Monday, July 19, 2010

Analysis of Stephene "No More" Moore's FEC Report

Just for fun, I decided I would do an analysis of Stephene's first FEC Report since she is a rookie candidate.  The easy part is her disbursements, sometimes referred to politically as her burn rate comparing total cash to total cash spent.  So let us start with her strategy related to her disbursements. So in three months, this lady has already spent $81, 994.00 of the $352,185 in contributions received.

So let us see how wisely this lady manages her campaign funds now because that will indicate how she will spend your federal tax dollars, after being elected, if in fact, despite that being highly unlikely.

Stephene already has four people on the payroll costing her committee salaries totaling $18,083, plus payroll taxes of $8,279.20, and Kansas witholding  taxes of $658.00.  So her biggest expenditure is for salaried staff spending $27,020.60.  And that is barely for the first three months of her campaign.  (April to June 30).  Why Stephene needs to pay someone to do her work for her is a mystery.

Then, her third biggest expenditure is for software totaling $4,959.56.

Then, one of the more interesting expenditures is to her husband, who was also her divorce attorney, for buying donor, email lists and office furniture from Moore for Congress Committee totaling a reported $539.75.  This donor and email list that I am certain cost far more than is reported.  So, clearly, this campaign is No Moore & Moore Inc. 

To which most of us are stating that is moore than enough of the Moore's. So if you ever sent Congressman Moore an email while he was our congressman, expect your email, name and donor amount is now being sold to be used in Stephene's campaign . 

Now some of us may wonder whether Dennis can do this legally.  It certainly raises questions in my mind about whether this is legal.  So, that clearly tells us right from the start, both of these two could care less about the law, ethics or morality.  Winning to the Moore's is all that matters.

The Moores clearly want to get another lifetime pension at taxpayer expense of 175, 000 for life for Stephene to go along with the 175,000 Dennis gets.  They are trying to double up on the congressional pension scheme they cooked up.

Next, as time permits, I am going to go through her many PAC and individual contributions.  Whom is wasting their money trying to bribe Stephene. I state waste because most of know Stephene cannot beat the GOP candidate, which will probably be Yodeling Yoder. 
So this is partial analysis and will be changing as I continue to do a more detailed analysis as time permits.  I have to go work on filing a motion for reconsideration on the first order of that tax case docketed with the United States Tax Court, Docket No. 14885-10. 

The purpose of this case is related to the unexplainable delays by the IRS in not giving federal tax refunds to those whom were eligible for the Homebuyer Tax Credit. I have standing to do this. ($8000 credit for first time homebuyers and $6,500 for the others).

Which makes me wonder what Stephene is doing to earn your vote?  I do not see, nor have I ever heard anything this lady has done to earn your vote.  Other than being married to a retiring congressman, who marries his client in 1990 after Dennis helped Stephene get divorced. You can verify this yourself by mererly searching marriage records on the JOCO gov court web site. 

Now Stephene has hardly done anything for her to get your vote.  Unless one thinks who is elected to United States Congress has nothing to do with qualifications.  Instead, some must think it is a popularity contest. Or as the media keeps writing winning elections has nothing to do with one's qualifications.  It is merely who gets bribed the most should win per Steve Rose over at the JOCO Sun. 

The bigger the con, the greater the chances of winning a congressional seat Depth on issues or having solutions to those issues does not matter to the media.  Getting the most bribes is what wins elections.  Although I find if that is what it takes to win a congressional seat, will that means Yoder should win because he has been bribed the most by special interests and PACS.

Only Larry Gates could create a dumb scheme like this trying for the first time in history, to have a aspouse, Stephene replace her husband.  Hence, why I keep saying Larry should be fired as the executive director of the Kansas Democratic Party.  And I am sure after November, Larry will be retiring suddenly, if he is outright not fired.  Good. Then maybe the Kansas Democratic Party can finally get a good executive director.


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