern portion WYCO needs some congressional assistance in having a big employer and better schools.  And I will be focusing a lot of my time and attention  in helping the people of WYCO become the next JOCO.  By doing so, our entire metropolitan region will be more prosperous. When in comes to fisal conservatism, the people of WYCO appreciate a little bit of help.  And I intend to ensure that help happens.  Jobs, better schools and a more realistic method of assessing real estate taxes fairly for WYCO residents.

The next essay I think I will write is why I deserve to be a congressman based on what I have done in the past.  Based on past history, one can predict what one will do going forward by repetition.

 I am reallly a rather humble person and do not like having to say why I have become a crusader and fighter for many people.  I guess it is time to set aside being humble and inform the voters of this district what I have done for so many, that is merely indicative of what I will do relatively (as compared to these other yahoos) as your next best congressman. 

There will no bragging or bravado.  I merely want to explain factually, to as many people as possible, some of the things I have been doing since 1994 all across America campaigning as a disability and civil rights activist on issues that did or should have made our nation a little better or more civil nation..



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