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Update on the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals case impacting Kansas homeowers

July 30 is the last day before the  Kansas Court of Tax Appeals has to issue the order where I am challenging the tax appeal process trying my best to return to all Kansas homeowers, their constitutional right to challenge real estate tax assessments in their own county courts before their county judges in a trial de novo.

This is an important tax case for all Kansans. Scherer is trying to have the Substitute for  HB 2018 that created this court under the executive branch (Governor of Kansas) declared unconstitutional. In Kansas, some school districts should not be more equal than other school districts based on the local option budget. 

What other congressional candidate can state they have done more for the people of Kansas than Scherer has?

Now compare these other candidates for United States Congress. What are they doing right now for you to warrant your vote necessary for them to get  elected to be your representative? 

What are they doing prior to, and during the primary election to earn your vote?  Most of the current batch of congressional candidates have not stated much of what they are doing to earn your vote. 

And why the Kansas City Star and Johnson County Sun only focus on how much corruption and bribes in their campaign, mystifies me as to why the candidate with the most funds, should be the person elected. A position I reject.  The candidate with the most funds is the most corrupt candidate 

This congressional race is not a popularity contest.  This is who is the most qualified person to represent you in your affairs related to the federal government based on their past experiences,  their vision and consensus of what you want done, related to the operation of the federal government.  And merely remember, you are the employer-the congressman is merely your employee and humble public servant.

Most of these rookie candidates are merely giving vague and ambiguous statements related to how things will somehow be better, only if you only elect them--the typical political rhetoric.

 "Vote for me" they all claim. "I [yahoo politican] will magically create jobs, reform the tax code, ensure quality education and ensure our nation is safe and secure", they all state; although they do not have any plans to implement on how they magically will do all these things after being elected.  To which I ask rhetorically, why are they not doing those things before the primary election like Scherer is?

Take both Stephene and Kevin Yoder.  Have they really earned your vote?  Have they offered solutions and a congressional plan that includes core values like Scherer has.  Or instead, do they give rhetoric about federal problems, yet no solutions are offered. 

Scherer is an experienced congressional candidate.  Maybe Scherer is unique in his strategy of doing stuff during the primary election concurrently.  As well in the past.  What one does in the past tends to indicate future action.  So clearly if Scherer is doing things now and in the  past, why would that change after being elected?

Clearly, Scherer is the only candidate that has done things for many, concurrently with continuing to campaign throughout the election.  This is called multi-tasking.  Doesn't Scherer's past and current efforts deserve some consideration when it comes to vote?

We believe it does.  So, before casting that vote on  Tuesday, merely ask what kind of person do you want for your next congressman.  Do you want someone that communicates or someone that gives a bunch of political rhetoric?  Do you want someone merely because they have been corrupted by special interests like Stephane and Yoder and their qualifications appear to be their campaign war chest?  Or do you prefer someone that has no connections to any particular special interest group or individual?

Scherer has no ties to any special interest groups.  Yet, there are certain individuals that should favor Scherer based on his past and current work efforts.

A brief summary of those individuals include:

Senior citizens that are concerned about real estate taxes-Scherer is addressing that issue now-not after the election.

Homeowners that want the right to challenge their real estate tax assessments and ensure across the state of Kansas, there is equal treatment related to tax assessments ask promised by both the United States and Kansas Constitutions?

Individual veterans should support, prefer and vote for Scherer over all the other leading candidates because they are not United States veterans.  With the exception of Dan Gilyeat.  Both Scherer and Gilyeat are United States veterans.  Later this year, Scherer has a case docketed with the Board of Veterans Appeals in Washington arguing why based on the United States Supreme Court, veterans are entitled to a cost recovery upon a successful remand.  Now, how can either non-vets like Yoder or Moore understand what veterans have endured?

Those that oppose infringement on other nation's sovereignity like Scherer has done for years, would choose Scherer over these other candidates.  Scherer has openly opposed both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Unlike Yoder and Moore.

Maybe it is those parents with children, whom want a better public education for their children;  instead of a 50% drop-out rate nationwide.  Maybe it is those parents who have asked Scherer for help related to the state taking away their children. So parents should understand Scherer understands their situation and has actively advocated for the right of parents over both the state and federal government. 

Children are the responsibility of the parents--not the federal or state government.  Our children are not something that is to be used like a cog for the economic engine of the nation as best serves the purposes of a big federal or state government.

Both parents and our children deserve the freedom of choice when it comes to their children's education.  Without choice, there is no freedom in public education.  To have freedom, one must have choices.

There are those that should support a candidate like Scherer whom believe having a broad-based education and extensive work history should favor Scherer for a couple of reasons-depth and scope that combines together to give Scherer practical and proven experiences in dealing with real problems requiring innovative and creative solutions.

What other candidate is and has been actively listening and obtaining the consensus of voters to be a true representative of the people of both Kansas and the 3rd District, not for months, but years? What other candidate understands poverty and overcoming barriers and obstacles tenaciously like Scherer has? 

What candidate on one hand has published extensively both a congressional web site and a blog like Scherer?   As compared to the static and boring rhetoric of the other leading candidates? 

Does the web site of the other candidates state anything; or proffer vision and solutions? Or instead, are they merely focused on stating what the problems are, applying lots of ambiguity and political rheotic only in a thinly veiled web site merely asking you to give them money for their campaign?

What candidate favors a smaller federal government, that is less intrusive on the inherent liberties and rights of individuals, than Scherer is?

Most of you probably have additional reasons for why you support and will vote for Scherer.  Maybe it will be those that understand what Scherer has been doing as a disability and civil rights activist since 1994.  So basically, all individuals that love our country, but are not real happy with the federal government as it stands today, would favor Scherer.

The only people that should favor Yoder are those who have invested heavily to his war chest.  Corporations and their attorneys.

 In regard to Stephane, we cannot think of hardly anyone that would vote for someone whose congressional committee is called "Friends of Stephene Moore".  Unless of course she really is your friend for some unknown reason.

She clearly states she intends to continue the work of her husband-the work that has brought about the worst recession our nation has ever faced, since the Great Depression.  So, by logical extension, she is promising to not improve our federal government, but merely to continue to vote like her husband did.  The same husband that claims "it is time for a new generation of leadership."  And I would assume she would do as she states.  More progressive socialism redistributing more of your limited income.

Finally, it would appear and seem to be obvious to most, that Scherer is the logical choice at this late stage of the game.  Scherer is doing stuff for you now before the election and he will continue stuff for many after the election.  The choice is simple and obvious.  So wake up 3rd Congressional district voters and non-voters.  Do you want moore of the same?  We do not. 

Scherer has earned your vote, quite unlike these other yahoos. Scherer is true fiscal conservative that wants a smaller and less intrusive federal government, that respects and understands the wisdom of of our founding fathers in what they wrote in the United States Constitution.  Scherer clearly wants us to return to the vision and wisdom of our founding fathers.  If elected to United States Congress, Scherer will keep his promise to do so.

So help me God.


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