Sunday, July 11, 2010

Globalization, Outsourcing and Unlawful Immigration Equals 9.5% Unemployment

Wonder why the national unemployment rate is at 9.5%? 

Merely consider the globalization of jobs, called outsourcing coupled with unlawful immigration and then we can all understand why the national unemployment rate is 9.5%.  And why many Americans are having such a hard time finding suitable employment.  That is the problem. 

In America, our domestic corporations are outsourcing many of their operations to foreign countries like India, Mexico, Canada, China and the Phillipines.  Why?  Because the wages paid is less than the domestic labor rate.  So, all these jobs that were once in America, are now going to the cheapest labor  source anywhere in the world.  So, what is the solution.

In the July 7 article in the Johnson County Sun, I suggested a way to stop the outsourcing of jobs all over the planet earth, that I would introduce legislation to equalize and slow down the outsourcing of jobs by domestic corporations.  Globalization may mean a total lower cost for widgets.  But one of the negative effects, is a high domestic unemployment rate. 

So many Americans are competing for fewer and fewer jobs for Americans.  Sure, you can get cheaper prices, but at a very high cost of a large unemployment rate.  Now over time, this has a negative impact domestically on wages.  As fewer and fewer jobs are, the lower the wage rate pressure will be domestically.  So, what is the solution to job losses attributed to globalization of labor and the outsourcing of jobs by domestic corporations?

A job outsourcing equalization  bill to those corporations that want to go to the lowest source of labor anywhere in the world, would tend to lead domestic corporations to stop outsourcing of jobs to foreign labor and return those jobs back to Americans. 

Most of us are tired of having to deal with a call center in one of these foreign countries.  A good example is credit card operations and technical support jobs.  When you call one of these call centers, usually that call is routed to "Bob" Shamir in India.  Now I do not know what you do when this happens, but I tell "Bob" to transfer me back to America because I do not want to discuss my personal information with a person in India, the Phillipines, Mexico or Canada.  For good reason. 

I want to do my business transactions with an American just like me.  So, I kindly suggest all of us do the same thing.  Demand an American when you are taking care of your personal business. Because if this outsourcing of jobs is really causing a huge domestic problem.  Unemployment in America. 

So, together, we the people must all must fight globalization and outsourcing of jobs internationally to demand domestic corporations return jobs that have been globalized back to Americans. 

Restated, as clearly as I can, it is in our national interest that we return jobs outsourced by domestic corporations back to America.  I am sure this is plain and clear that we, the people have to demand jobs not be outsourced to foreign nations.  If domestic corporations refuse, then we have no other choice than to boycott those corporations.  This is very important to our national interest and equally as important, by we the people demanding so, we can ensure there will be good jobs for good Americans that are willing to work for a honest and fair wage.



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