Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Victory or alternatively, a congratulatory speech

One of my advisors, both personal and related to my congressional campaign, say . . . named Sharon highly suggest I prepare ahead of time a victory or congratulatory speech. I use the name Sharon because that is her real name. 

Regardless,to follow next, are two posts covering whatever the electors choose come this  primary election results this Tuesday.  So apply whichever speech is the most relevant and at the most appropriate time. So hats off to the person that gets the most votes and becames the general election candidate. 

Before I post both of those statements, first I want to state that anyone that has the courage to run as a candidate for United States Congress belongs to a very special and select club.  For those that do run suddenly have to develop a plan for what they  will do if they actually win the congressional seat.  Having campaigned since October of 2004 as a candidate, I came to the realization that running as a congressional candidate has taught me many things.

First, it has taught me that if elected as a congressman, it would be a very difficult and arduous task to take care of those within your congressional district.

 For example, in the 3rd District Congressman is responsible for roughly 700,000 people.  Some of whom are registered to vote, do vote and are called the electors.  And then, there are those that do not vote, but regardless may need and have to depend on legislation you would vote upon as a congressman.

Second, the very idea of having to be the interface for 700,000 people is a daunting one.  So sometimes as posted on that video U-tube, you wonder about what made anyone want to take on the responsibilty of being the interface go-between for roughly 700,000 people.  ,

Third, what a person chooses and does as a United States Congressman may and will have impact on the residents of the entire state of Kansas.  As well as some of the time, a vote in Congress could affect every person residing in the United States.  Not to mention what the United States Congress members do or omit, may have tremendous impact on the entire population of the world.  So this is no easy job.

 It is not easy being a congressional candidate. And most certainly, being a congressman is far harder.  As a candidate, you have to  somehow convey your understanding of what the consensus of the voters and non-voters want and expect to be done to make their lives better somehow. And on top of that, raise funds and get ready to tell the electors why they should choose y9uw]

This running as a candidate is a very heavy burden.  Those whom do choose to run for United States Congress, whether that be merely to help others (noble), or run for one's narcissistic ego, or finally be a sponsored special interest candidate (for some special interest), certainly has a tremendous burden on their shoulders merely as a candidate. 

So in conclusion, to those that did run this election cycle, however brief, have learned some of these things just like I have.  This is not an easy job folks.  There are those that will oppose every idea you put forth, regardless of whether the idea is a solid or bad one. First, people ignore you.  Then, they insult you.  Then, they heap ridiculus words upon on you.  Finally, they vote and elect you. 

Then, there are those that are cynical and apathetic and do not trust politicians and do not vote at all.  Then finally, there are the children and others that do not even get to pick their congressional candidate. 

So at this juncture, after campaigning for six years,  I have grown to admire those whom have the courage to at least be confident in themselves, that they might get the opportunity to be a United States Congressman.   So if you did file with introspection, if you are like me, often wonder what the heck was I thinking?  I can barely keep my own affairs managable.  How on earth would I be able to adequately and completely represent what the consensus of the voters wanted?  None of us congressional candidates will accomplish everything we want to do for the American public.  We merely can do our best as human beings.  We are not special.  We really are just like you.  We have our good and bad days. Sometimes, we have a good idea or two related to making something in this country better.

And to me, merely having the opportunity and the ambition to make your lives better somehow as a United States Representative, would certainly be a priviledge--to be a public servant for many.  Therefore, regardless of the election outcome, I am addicted to helping as many individuals as I can.  And to do this noble effort, does not mean ihave to win any election, much less, a hotly contested congressioinal race.  Finally, since my goal is to help make America, and this world,  a better place, my logic was quite simple-that I Thomas E. Scherer could do in faster by being your United States Congressman. I would merely be in a position where I could help many, quicker. 

But I have no regrets one way or the other.  I have done and given my very best thoughts, some of it innovative on my perceptions of what is possible. Regardless, I do not have to be a congressman to continue my real purpose in making America a better place somehow.  I can continue to do that, without a title of United States Congressman.  And so with a mindset like that, I cannot lose any election.  If I do not get enough votes, then that is all the election means.  It does not mean I suddenly stop doing what I can as an advocate. 

That is my promise.  I will do whatever I can, regardless of title, to make this nation and our joint home, this planet called Earth a better place for as long as I can.

So help me God.

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