Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Adapting to life's circumstances

Oh yes.  How we have to adapt to the circumstances life deals us. 

Yesterday, my campaign car, my 81 Corvette died.  Leaving me stranded partially, some of the time.  My Vet blew it's head gasket which to me, means it died.  So, it is time to deal with this circumstance and overcome misfortune. 

With the primary next Tuesday, this requires me to adapt my methods of campaigning.  I had to cancel a couple of key events that are important to the campaign.

 This included not being able to attend the WYCO Fair rhis past weekend.  I merely hope the people of WYCO understand that I care about WYCO residents a lot.  And I might have to make alternate plans related to some of these campaign events prior to the primary election Tuesday.

But, I have learned anything about life, I have learned what fate deals out, is merely an opportunity to be spun in a positive direction.  So, I will take that opportunity and continue to campaign for your United States Congress the best that I can.

Today, out of no where, I received an email from one of my son's old neighborhood friends.  I had not heard what happened to this individual for over 12 years.  He thanked me for teaching him about computers.  And now he is a computer person.  So that was one of the nicest emails I have ever received.

The reason it was one of the nicest emails is simple.  He stated that both my son and I had made a difference in his life-that his time hanging around the Scherer household had a positive impact on who he became.  So, there is a moral here. 

We all have an impact on people we run into.  And hopefully, those we meet in life will be better off because of that experience.  So in ending, I am dealing with these circumstances eagerly, making the best of what I have been dealt.  And sadly, I have to attend to seeing that my 81 Corvette receives an appropriate funeral service because it died yesterday.

Bummer.  Moving on despite what life and fate has dealt.  Making an unfortunate circumstance be a good thing and turn what we are dealt, into a positive experience maintaining a positive attitude regardless of those circumstances.ealt me.

Being tenacious, I merely see this circumstance as part of my fate and destiny requiring me to continue to do what I can to help many, regardless of the circumstances I am dealt by life on a daily basis. 

I eagerly look forward to the primary election Tuesday.   I am pretty certain that I have done the very best work I could, for as many people as possible.  And that is a reward worth all all the hard work it has taken to run and do what I could to be your best candidate for United States Congress.

I consider myself to be a very fortunate person having overcome adversity many times.  So, it is time to bury my Corvette and move forward with this unfortunate circumstance. 

I know I am the underdog in the primary election.  Good. 

The world loves an underdog.  And merely remember, I am kind of like the proverbial  David taking on Goliath come this Tuesday in the primary election.  I am certain regardless of that election, I will continue to do what I can to make this world a better place for as many people as possible.

And that is my promise to the voters and non-voters in the 3rd Congressional District.

Humbly yours,


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