Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Who is looking good for POTUS 2012?

Who is looking good to get rid of Obama in 2012?

High on my list is Sarah Palin.  When I met her in Independence MO, she stated I could be in her cabinet if she is elected President.  I am pretty certain her country is ready to have a female president, provided that POTUS is not named Hillary.  Which is pretty much out of the running since she would have to stab her boss Obama in the back to run.

So, Sarah is in the running.  Hilliary is out.  And Crazy Nancy Pelosi stands no chance whatsover. If Sebelius even considers running, I will defininitely leave America.  Kate Gilligan Sebelius is a horrible elitist and her own meglomania, believes she is above the law.  I will be glad when she is no longer in charge of anything.  Kate, you suck.  I hope I attain standing so I can sue you again. Us insiders really know how she was as KS GOV.  Most Kansans that were in tune with what was going on were thrilled she left Kansas. 

Then, there is Mitt Romney.  I would not support any GOV that forces health insurance upon every citizen like he did in MA.  Mitt may be high in the list, but without my vote.

Newt Gingrich, is a maybe.  Newt is a sharp guy.  So maybe we will see Newt vs. Palin in the final analysis.  That GOV from LA keeps appearing.  So maybe Jindall will run for POTUS, but not even come close to the nomination.  Maybe a potential VP pick.  But I doubt it.

There is a GOV in Indiana that actually is doing a good job in managing that state.  He is not well known but I see his name mentioned.  We also know genius Ron Paul will run again.  I hope if he does, which he will split the vote again, he will continue his efforts to wake up America.  As will Dennis Kuchinich.  He will probably run again as will Ron Paul.  Ron Paul could do better if he had a plan of a gradual transistion that would cross party lines.  Ron is attracting more and more people to vote for him.

 However, Ron Paul is really a maverick and a statesman, so he gets my respect.  Maybe my vote, if Sarah Palin is not nominated.  Ron Paul anyday against Romney.  Paul against Newt-toss up.  Leaning towards the GOP base voting predictably for their nomination and not crossing party lines or voting for an independent like Ron Paul.

One thing is certain.  The best liar and spinner of fantasy will win the election.  That means Mitt Romney. vs. Obama.  The winner of the election is never the person I vote for.  I do not vote for fantasy.  I vote for a practical person that offers solutions earning my vote.  So more than likely, than means Romney currently has the best shot.  He is great at political rhetoric.

And Obama, despite being born in Kenya is obviously going to run against the GOP nomination.  Obama or Romney, if that is who is nominated, consider expatration to South America.  I will be.  I do not want either one elected to be President of the United States in 2012.    

Naturally, the Dems will nominate Obama.  The only question is whether he will dump Joe Biden.  Which I doubt.  Even I like Joe Biden.  But not for POTUS.  So much for what I see, hear and read.  What the rest of you think?  I am going to be at Shawnee Days in Shawnee, Kansas Saturday.

 I am there to listen.   Hope I see you there.  Later.


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