Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Seventh Fable-The Horrors of Progressive Socialism

Once upon a time,a very long, long time ago, there was a wonderful country called naturally, Kansas.

Now Kansas was a country of a whole bunch of farmers divided into several states. Now these farmers did not like how they were governed by the tryrant king, King Sam Brokeback. So, these farmers gathered together to oppose the tyranny of the king.

The farmers sent a bunch of their wisest leaders to a secret meeting.  At that meeting, the farmers decided they needed to unite and form a new type of government. And wisely, after a lot of argumentation and careful deliberation, they chose a representative form of government called a republic. Naturally, this did not make the tyrant king happy. 

Now these farmers put their lives at risk in defying the tyrant king, King Brokeback.  These farmers wanted a form of governance that focused on the liberties and rights of the individualas being fundamental and the most critical part to the formation of this new Kansas republic. 

So despite the king, the farmers defeated any troops the king sent from far away.  Now since the individual was the most important consideration, the farmers gave the citizens of this new nation lots of rights, privlidges and personal liberty. 

These farmers of Kansas wanted a very small federal government and only do small things.  So, the farmers enumerated the small things they expected this federal republic to do, in explicit detail.

States in this country of Kansas had to decide whether they wanted to join this new nation called a republic. So each state voted to join this new form of governace.  Most did.  So they united themselves by agreeing to have both a republican form of government while still maintaining the state governments that were used to having.

Soon, the horrible tyrant king Brokeback gave up and sent no more troops.  And for many generations, this plan of a republic worked.  Then, one day, there was a horrible economic disaster.  The people all wanted the head guy to do something about bank failures, bankruptcies, no jobs, declining property values, and lots of poverty. 

So, the people became more reliant on this republican form of governance.   Now their leader called this movement to help everyone in each state of this country progressive socialism. 

For decades, the people were pretty happy because the progressive socialists running the republic kept giving the people of Kansas whatever they wanted.

First, it was retirement security. Then, there were jobs a plenty.  Then, it was health care, free for all.  Pretty soon, the republic was giving all the citizens everything they asked for.  For a while. And after several decades, the government was basically in charge of everything.

Once everyone because dependent on this republican form of government, they started losing their individual rights and liberties.  And after several decades of progressive socialism, the republic ordered martial law over the entire country of Kansas.  Troops were sent to every corner of this nation. 

The Republic then told the people they must do what the progressive socialists stated, or they would be arrested and/or shot. 

So the people cowered in fear of this huge central government.  Some were more fortunate and able to move to another country.  But for the most part, now that the central government had grown to gigantic size because the people kept asking for things all the time. And even worse, after a while no one worked. Because the progressive socialists would give them what they needed.  Soon after no one would work at all, so the republic had to fix things.

So, by putting martial law into effect, the republic forced people to work, whether they wanted to, or not.  The people cried out, "this is slavery!" To which the republic merely stated: "shut up, get back to work or die." 

The government is for the government.  And all you individuals must do what is necessary to keep the government in control!

And all the people wondered, "how did this happen?"

 And almost  no one remembered how they had lost their individual freedom and liberties. However, there were still a few wise people left.  They stated it was the day "we all agreed and demanded progressive socialism."  Only the wise remembered that progressive socialism ultimately leds to a slavery.

Most did not remember how this happened.   However, they all remembered that they were indentured slaves of the republic. Those who remembered, wistfully longed for a return to better days long ago, where the individual was the most important part of the country of Kansas. 

Almost universally, the people of  Kansas regretted the fact no one stood up decades ago and stated to the republican government, "we do not want you to take care of us, the individuals.  You work for us."

To which the leaders of this Republic merely laughed at such a ridiculus and outdated idea like that.  And the leaders merely stated again, "Shut up and get back to work slave. Remember our new national slogan":

Government is for the government, whether you like it or not."

The horrible end to what happened to the country of Kansas-the horrors of progressive socialism. Followed shortly afterwards by the next state--martial law. And naturally after some still resisted, all where forced into labor camps and there was no escaping the slavery imposed to keep the government working.

And only a few were able to leave forseeing what was happening. And they were fortunate to leave this country of Kansas before it was too late.

Speaking of late, later.


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