Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to us. Happy Birthday to the U.S., Happy Birthday, dear America

Today, our great country is having another birthday party.  Naturally, we love America.  God has blessed us all and our country, and hopefully we do not forget; despite our country having less than a perfect form of government.  So let us celebrate and be grateful we live here.

Now I wish I could be grateful to my 81 Corvette that was sick Saturday preventing from going to Lenexa yesterday.  I had to my take my sick car to the doctor mechanic.  My car had a fever and was very sick.  I think my car needs a new thermostat.  Either that, or my car mechanic needs a lot of money to fix my car.  So goes life.  Things happen.  Things happen for a reason we may not know.  None of us know what our fate and destiny is.  So maybe my car was trying to tell me something.  It needed some loving attention.

Kevin Yoder and Stephene Moore need some attention also.  They need some help The help these two need is pity.  If they would only try to earn your votes like Scherer has, they might have done better getting a few votes this August. 

Now sure, Yodeler has some great big signs put up.  Yoderler must think you win the race by having lots of yard signs, but no message of why anyone should vote for him. Scherer just has great big ones perod, and we are not talking about campaigns signs either.

Stephene's signs?  Where are they?  When is she actually going to come out of the closet and do some campaigning. Maybe her signs are sick like my car.  Has anyone seen a Stephanie Moore sign?  I have not.  Maybe she thinks all she has to do to get a lot of votes is merely file for United States Congress. 

Because that is all we have noticed her doing. Stephene is making the same mistake Nick Jordan did in 2008.  She is simplyt too good to campaign.  She is an elitist like her husband.  All she thinks she has to do is sign up and she will get the most votes in the election.  To her, it must be a poularity contest.  Honestly, we have no idea why Stephene thinks she is going to get the most votes during the primary.

Either that, are Stephene realizes why waste the money.  She has no chance of winning the Congressional seat.  In plain language, she is merely a figurehead or smokescreen to make all the GOP candidates freak out.  But I doubt they are.

The only person that is running on the dem ticket that can beat Yoder is Scherer. Although Lightner is giving Yoder a run for the GOP primary burning cash at a high rate. Now Scherer is the only democratic candidate.  And that is the democratic party reality.  With Stephene, GOP takes back the 3rd.  With Scherer, it will be an epic battle for the congressional seat.  Scherer vs. Yoder. 

Both Yodeler and Moore refuses to debate Mr. Scherer for good reason. Neither novice is prepared to debate Scherer, an experienced candidate.  Neither Yoder or Moore are  prepared to be a United States Congressman.  The only reason I can speculate that Stephene appears to be running is get away from her retiring husband. Which I can understand.  I do not want to be around Mr. Moore either when he retires. 

Help poor Stephene stay right here in Lenexa, Kansas.  Dennis needs some help.  So God, bless Stephene and keep her in Lenexa because her husband, her friends of Stephene and her grandchildren need her to stay here in the Kansas City metro area. So if you vote for Stephane, that would be mean spirited.

 If you really care about Stephene, keep her at home.  So she can care of Dennis.  Dennis needs a lot of help from his wife.  He would be lost if Stephene were not here.  So for God's sake, do not vote for Stephene.  Dennis cannot take care of himself.  Just look at him.  He could not take care of us, so I must assume he cannot take care of himself either.  Let us face reality-Dennis needs Stephene at home-home in Lenexa. 

So, for Dennis Moore's sake, do not vote for Stephene.  Surely the Moore's do not need another lifetime salary of 175 grand on top of Dennis 175 grand for life.  Besides, Dennis has that seven million dollars stashed somewhere that he hid from the Clerk of the House on his annual financial report.

We do not need moore rhetoric in Washington.  We need a person that is going to stand up and fight for your rights.  A person named Scherer has already earned many votes. Scherer is going to earn more votes.  So by the time November 2 gets here, you will probably have seen Mr. Scherer at more than one event.

Maybe soon.  If I get my Corvette running today.  I hope so.  Regardless, Scherer is the person that is qualified to go to Washington and fight for your liberties and rights.  Anyway, enough writing about the upcoming and general election.  Let us enjoy today--our nation's birthday. 

Happy birthday, United States of America.  We love our country.  And soon we will love our government someday, like when Scherer gets to Washington D.C.  Scherer is the Kansas answer to MO Harry Truman.  The earmark buck stops here.  Put that on my desk in Washington!.

So, what did everyone buy our country for it's birthday present? Everyone should be asking today, what would be a good gift to give to our nation on it's birthday.

 I know what I want to give back to my country.  A little more freedom, a lot lower taxes, better education, better infrastructure, a saner tax system; while bringing jobs back to help the people of this great nation.

 Our nation is great because of the people.  Our founding fathers knew that when they wrote that Declaration of Independence.  Our founding fathers gave all us a gift.  A free nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

I want to give our nation for its birthday less government.  Just like our founding fathers wanted.  They understood the strength of our nation resided not in big armies and navies, but in the individual.  Clear to our homes.  Every individual in this country lawfully, is our gift to our nation.  We, the people in order to form a more perfect union . . . need to make our federal government smaller so they can be narrowly focused on actually accomplishing something for the people of this nation. 

We need to get refocused on take care of our domestic business and stop wasting money in Iraq and Afghanistan-two wars that are draining way too much of our tax revenues fixing things for their people and their countries.  We do not need to fix stuff in Iraq and Afghanistan; while concurrenly ignoring what we need to do domestically. 

We will regain some of our lost liberties soon enough.  We just have to fire some of those people that forgot about us, the citizens of this great country.  We are their bosses.  Some of these political yahoos forgot.  We have not.  So help me God.


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