Friday, July 16, 2010

The moore Stephane talks, the moore votes Scherer gets

I remember when Moore announced his retirement from Congress November 23, 2009.  Dennis Moore stated "[it is a] time for a new generation of leadership."  So rhetorically, does that new generation of leadership mean his wife?  Is she a different generation? 

We think Stephene is not part of any "new generation of leaders" Moore insisted this was needed.   Scherer is exactly that new generation of leader Moore was referring to.

Furthermore, there are many wedge issues dividing Scherer from No more Moore's wife.  For example:

Will Stephene support the Pelosi-Reid as her leader?  Yes, she will, but Scherer will not.

Will Stephene support amnesty for illegal aliens?  Yes, but Scherer will not.

Will Stephene support Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State  United Nations treaties that Obama is behind to take away your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms?  Yes, she hates the NRA and guns, while Scherer will not.

Will Stephene be like her husband and be in favor of abortions?  Yes, she is pro-abortion.   Scherer will not.

Will Stephene support crap and trap (cap and trade, a huge tax increase on all Americans utility bills) being introduced by the Dem majority around July 28, which is a gigantic tax increase not only on all Americans, but America's businesses in the middle of huge recession?  Yes, she will. Scherer will not.

Will Stephene support the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq?  Yes, she will continue to talk about this illusion related to terrorism to keep our troops in both countries dying for fabricated reasons.   Scherer will not.

Will Stephene agree to a forum with the KC Star prior to the primary election?  No, but Scherer will.

Has Stephene published her congressional plan of what she will do after the election?  Why?  No one really believes she can get more votes thn either Scherer or Yoder.  However, Scherer has published his five-year plan on this very blog that will lead America back to jobs domestically leading to an economic recovery.

Has Stephene published a list of her core values used in making decisions and being a leader? No, but Scherer has.  See

Has Stephene stated what kind of analytical framework she will use when voting? NO, but Scherer has stated he will apply Judeo-Christian framework.

Has Stephene ever been a United States veteran or ever worked for the United States Civil Service? NO, but Scherer has.

Does Stephene have an advanced educational background including some law school training?  No, but Scherer has.

Has Stephene published a list of her core values that will guide her in voting?  Scherer has.  See

Does Stephene have a visionary plan to implement after the election that will help our economy and create jobs for Americans?  No, Stephene has no vision what to do after the election, because she is a lemming and a proxy for her husband Dennis; while Scherer is a visionary leader that has  suggested private industry design, develop and build high speed rail systems to take our nation out of this economic recession and lead us to being a better nation.  (Bullet trains).

If you vote for Stephene, is that really a proxy  vote for Dennis Moore?  You betcha. 

Has Stephene ever belonged to a union, gone on strike or walked the picket line?  No, but Scherer has.

Will Stephene support union brothers and sisters, or instead will she will just stab them in the back like her  husband did with his votes for both NAFTA and CAFTA?  She will stab the unions in the back, just like her husband.  Scherer however is Pro-Labor. 

Did Client Stephene marry her divorce attorney, Dennis Moore; despite the Model Rules of Professional Conduct for attorney conduct stating to not date or marry your clients?  You betcha

Can Stephene beat Yoder in the general election?  NO. But  Scherer can.

When did Stephene decide to run for Congress? April, 2010 after Larry Gates could not find any other Democrat stupid enough to run.

Was Stephene acting impulsively when she decided she ought to run for United States Congress, despite having very little to gain voter support, other than her husband's name?  Yes, she acted impulsively, without a plan.  Which is probably what she would do if elected to United States Congress.

Does Stephene by being quoted in the media help Scherer get more votes?  Yes.  Yes. Yes. Yes, Oh heck Yes.  Keep being quoted Stephene so all the voters will know that Scherer is way more qualified to be the next better Congressman.

Has Stephene been actively campaigning for a long time; or instead, is she a rookie congressional candidate that has done very little to earn your vote?  She is a rookie politican and has done nothing to earn your vote.  Scherer on the other hand is fighting for Kansans and all Americans in two major tax cases, concurrently while running for Congress.

Final question:  Should anyone vote for Stephene for United States Congress?

HECK NO.  Scherer is the most qualified candidate with a five-year plan having earned your vote. 

Stephene merely married a congressman and has not earned any of your support.

This August, vote for Scherer. 

Scherer is more qualified, has earned your vote, and will make America a better nation.

Signed this the 17th day of July by a unanimous, clear, and certain vote.

Scherer for Congress Committee members. 

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