Tuesday, July 13, 2010

KC Star live interview July 13 of Scherer and Moore must have been cancelled

Last week, the KC Star called me and asked if I would participate in an interview at their offices.  The KC Star stated they wanted to conduct an interview of one of Moore's wives and me on July 13th.  To which I agreed to do.  I merely asked the KC Star to send me a confirmation email on the details.  Which I never received.

It appears the KC Star has changed their minds about doing this interview on July 13th.  All I can figure is that Stephene Moore is refusing to sit down and debate the issues in a forum with both of us.  Because the confirmation email from the KC Star never arrived in my email box.  Nor will the KC Star return my telephone calls related to an event they called and wanted me to do.

Political Investigative Reporter Earl Glynn called me yesterday about a taped interview.   I asked if Stephene was going to participate with Earl and do a taped interview.  Stephanie refuses to do that interview, but I will if Earl Glynn shows up on July 15th.

 I am not afraid to be interviewed by the media.  I guess Stephanie does not want to tell the voters where she stands in a televised forum.  Does that make some of you voters wonder why?  What is she afraid of? 

All I can figure is she is unprepared to do a live forum and so she refuses. She has refused to debate me as requested by the Johnson County Sun writer, Mr. Kurtz.  She has refused to debate me, not once but twice--one requested over the telephone and the other in person over where Moore's congressional is at 8417 Sante Fe.  I even told her husband he could be the moderator for all I cared.  Yet, she refuses. And now I have to guess she is refusing to do the KC Star interview or a taped interview with politiical investigative reporter Earl Glenn.

Has anyone seen Stephanie at any public event?  I have not.  She is clearly not prepared to do interviews in a live format.  She is not prepared to participate in a debate.  She is not prepared to participate in forum events.  She is not prepared to be your congressman. 

Well, Scherer is ready for the media.   I am ready to discuss issues and be your next congressman.  Earl states he will be taping an interview on July 15, without Mrs. Moore, who refuses.  So I guess since I did agree to do a  sitdown interview with the KC Star, Stephene will not.  I have been writing several times how Stephanie has refused to debate me. Now she is refusing to appear in a joint forum for a live discussion of issues related to what she would do as your congressman. 

Are any of us surprised that Stehene is afraid to appear in public.  I have been writing on this blog that this lady is not ready to be elected to United States Congress.  And  her fear to appear in any forum  tells us more about Stephene than anything else she has done to date. 

This lady is not actively campaigning and now she is hiding from the media and refusing to have a live forum debate with me.  I think the voters should demand Mrs. Moore go public and discuss the issues in a live forum.  We have no information of what kind of a candidate she would be, or what she would do if elected. Or where she stands on issues.  And her web site tells us very little as well.

 If she is afraid now, only means she is totally unprepared.  And merely is hanging onto the coatails of her husband, Moore's reputation as her only qualification to be running.  I also wrote this lady has no chance of beating Yoder in the general election.  But I can beat Yoder and his corruption. 

After the primary, Yoder cannot hide much longer either.  He cannot continue to run those TV ads where he pretends he has children.  Why?  Because he has no children.  He has abuse his nieces and nephews and borrow kids to pretend he is a family man.  All that tells us is Yoder will create illusions and blow with the wind political.  Just as he has done in the past.  This is one of the strangest congressional races I have ever been in.  Most of the candidates refuse to meet in any kind of joint forum except Scherer.

Scherer is the only candidate that has a congressional plan and has consistently wrote over a hundred essays right here on this blog giving feedback on what he is hearing from many voters.  Scherer has been listening to what the voters want from their next congressman.  Scherer is ready to deliver and is ready. 

These other yahoos are not.  Scherer has earned your vote.  Yoder is trying to buy your vote and Mrs. Moore remains isolated and in hiding because she is not prepared to be much of anything other than a registered nurse.  


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