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Scherer's Five Year Congressional Plan

Recently, a fellow blogger wrote how he was wishing candidates for United States Congress gave a strategy map or plan for what they would do, if elected.  I agree. 

Hence, here is my five-year plan that I would implement upon being elected to United States Congress.  This plan will be updated and revised as time passes.  This is necessary beccause there always has been and there always will be unforseen circumstances causing problems that demand congressional attention.  For example, Katrina or the BP Oil Disaster.  These require emergency plans to be implemented requiring a lot of congressional agency oversight.

After the election, the first and most important part of being a congressman is getting your constitutent staff hired and in place and ready to go.  So there is hiring of staff.  Further, there is assignment to various committees and subcommittees. 

Now a freshman  congressman usually is not assigned to important committees initially.  However, due to my experience and work history, there are naturally preferred committee assignments that I would excel at.  Generally, those that make use of my heavy technology background.  Now committee assignments are assigned to each new congressman by party leaders.   So, as a freshman congressman, I may not have much say over which committee assignments I will be given.

Further, there are some universal themes that would occur as long as I am a congressman.  For example, I consider earmarks to be a gateway to corruption.  For the most part, congressman dole out your tax dollars in the form of earmarks based on submitted requests.  But since I find earmarks objectionable unless there is a clear federal nexus, earmarks, if any, will be minimal.  For an explanation of why this will be my position on earmarks, merely refer to some of my prior essays related to how much I detest the practice of doling out your federal tax dollars for many entities that are clearly lacking a federal nexus.

The first year of being elected, I intend to keep very focused on returning jobs back to America. Jobs and getting the economy rolling is currently the No. 1 consensus issue in America right now.

In addition, during the first year in office, I want to introduce legislation requiring those running for United States President must produce authenticated and certified birth certificates to clearly and convincingly guarantee we, the people, that these Presidential candidates meet all the required Constitutional requirements to be running for President of the United States.

I mean take President Obama.  Why did he refuse and fight so hard to not have to produce a certified and authenticated birth certificate?  I saw what he did produce proclaining to having being born in Honolulu.  And I am a trained document examiner.  His birth certificate was not certified or authenticated. Further, it did have an embossed seal to boot.

So I am not certain President Obama met all the requirements required by the United States Constitution to be the President of the United States.  I am certain if he really was born in Honolulu, he will or should be required to produce this document for all of us before the 2012 Presidential elections.  What he is afraid of?  What is he hiding?

Further, the first year will require doing a lot of reversal of things like mandated health insurance.  This is not a constitutional function bestowed on the federal government.  Our health insurance is the right of the individual-not the right of the federal government to mandate it or else we the citizens suffer the consequences.

We are in charge of the federal government.  The federal government does not tell us, we the people what to do.  We tell the federal government what is their function.  Sometimes, those in Washington forget we are in charge.

Now take this penalty thing is you do not buy into this scheme to take over health care by the Obama administration. The penalty on those whom refuse to get health insurance is nothing more than extortion by the federal government from the executive branch of the federal government. The huge central and out of control executive branch simply wants all of us to join in  their economic redistribution plan most of us Americans call socialism. And in turn, the federal government would be in charge of, and in control 1/6th of our gross domestic product-the health care business. 

Our founding fathers favored and wanted a small limited federal government.  They did not want a huge central government in charge of most industries including health insurance.  That is what socialists want.  Too many yahoo politicans forgot about that United States Constitution thing.  And maybe all should be forced to read the Federalist Papers.

A huge central government doing an economic redistribution scheme was the not the vision of our founding fathers.  Our founding fathers repeatedly believed the individual was the most important part of the United States. While concurrently realizing state governments were also important to the well- being of our nation  So, that will take about a year to get rid of that horrible Obamacare crapola as he will go into lame duck status his final two years in office. 

By then, I should be in my second year.  As stated, a good project for the second year will be twofold.  Focus on economic prosperity while concurrently reducing this horrible federal deficit.  Now being only 1 of 435 congressman, there is only so much I can do.

