Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fable No. 6-The story of three little birds

Once upon a time, a long time ago ( around 2 weeks) in the wonderful country called Kansas were three little birds.  The Scherer bird, the moore bird and the yodeler yoder bird.  Now I watched these birds as they grew through the spring.

The Scherer bird was a pretty nice bird.  Chirping and singing all the time.  The Scherer bird helped all the other birds to avoid being caught and put in a cage by the evil and mean socialist government.  The Scherer bird got fed quite well and built himself a very nice bird castle in another country called Florida  Kind of a reward for having helped all the other birds.

Then, there was the moore bird.  This bird was silent with guilt most of the time. However, when  the moore bird did finallhy chirp, it did so with a bunch of rhetorical nonsense out of both sides of the bird's beak.  This bird was not that friendly to the other birds either. 

Just a few special crony birds.  The moore bird looked just like a chicken.  Cackling all the time about something unrealistic all the time.  The moore bird wanted all the other birds to pay for everyone's  health care.  The moore bird was mean to the birds that worked for the unions.  The moore bird was not a United States Veteran.  The moore bird liked to tax the crap out of all the other birds.

Suddenly, a mean but very rich and corrupt Yodeler Yoder bird  came in and killed the moore bird.  The Scherer bird being friendly, helpful  and nice to all the other birds, got mad at the yodeler bird.  So the Scherer bird stated it was hammer time and kicked the yodel out of the Yodeler bird.  The Yodeler bird ran away and was never seen or heard from again. 

What is the moral of this fable? 

Be friendly to all birds, just like the Scherer bird was and is. And try your best to not give the others the moore or yodeler bird.  And you too can fly and soar with the eagles. Just like the Scherer bird.  Once an eagle, one stays an eagle forever.

That is what I have been chirping about for a long time now.

End of fable No. 6 by tdus.

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