Friday, July 2, 2010

Let us play a political game: What letter or symbol best represents your prediction on the national economy?

Ok, political fans, here is today's thing to do.  Pick which symbol or alphabetical letter best represents the economic outlook for the United States Economy over the last two years clear out to January 2011. 

For example, many economists (big guessers using fancy statistics) have theories that our national economy is an upside down double dip economic kind of great recovery the democrats keep hoping and changing will somehow by some kind of fantasy-like fairy tale that will somehow actuallycome true.  Generally shown as below:


The W would be a good optismic thing for the most part, other than having cost us all around 2 trillion or so dollars of debt-money we could not realistically afford. Jobs would be slowly returning, everyone would get both a promotion and a big raise soon.

For example, the w symbol would mean the dem scheme, err I mean economic stimulus actually worked. If you believe this is going to happen with the current Congress, can only mean you are delusional,  living on some kind of Fantasy Island or some other planet. Indicating you are one of the few people in America that are optimistic our nation is about to have a huge economic rebound by Jan. 2011

So we could all be happy if this delusional fantasy actually came true--a huge economic recovery resulting in your 401k plan looking good-life is great kind of thinking. 

Now the completely pessimistic person would think the opposite.  We are screwed, things are not getting any better, the world is coming to an end, I am going to lose my job, Karl Marx was right about capitalism; my favorite things to read again are Ayn Rand and Nietzshe or something gloomly like that, and your favorite movie is Little Miss SunShine because your own family was just like them resulting in despair and desperation thinking Y try, I might as well kill myself, I am a born loser kind of economic recovery.

Conversely, to the pessimist the symbol would be the letter M.  Negative economic growth.  Now the person that picked this symbol is called a negative, gloomy kind of person. Kind of like Debbie Downer on SNL.

For GOP, they would state the economy is like the letter O.  For Obama's fault.  Or P.  The blame for the economy falls on the shoulders of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. a.k.a. HR1 and 2. 

Or, the letter B for several reasons, namely George Bush gets the blame by the demiwants that  blame the Bush administration for everything that is negative since the planet earth was formed. Heck if we believed the democrats, it is Bush's fault Eve picked that apple off the tree and gave it to Adam.  Everything is Bush's fault.  His entire 8 years as President was a complete waste of time and money.

Or, most would state the economic situation is the letter F, for pretty obvious reasons. Or the wise might state ?.  It is an unknown and usually, no one can accurately pick the shape of the national economy.

Again we go to one hand, if the horrible happened and if Moore Rhetoric or Yodeling Yoder were elected to Congress instead of Scherer, the proper symbol most typically chosen would be an F standing for both failure and we are screwed or something similar.

On the one hand, if Scherer is elected the symbol would be the plus symbol.  Flowers will be blooming all winter long. It will be good if Scherer gets the most votes this election. With Scherer, at least there will be an economic recovery.  Housing prices will recover and banks might actually loan you money at a reasonable rate.  With Yoder and/or Stephene Moore, who knows what you are going to get.  We can only speculate.

On the other hand, if Yoder or Moore get more votes, it will be more like Friday the 13th,  full moon crahing to earth day.  Which shortly afterwards, everyone will need several prescriptions, lots of liquor kind of coping, followed by visits to the shrink and/or jail kind of day; all due to the horror and dark reality one gets if either Yodeler or Rhetoric Part II  get more votes. 

Further, since the Planet Earth will be destroyed if Stephene or Yodeler get elected, you do not care because you no longer exist due to some kind of world-wide economic disaster; not to mention merely more corruption by special interest groups and lobbyists greed getting your money while concurrently your entire family is wiped out to starvation and horrible diseases.  That is what you get by voting for Moore or Yodeling Yoder.  Nightmares, during the day and at night.

Let us face reality.  With Scherer, we will all be prosperous, the economy will be wonderful, jobs a plenty and we all feel good about ourselves, isn't the weather lovely kind of Christmasy kind of economic recovery.  It is going to be your choice soon. 

Proserity, full employment, hefty 401k plans, housing price recovery, there is no unemployment except in China kind of election with Scherer; Or, you can have a bunch of nightmares with these other yahoos.



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