The second year in office.  I will keep a narrow focus on the 2nd year on ensuring our nation continues to enjoy economic revitalization and prosperty by developing, designing, building and maintaining this high speed bullet train system all across America.  Naturally, this will not be funded by using federal tax dollars. 

Instead, this will be built using private corporate money by gentling persuading major railroad industry to rebuild their rail lines for high speed rail.  By maintaining a narrow and targeted focus, there is better probability of success.  That sucess in turn will lead to an era of economic prosperity and unite our nation in rebuilding our domestic infrastructure for the 21st Century

The first decade of the 21st century has been wasted by both the Bush and Obama adminstration excessive deficit spending programs.  This has to be addressed.  And the consensus of the voters want our federal government to regain control and excercise fiscal restraint and resonsiblity.

We as a nation have to regain control over the federal budget and deficit.   We do want to waste the next decade.  So, we must have a vision of where we want to be related to rebuinlding our national infrastructure by staying focused federally on our domestic agenda.  While concurrently cutting way back on what our nation is doing on the international agenda.

Merely remember, I am a leader-not a follower or some loyalst party lemming.  I have to inspire the voters just like Eisenhowser, JFK and Ronald Reagan did.  I have to realize there is no box and there are no limits on what America can be or do in the 21st Century.  I just have to convince the rest of you we can realize once again, a major period of economic prosperity. 

The heck with the "all is doom" crowd-the eternal pessimists, the apathetic and cynical.  We have to remain a nation of people that remain both united, inspired and narrowly focused on improving our national domestic infrastructure by a narrow agenda, by electing great leaders to elected positions. 

High speed rail will bring the same kind of economic prosperity that Dwight Eisenhowser did in the late 50's with the federal interstate system effectively creating the suburbs  Whole new towns will appear along this high speed rail system.  I see in the future the connection of light rail systems interconnecting with the high speed rail system.  Now this high speed rail system will be transporting both people and freight.  At blazing speeds changing the whole way we live in America. 

All Americans will be able to enjoy leisure and travel to many cities based on  interconnnections.  A trip to Chicago will be less than 4 hours when traveling on a bullet train going 200 MPH.  But why not 300 mph.  So, we want to ensure in this high speed rail design, suffricient capacity for higher and higher speeds. 

The current high speed rail systems in other countries like China, India and France are the most energy efficient, low pollution methods of transportation in the world.  So naturally, this kind of plan goes along with the green energy movement.  Even President Obama states he wants our nation to be the leader in environmental friendly energy in the world.  The world leader.  We want aspirations and a focus we can all be excited about and united as one nation, indivisible. 

Whenever we are united as a nation of people, our morale improves.  Being a world leader in the production of the best energy consuming devices will re-establish our nation as being a global leader envied by all the other nations.  We can do it people. 

We just need to get rid of some of those yahoo politicans that are deep in corruption from all these corporations that want your money.  The drug, insurance and health care industry.  Our goal as a nation should be reductions in the cost of afforable health insurance to the point where the individual will want to buy health insurance. 

Where health insurance is so low cost, almost every employer will offer health insurance because it is low cost.  Lowering the cost of health insurance will be my focus on my second term in office. I do not plan on doing much campaigning for my second term because there is so much that needs to be done. 

My fourth year, if  there is one, will be wrapping up my congressional career and taking care of your business in ensuring my Constitutent Services is one of, if not the best there ever has been in this congressional district.  I have every expectation those that those that work for our congressional office will be experts from a diverse background that will meet and exceed your expectations.

That is my promise.  And I keep my promises. And here you have them in writing.  If I fail, fire me. If I fail, you will not need to fire me.  However, If I meet my goals and execute this strategy, a kind word would be appreciated every once in a while. And for all that caring, compassion and love of my country, I think just maybe I have earned the right to your vote. 


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