Friday, June 11, 2010

Your call-a fiscally conservative democrat named Scherer or Moore Nonsense, Part II

Democratic voters have a clear choice in the Democratic Primary.

A fiscally conservative prolife candidate named Scherer or a fiscally irresponsible liberal socialist that likes abortions named Stephene.

Many ask what makes Moore's wife qualified to run for Congress,  Most that I polled have no idea what makes Stephene even close to being qualifed to run for Congress.  Does being married to a retiring fiscally irresponsible congressman enough?

I do not  think being married to a congressman constitutes an adequate justification to vote for moore of the same nonsense that got our nation into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. 

Going forward, we will give you plenty of opportunity on why Mr. Scherer is the right choice in the August Democratic Primary. For example, Stephene refused to debate Mr. Scherer.  Why?

What gives Stephene the right to set up her campaign HQ in her husband's congressional office in Overland Park at 8417 Sante Fe using your federal tax dollars? Is that lawful? Why does she not use her own money instead of using her husband's congressional office. One would think a person running for Congress would not do something unlawful like that.

Why is her campaign committee called Friends of Stephene Moore?  Are you one of her few friends?  We are not friends of Stephene.  Why should we be?  We have had more than enough of liberal pro-abortion democratic socialism. 

What is she afraid of regarding her recent refusal to debate Mr. Scherer?  Does she not want the voters to find out what her position is?  Will Larry Gates continue to have to be her spokeman?  What exactly does Stephene represent if not more socialism and liberal thought. 

Most of us Americans are tired of fiscally irresponsible democrats.  Who in their right mind would want another Moore to be their Congressman? Most voters will reject Moore, Part II. 

Most I talk to say they have seen  moore than enough of this fiscally irresponsible  liberal socialism.  It is time to ensure there is no more Moore's wasting your federal tax dollars doing an economic redistribution scheme.

There is a better candidate for your United States Congress. There is a better choice called Thomas E. Scherer, the better candidate for United States Congress. Scherer is earning your vote.  We do not think qeing the wife of a retiring congressman to be adequate to be your next congressman. Most I poll say no more Moore. What do you say?  Have you had more than enough.  We have.

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