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The Second Part of Analysis-PAC and SIG contributions attempting to buy Stephene when the odds are slim and none she will be elected

Essay 171 (not counting the six fables to date).  I feel this urgent need to write another fable real soon.

But, now is the time to do the second part of the analysis of novice candidate Stephene, who has absolutely no political experience, ever.  But yet some of the media pundits are predicting she will easily win the primary.  They do not state why this is so, since the primary election is still two weeks away.  But most of the media does not rely on facts anymore.

Now her Friends of Stephene Moore Committee shows total contributions on her FEC report of $352,185.  Of which she reports $128,133.00 in bribes from PACS and Special Interest Groups.  One point that is worth noting right away is how much did Stephene invest in her own campaign?  Can anyone spell zero?  That is right. 

Stephene refuses to invest any of her own money in the campaign.  I cannot blame her.  Why waste her and Dennis's money when no one expects her to go very far.  Even Steve Rose ( my nemesis) states Stephene is going to lose big time against Yoder.  And that is based on her beating me in the primary somehow despite my own considerable experience and education relative to hers. So rhetorically, why waste your money and your vote on Stephene when she has zero confidence in winning the general election. 

Scherer believes he can beat Yodeder in the general election,  regardless of how many campaign signs Yoder puts up in JOCO.  Remember, Yoder merely has big signs.  Scherer has big ones. 

Most of us realize in the general election, most of the conservative GOP do not like the liberal former Democrat, Yoder. So most of the GOP conservative vote will go to Lightner.  Although I personally recommend GOP people strongly support Dan Gilyeat.  For good reason-Gilyeat is running for the rights of individuals-the rest of these yahoos are running for their narcissistic egos.   

Campaign bribes from PACS (political action committees) and SIG's (Special Interest Groups) will   be analyzed next and updated in this post.  There are some interesting bribes from 22 PACS wasting $94, 850 of their money:

1. New Democratic Coalition Political Action Committee, $20,000, of which $10,000 is for the Primary and $10,000 for the general election. This PAC describes as "The New Democrat Coalition is a Congressional Member Organization within the United States Congress made up of Democrats who support an agenda that the organization describes as moderate and pro-growth. A July 2009 Press release described the organization as "the largest moderate coalition in the U.S. House of Representatives", announced the election of Representative Joseph Crowley (New York) as the Coalition's Chair and counted 68 Members in the House of Representatives.[1] In January 2009, at the end of the 110th Congress, there were 59 members listed." Sounds like those democrats that do not want to be associated with the Blue or Yellow Dog Democrats.

2. Act Blue a conduit organization located in Cambridge, MA, who curiously Stephene also gave them money in her expenditures, total primary contribution, $17, 850.

Now here is what Act Blue is: Per Wilkipedia, "ActBlue is a United States political committee established in June 2004 that enables anyone to fundraise on the Internet for the Democratic Party candidates of their choice. ActBlue has grown quickly to become a major fundraising tool for Democrats, particularly favored by the netroots and left-leaning bloggers.[1] As of February 2010, ActBlue had raised more than $120 million USD for Democratic candidates at various levels of politics, making it the largest single source of funds for Democrats. The organization is open to all registered Democratic campaigns and candidates, and it does not take a cut.[2]"

3. Blue Dog Political Action PAC, $10,000. This is a PAC out of Washington DC that claimed they were fiscal conservatives. Basically, this was a weak group of democratic congressman when the Dems were the minority party. After they became the majority party, forget calling blue dogs, fiscal conservatives. The members of this group including Moore brought you all this fiscal irresponsibility spending your tax dollars like around 2 trillion dollars. I refer to them as yellow dog democrats. Most of these yellow dog democrats are either retiring, or, are some of the democrats that are being voted out of office this election cycle. Like Dennis Moore, a blue dog. And now we have his wife, who is getting greased by the remaining "yellow dog democrats".

4. Moore for Congress, $8,000. $4000 for the primary and another $4000 for the general election. What can I say? No more Moore, YAY. Regardless, most expect Dennis to shift his congressional committee money over to his wife anyway he can.

5. American Association for Justice Political Action Commitee, $5, 000.  Now this is a group that states on their web site as supporting the following: "Trial lawyer organization that supports its members in lawsuits against American businesses. Member organization of Working for Us, which seeks to keep conservative and moderate Democrats in check. Oversees a political action committee that chiefly funds Democratic political candidates.  Member organization of America Votes." Source, American Association for Justice web site.

6. American Federation of Goverment Employees PAC, $1,500. This group per their web site is The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) is the largest federal employee union representing 600,000 federal and D.C. government workers nationwide and overseas. Workers in virtually all functions of government at every federal agency depend upon AFGE for legal representation, legislative advocacy, technical expertise and informational services. AFGE believes that all unions should belong to the house of labor and has been nationally affiliated with the AFL-CIO since AFGE was founded in 1932.

Now this is one of several unions that contributed money to Stephene, despite her husband stabbing the unions in the back with his votes supporting NAFTA, CAFTA and Card Check legislation. So clearly, both Moores hate unions, but still insanely, this and other unions still give the Moore candidates contributions.

7. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, $5,000. This organization is expecting Stephene to distribute a lot of pork so these people can keep their jobs in all these 85,000 governments in America. Like many are pointing out, governments do not create jobs. They take money out of the economy and produce nothing for our national economy.

8. American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO Committee, $5000. This is those teachers that have achieved a 50% dropout rate in public education across America and are always whining about being held accountable and NCLB. They merely want to ensure they grease politicans so Congress does not in fact, have unrealistic expectations of holding them accountable. Hence, why we have a 50% dropout rate of high school students.  Can public education in America get any worse?  As the democrats liked to state before the Presidential election, yes it can. 

To which we suggest time to end this tenure nonsense and hold teachers accountable, plus make them work all year long. No more summer vacations. Instead, during the summer, they still go to work and help ensure our public schools help underperforming students, like those that drop out due to the horrible state of public education in America.

9. Building Relationships in Diverse Environments, $5,000. I have no clue who this PAC is, or what they stand for.

10. CWA-Cope Political Contributions Committee, $5,000. This is another union-the Communication Workers Union of America. They describe themselves as "Organizing in our workplaces must also lead to increased organizing in our communities. Our fundamental goals – job security, an improving standard of living for our families, and real protection for the right to organize – require increased political power as well as more workplace organizing.

Improving our chances of electing candidates who share our vision means that we must align ourselves with family members, members of other unions, and unorganized workers who support our goals. We also increase our political power by building coalitions for better legislation with other labor organizations and also with community-based groups who share a similar outlook.

Why they are giving money to the anti-union Stephene is beyond me.  And since these unions are not supporting me, a fellow union person, I will remember this after I am elected.  So do not come calling to me whining about card check and how you are getting screwed by the GOP after the election.

11. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), $5,000. Union PAC

12. International Union of Operating Engineers, (Local), $5,000. Union PAC

13. New York Jobs PAC, $2,000. Beats me what this PAC is. And even better, why are they giving PAC money to Stephene? Maybe she promised them jobs in New York!

14. Badger PAC, $2,000, This is a PAC out of Washington DC that funds "special"Democratic Candidates so they can badger GOP people.  Hence, the term of someone getting funds from this PAC, it is appropriate to called them a badgerer.

15. International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, $2,000. Union PAC

16. Jobs, Opportunities and Education PAC, (JOE-PAC). $2,000. This PAC describes itself as "The Jobs, Opportunity and Education Political Action Committee (JOE-PAC) was founded in 2001 by its Honorary Chair, Joseph Crowley. JOE-PAC is committed to electing and reelecting Democratic candidates who are focused on providing their constituents with a better life and future for their families. JOE-PAC-endorsed candidates support policies that will create new jobs and new economic and educational opportunities for all Americans."  Especially democratic Americans most of whom are too lazy to work and depend on federal entitlements.

17. CAP PAC.  $1,500.  This is a physican group that describes itself as "CAP is an organization that equips its members with the best tools to help meet the business challenges related to running a medical practice. As part of that commitment, we strive to ensure that our voice is represented on the public policy issues that affect our company, our industry, our employees and the communities we serve. One of the tools we have to show support for legislators who share our views is our political action committees, which is supported through member contributions."

Basically, this is one of those groups that does not want to be held liable when they harm, injure and kill patients negligently.  They want tort reform related to medical malpractice.

18. Democrats Win Seats (DWS PAC), $1,500.  This PAC is "Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) currently serves as a Vice-Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) where she works to ensure we maintain a strong Democratic majority in Congress. She is committed to supporting our Democratic agenda of expanding opportunity for every American. It is an agenda that emphasizes strong economic growth, affordable health care for all Americans, an open, honest and accountable government, and securing our nation while protecting our civil rights and liberties."  I agree that sometimes, a democrat actually does somehow get elected.  Until the GOP candidate replaces them. 
19. EDPAC, $1,000. This is a Washington DC PAC that I cannot find any data on.  I guess it is a PAC by some dude named Ed. 

20. Leadership 21, $1,000, Out of McClean, VA.  Not certain what this PAC is.  This could be the 21 richest people in the world that are intent on starting the New World Order. 

21. Leadership Empowerment and Development Political Action Committee, $1,000, This PAC describes itself as "Members of Congress and other political leaders often establish nonconnected committees, general known as "leadership PACs," to support candidates for various federal and nonfederal offices. A leadership PAC is defined as a political committee that is directly or indirectly established, financed, maintained or controlled by a candidate or an individual holding federal office, but is not an authorized committee of the candidate or officeholder and is not affiliated with an authorized committee of a candidate or officeholder."

There are moore of these PACS to be listed that gave a pitiful amount of only $1,000 or less.  So, I am omitting their bribes.  So the total amount of Stephene PAC and SIG bribes equals $128,133.   

Then, there are a bunch of other individuals, incumbents and fellow candidates wasting another $224, 052.  Here a few of the special ones worth noting:

1.  Bob Ethridge for Congress Committee
2. Swiss Re America Holding Corp.,  four attorneys whom collectively gave $1,350.  I never trust any candidate that attorneys give money to. 
3. DINO Mark Parkingson, GOV of KS, who gave $2,400 for the primary election.
4. Stacey Parkingson, who gave $2,400 for the primary election
5. Several others that I will be adding later.


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