Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fire DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano and make Kris Kobach head of DHS

Whenever there is a failure of any branch of the federal government to uphold and enforce the laws of this country, it becomes the duty of the citizens of the United States to take over.  Hence, Janet Napolitano has failed to uphold and enforce immigration laws of this country of ours.  We should fire Janet and give the job to UMKC Constitutional law professor Kris Kobach.  At least Kobach wants the laws of our nation upheld and enforced, unlike Janet. 

Hence because Janet has failed to do her job, the citizens of Arizona have taken upon themselves to do something about unlawful immigration using concurrent enforcement. Generally, when the federal government agencies do their jobs and duties effectively, the supremacy clause would trump state legislative acts.  However, here we have a broad based failure of the federal government to do their duty related to unlawful immigration.

Even Obama has failed to keep his promises.  Remember, he promised in his first year of office, he would do something about unlawful immigration.  Merely another broken promise not kept.  (Obama also promised to close GITMO). Now Obama promised to grant amnesty to those who broke our federal immigration laws before he was elected POTUS.  I cannot support an amnesty program as suggestd by Obama for those who broke the law in the first place.

Hence, the people of Arizona state they will do their duty because a branch of the federal government has failed.  I concur.  We, the people are in charge.  Not the government. Merely remember that Constitution thing, we, we the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union . . ..

Therefore, I support the efforts of the people of Arizona and their Arizona Senate Bill 1070. It is also my belief and quite reasonable that most of the people of the United States expect our laws to be upheld and enforced. To which I concur.

So, why are there so many unlawful immigrants here in the United States?  It is our duty, we the people to fire those that fail to uphold our federal laws.  So let us fire Janet Napolitano, DHS Secretary and give Kris Kobach the job.

There are very few people and organizations in America that do not want our laws upheld and enforced related to unlawful immigration  We need to get rid of them also. The only rational reason there are those opposed to upholding and enforcing immigration laws is because they depend on unlawful immigrants for their own economic self-interest.  Shame on them.

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