Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Guess how many federal agencies and other entities are we paying for with our federal tax dollars?

Here is a link to all the federal agencies, departments, agencies, bureaus, boards, committees, institutes, commissions and other worthless federal entities. (Link from Scott H. over at Political Chips).

There are 440 federal entities employing a lot of people paid with your federal tax dollars that could be fired,  made to work in private industry, and actually produce something worthwhile for our nation, for us, we the people. 


No wonder the federal government is broke.  440 of these organizations excluding states, insular territories and US possessions.

Below is the top 25 WTF list of what are these agenices/entities  of the federal government and why they suck up your federal tax dollars. Furthermore, this is only a partial list.

So, when I am elected to Congress, you can ask me what are these and what do they have to do in any branch of the federal government.  I suggest you  review the whole list to see what you are paying for with your tax dollars and then you too, will understand why our insane federal government is out of control.

WTF Parts of the Federal Government in Alphabetical Order Ending with the letter M:

1. Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
2. African Development Foundation
3. Artic Research Commission
4. Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Interagency Cordinating Committee
5. Commission on the Intelligence Capabilities of the US Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction.
6. Commission on International Religious Freedom
7. Communithy  Oriented Policing Services (COPS)
8. Constitutional Center
9. Delaware River Basin Commission
10. Denali Commission
11. Domestic Policy Council
12. Endangered Species Committee
13. Federal Citizen Information Center
14, Federal Consulting Group
15. Federal Executive Board
16, Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight
17. Fedeal Interagency Committee for the Management of Noxious and Exotic Weeds
18. Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer
19. Fossil Energy
20. Homeland Security Department
21. House Organizations, Commissions and Task Forces
22. House Representatives on the Web
23. Illinois and Michigan Canal National Heritage Corridor Commission
24. Institute of Peace
25.Marine Mammal Commission.

And I am stopping at 25 with the letter M. 

The above 25 are why we are one brokeass nation.  Now let us just take one of these 25, No. 10.
10. Denali Commission,  Where is it?  What is it?  And why are we paying for this commission with our federal tax dollars?  Surely, this has to be important, this Denali Commission.  So, a  simple search on google takes me to this federal entity:


Yes sir.  This is a commission, a part of the federal government to study the rural development of Alaska's infrastructure.   Which naturally has a bunch of bogus bureaucrats (the commissioners) that have a whole layer of staff below them, that do some more paper pushing.

Hence, why the federal government claims to have some kind of constitutional basis for helping Alaska develop their rural infrastructure, instead of the state of Alaska, is beyond my comprehension.  Can someone tell me what the nexus is of the federal government requiring all of us to pay for this WTF Denali Commission.

As far as the other 24 on the WTF list, you do your homework and let me know what these other 24 do.
A bunch of agencies, bureaus committees, boards etceteras that do not produce much of anything. Other than give bureaucrats and their crony friends a job.  Hence, why our federal government is fubared beyond reasonable comprehension.


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