Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hooray, finally a newspaper that is balanced!

Hats off to the Lawrence Journal World for being fair and balanced, unlike the KC Red Star and JOCO Sun newspapers.  Here is the link to what this paper wrote about the Democratic Primary.

There are a few errors related to me in this article.  First, unlike Mrs. Moore, I am a native Kansan having spent the first 18 years of my life living  in Atchison, Kansas. (1st Congressional Distruct). Mrs. Moore is not even a native Kansan.  She does not tell us where she was born for good reason.  It was not Kansas.

Second, I have lived in the 3rd Congressional District for at least 21 years.  I have lived in Merriam, Kansas for 18 years and prior to that, 3 years in Shawnee, both in the 3rd Congressional District roughly from 1987 to 2009. I finished my graduate degree in 1994 in Computer Resources Management;  while concurrently working for GE Capital as a fraud investigator.

While in the United States Navy, I spent 6 months in boot camp and electronics training in San Diego, CA.  I then spent 3 1/2 years living in Groton Ct, or, in the submarine I was stationed on.  The USS Archerfish, SSN 678, including spending quite a bit of time overseas.  For which I was honorably discharged and service decorated.  (Navy Expeditionary Medal). (1972-1975).

 I then lived briefly in Kansas City MO after discharge for nine months in 1976.  I moved back to Atchison, Kansas from 1976 to 1979 until I finished junior college.  I was a union employee from 1976 to 1978 while working my way through college.  From 1979-1986, I lived in Kansas City (6 years) and then Parkville, MO for one year while finishing my Bachelor's Degree in Business Management; while concurrently working..  So mainly, I have been in Kansas most of my life.

I spent one year in Topeka, Kansas while attending Washburn Law School. While in law school I was a Kansas Young Democrat, a Kansas Young Democrat Delegate and a legislativie intern.

Recently, I spent the first four months in Florida from January to April 2010 on a special project for migrant farm worker on behalf of the state of  Florida ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act coordinator), who reports directly to the Governor of Florida, Charlie Christ. This is related to labor abuses and poverty conditions in the southern central portion of Florida.  I have previously reported on this blog about that project.

In regard to what Mrs. Moore has stated in the article, she clearly states she wants to continue the work started by her husband, the incumbent and retiring congressman.  So essentially, she wants to continue leading the country using his failed policies and votes that brought our nation to the worst recession since the Great Depression.  Clearly, she does not understand her husband played a substantial part in this huge recession we find ourselves in.

And she wants to continue what he did?  Give me a break.  We do not need moore of this out of control federal spending via deficit spending.  Both the Bush and now the Obama administrations have been spending and creating huge federal deficits of enormous proportions. We need to stop all this federal spending. 

So unlike Mrs. Moore who wants to continue what her husband did (fiscal irresponsibility), Mr. Scherer wants to reduce the federal deficit by reducing the federal budget. 

Hence, why Scherer is a fiscal conservative and Mrs. Moore is not.  Scherer is in tune with the consensus of the voters.  Mrs. Moore wants to do the opposite of the consensue and continue the same agenda as her husband which made him voluntarily retire. 

Maybe Mrs. Moore has not been listening to the voters and non-voters consensus that wants our nation to return from extreme fiscal waste and spending.  She states she wants to continue these policies as started by her husband.  Even her husband stated, it was "time for a new generation of leadership" in November 2009.  Maybe his wife forgot what her husband stated.

Remember, Mr. Moore wants to spend time with his family, his children and grandchildren.  So, his wife want to do-get the heck out of Kansas.  That is what we call irony. 

 I also call this desperation by Larry Gates because he could find any Democrats that wanted to run for United States Congress.  So he conned Mrs. Moore in April 2010 when no democrat would file for United States Congress.  Back in March, when the rumors started circulating, I wrote on this blog if the Dem Party put Moore's wife up as the sacrifical political lamb, I would run on the Democratic ticket, right?

So I kept my word.  Now most of what we are hearing about Mrs. Moore, who refuses to appear with me in a forum of any kind, has a good reason to avoid me when it comes to discussing the issues.  Her good reason is she has no solutions to offer the voters.  She talks in vague ambiguities because she in inexperienced and has no substance beyond the common campaign rheotoric.

Her position is we need jobs, lower taxes and better education.  Now this is common political rhetoric,  Rhetorically, has anyone every campaigned and promised I guarantee if elected, there will be fewer jobs in America, I am going to raise your taxes and ensure the dropout rate of high school students is worse after I am elected.

Further, she gives the rhetorical ambiguity, but no details or specifics on how she is going to get more jobs, lower the taxes or ensure there is improvement in public education.  So, what are your solutions, Mrs. Moore?

To which she clearly states in the Lawrence Journal World article, she is going to continue what her husband started, but did not finish.  So, if you want moore of the same, vote for her.  Then, you too will get fewer jobs, higher taxes and public education will continue to experience a drop-out rate of more than 50% all across America.

The differences between Scherer and Mrs. Moore are huge.  She is Pro-Choice, is anti-union and she is certainly not a United States veteran.  She has been involved in politics other than marrying a bad politican-his third marriage.

 She has not been involved in any political organization like Scherer has been.  She has no specialized education related to running a federal government.  She claims her experience of being a nurse and being involved with local charities are enough to make her qualifed to be a United States Congressman. 

We totally disagree with this kind of logic.

Mrs. Moore, just like her husband, only ensures us all of one and only one thing--





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